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Obamas In Normandy, Remembering D-Day

The First Family is in France Saturday remembering those who stormed the beaches at Normandy and fought to free Europe from facism. This is the 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

Read Obama’s D-Day speech here.

More pictures after the jump.


7 thoughts on “Obamas In Normandy, Remembering D-Day

  1. Ah, I see that a member of the royal family was able to attend the D-Day memorial celebration. I knew the all the noise about them not attending because they were not properly invited, would blow over.

  2. dukedraven says:

    Gordon Brown is always happy to see Obama. He’s cheesing in almost every photo. Sarkozy seems to be a little bit of a putz. I like him too.

  3. NAGROM says:

    Mde. Carla Sarkozy and First Lady Michelle Obama both look elegant and classy. They definitely look like they are building a friendship, and that is nice because they both have to deal with some of the same issues being married to Presidents.

  4. OneChele says:

    What up with poor Prince Charles? He looks so un-hip and out of loop, it’s pretty funny. I would have loved to see the star power surrounding the Obamas and Princess Di. Anyway, love to see the Obamas on another successful overseas visit.

  5. Lisa J says:

    Awesome speech, beautiful pics. I also hope the fact that he mentioned his grand-dad and his Uncle Charlie who was there, can silence those who try to say he ignores his white family and roots. And poor Prince Charles, I like the Queen, and don’t wish death on anyone, but will the poor man ever get to be King?

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