Obamas In Normandy, Remembering D-Day

7 thoughts on “Obamas In Normandy, Remembering D-Day

  1. Ah, I see that a member of the royal family was able to attend the D-Day memorial celebration. I knew the all the noise about them not attending because they were not properly invited, would blow over.

  2. Gordon Brown is always happy to see Obama. He’s cheesing in almost every photo. Sarkozy seems to be a little bit of a putz. I like him too.

  3. Mde. Carla Sarkozy and First Lady Michelle Obama both look elegant and classy. They definitely look like they are building a friendship, and that is nice because they both have to deal with some of the same issues being married to Presidents.

  4. What up with poor Prince Charles? He looks so un-hip and out of loop, it’s pretty funny. I would have loved to see the star power surrounding the Obamas and Princess Di. Anyway, love to see the Obamas on another successful overseas visit.

  5. Awesome speech, beautiful pics. I also hope the fact that he mentioned his grand-dad and his Uncle Charlie who was there, can silence those who try to say he ignores his white family and roots. And poor Prince Charles, I like the Queen, and don’t wish death on anyone, but will the poor man ever get to be King?

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