Session’s Racism = Sotomayor’s “Wise Latina?” Yes! Sez CNN! (O RLY?)

This above report on CNN caused poor Papa Snob’s head to explode. It apparently caused the folks at Crooks and Liars to suffer an brain aneurysm as well.

You see, Alabama Sen. Jeff Session’s was once up as a judicial appointee and was accused of being a racist for making remarks he would later claim were “jokes,” like … saying the NAACP is un-American, calling a white lawyer who defended blacks a “disgrace to his race,” calling a grown black man “boy,” and making statements somewhat sympathetic to the Klan. (Apparently he thought they were cool until he learned some of them were “pot-smokers.”)

O Rly, Dana Bash? Jeff “Just Kidding!” Sessions = Sotomayor? REALLY? Was it a slow news day? Are you part of some revisionist history commission to whitewash (pun unintended) the reality of WHY Sen. Joe Biden, et al, beat the crap out of him during his confirmation hearings? Crazy Grandpa Joe wasn’t being a dick just because he felt like it that day.

But suuuuuuure, Dana, somehow this thing is EXACTLY the same as that, only it is NOT. But thanks for muddying the waters with your extra fluffy puff piece.

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Poor Jeff Sessions! He’s JUST like Sotomayor! He’s a martyr. Those were just JOKES! Telling some white dude he’s a disgrace for caring about the civil liberties of others isn’t disturbing AT ALL. It’s HILARIOUS. And I make jokes about the domestic terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan all the time. Only I don’t. Ass.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for some to be able to tell the difference between blatant racism and a speech about the importance of diversity. That, as far as I can tell, there isn’t a rap sheet of Sotomayor using her abilities to keep the white man down. Everyone is stuck on her ruling in the firefighter written test saga (where she upheld the ruling of a lower court), but ignore the fact that she only sided with the minority in discrimination cases about half the time.

Being pro-diversity doesn’t exactly equal one the NAACP “forced Civil Rights down the throats of people,” ha, ha, just kidding! I’m Jeff Sessions! Let’s be adults about this. Sessions got the grilling he deserved, but good for him if he swears that experience is going to make him a better committee member.

Washington Monthly’s Steven Benen also felt that this thing is not just like that thing:

Characterizing these as relative equivalents is silly. The attacks on Sotomayor are baseless and easily debunked. The charges against Sessions 23 years ago were based on extensive facts, an outrageous pattern, and were bolstered by a lengthy record.

As a U.S. Attorney in Alabama, Sessions’ most notable effort was prosecuting three civil rights workers, including a former aide to Martin Luther King Jr., on trumped up charges of voter fraud.

Also during his illustrious career in Alabama, Sessions called the NAACP “un-American” because it, among other groups, “forced civil rights down the throats of people.” A former career Justice Department official who worked with Sessions recalled an instance when he referred to a white attorney as a “disgrace to his race” for litigating voting rights cases on behalf of African Americans. Sessions later acknowledged having made many of the controversial remarks attributed to him, but claimed to have been joking.

What’s more, Thomas Figures, a former assistant U.S. Attorney in Alabama and an African American, later explained that during a 1981 murder investigation involving the Ku Klux Klan, Sessions was heard by several colleagues commenting that he “used to think they [the Klan] were OK” until he found out some of them were “pot smokers.” Sessions once again acknowledged making the remark, but once again claimed to have been kidding. Figures also remembered having heard Sessions call him “boy,” and once warn him to “be careful what you say to white folks.”

How is this in any way similar to the attacks on Sotomayor? It’s not. The CNN report, which includes extensive quotes from poor Sessions, and precious little about why he was accused of racism in the first place, is woefully incomplete.

12 thoughts on “Session’s Racism = Sotomayor’s “Wise Latina?” Yes! Sez CNN! (O RLY?)

  1. I’m in agreement with you, Danielle. When I saw the report on CNN yesterday, I was amazed by how the network seemed to equate Sessions’ racist remarks with those made by Justice Sotomayor. How are they even related? Someone at CNN must have promised a butt-kissing piece in exchange for the interview with Sessions. Back in the day, people like Sessions typically made bigoted comments, so the denials don’t work. I was born at night but not last night.

  2. Sessions racist remarks and actions. Remember, he didn’t think the KKK was a ‘ bad organization until he found out some of them smoked pot.’Can’t make this shyt up. We know a racist, no-good mofo when we see one, and we see you Sessions!

  3. ROFL!These folks are always slipping. That’s why the so-called uproar over Sotomayor’s comments, in my opinion, has sort of flamed out. Their days are surely numbered, but I wish it was by next week!!!

  4. I see whats going on now…You see folks remember back in the day when every time a White person slipped up and said something racist people jumped into alarm and that person usually lost there job etc… Now in the age of Obama certain White folks want pay back they are trying to look and act like the oppressed ones. Get it !! I’m going to be honest and say that "Wise Latino" remark Sotomayor said was not racist but "Sexist"….Yes, it was freaking god awful sexist She basically suggest that with her years of experince and clutural background as a woman she would be a better judge than a man. But the idiots at Fox News, Rush and Newt ignored that fact and became obessed with the word "White" in her statement. Now, people know damn well that woman is not racist so this brush up will flame out over time about her statement. The bigger question that will never be addressed is does she show a negative bias toward all males in her passed cases.

  5. I’m doing my hell bent best to ignore blatant racism by mainstream media, but with it increasing so greatly frequency as of recent, it’s so damn hard. White folks are happy as long as theyre the ones doing the oppressing. Which is why they’re always on the look out for "reverse racism", whatever that is.

  6. Looks like a leftist knee jerk attempt at moral equivalance before anyone realized the constiuants at play here.

  7. Sonia Sotomayer has a reason for what she said, she has been exposed to WHITE MALE JUDGE’S, and she is aware of their short coming’s, and where did this FIREMAN case come from? why did it suddenly appear during OBAMA’S time in office? if anyone can come up with dirt the REP/CONSERVATIVE’S can, these people are RUTHLESS! they will do whatever it take’s to stay on top, if it mean’s trying to provoke a RACE WAR! and if you are not aware of this you should be, FOX NEW’S has gone CRAZY! just a little note, SARAH PALIN is in NEW YORK and she spent the night in HARRIET TUDMAN’S house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you think she did this to show respect? no! this is to make a point, who do you think is behind this? SARAH PALIN is a RACIST, and she could care less who know’s it, and that’s who RACIST WHITE AMERICAN ‘S want for their next PRESIDENT, now that’s scary!s

  8. sorry people, it was stated that she started her day at HARRIET TUBMAN’S five bedroom house, sorry i wrote TUDMAN instead of TUBMAN.

  9. After reading these comments here, I realize that you, Danielle, clearly understand what this debate is about. Thanks for trying to break it down. No offense to anybody, I’m just disappointed by the lack of understanding.

  10. I’m starting to think that the hair dye some of these white female news anchors on these cable networks use is affecting their brains. Seriously. As for the men, I don’t know what their problem is. For their cries of reverse racism or racism to hold water you need to have some power behind what you do and say and it needs to be systematic in nature in some way. Not just in a few isolated instances but an over arching thing that fundamentally affects how you live your life. I think that if just one of these white folks who constantly say they are victims of reverse racism really experienced what black folks go through and have gone through with regard to racism, they would realize how silly their comparisons. YOu cannot compare 400 years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow and 40 years of nominal "equal" civil rights with someone not getting into the school, job, whatever they want one time. You also can’t compare the fact that despite the current changing demographics, whites are over 70% of the population, and in this country majority has always ruled and we are still not remotely at a level playing field for a host of reasons. So even if what she said was somehow saying whites were less than minorities, which is not what she was saying, she was specifically talking about gender and racial discrimination and pointing out that a woman or a minority or a combo, would have a different insight and perhaps an ultimately more fair opinion based on their life experiences if they were already a wise person. Also, I find that often whites who scream racism on the part of blacks or other minorities do so in instances, where they didn’t get what they want or don’t want someone else to get a piece of the pie are often the ones who would not have gotten what they wanted even if no minorities were in the running. I saw some hair raising comments about "reverse racism" that were approps of nothing the other day on a Boston Globe article about a young African-American woman from the inner-city who is a senior at Harvard who has been denied attendance at graduation activities and to walk at the ceremony, because she may have been tangentially or substantively related to the death of a drug dealer on campus. She isn’t a suspect but she knew the guys girlfriend, and obviously all of the details are not in. She said that she felt her background might have contributed to the treatment she is receiving. People onthe comment section excoriated her for the most part for being ungrateful for what Harvard did for by giving her scholarships etc, and several people said that people like her kept them from being admitted to Harvard and one guy flat out said he wasn’t admitted to Harvard because he was a white male. Never took it into account that he might not have been up to snuff himself, he might not have had quite the grades, extracurriculars etc. Or that there are many students there who are legacies (like our former Prez at Yale), or that schools like geographic diversity as well as racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity, and way too many people from his area applied. There are millions of reasons why he didn’t get in. I’m pretty sure the majority of students at Harvard are white and around half of those are men and for many many years only white males could go to school there. It seems like any time someone of color suceedes at anything it is always said to be at the imagined expense of white people who were more qualified and they are automatically qualified. I’m starting to babble but this reverse racism stuff is killing me.

  11. Let’s stick to what we know.Sotomayor used words that sound racially discriminatory – she did say that a Latina had an inherent wisdom that someone of a different gender cannot have. However, most people with a brain feel she was stressing the point that people from different backgrounds can bring different types of wisdom to the table – not necessarily superior wisdom.Sessions is a racist. If you call a grown ass black man "boy", you are a racist. If you think the KKK is acceptable at any level, you are a racist.Sotomayor’s comments arguably are in support of diversity. Sessions’ comments are not in support of anything positive.

  12. Ok, and she IS a WISE LATINA, who probably has better judgment than many white men. Yeah, she’s right. She damn sure has more class and poise and intelligence than Sessions.

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