Michelle and Daughters In Paris

First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia arrived in Paris, France Friday and took in a tour of the Eiffel Tower. Saturday they will be participating in D-Day commemorations, honoring the day the Allies began the liberation Nazi-occupied France, furthering the Franco-American love affair. You know America and France. We love each other. We hate each other. But never enough to actually go to blows because … we lurve each other.

More pictures after the jump.

I’ve always been fascinated by our relationship as the French were among our few friends when we were fighting for our independence from Great Britain. Sure, some of that (or a lot of that) was because Britain was their long-time enemy. But the French invented Democracy and we were all crazy about it and became all crazy about each other. And nothing like freeing you from Nazis that’ll make you want to make love all night long. There have been some peaks and valleys in the relationship (um … Freedom fries? Really?) but I hate it when we fight. I prefer it this way with the French cooing and cheering at our leader and his family as opposed to burning them in effigy. Both of us engaged in the grand ritual of lots of praise and fawning with our tongues down each others throats with only the occasional biting comment. (Usually out of some mixture of desire and jealousy.) That’s how Franco-American relations are supposed to be.

12 thoughts on “Michelle and Daughters In Paris

  1. Michelle and the girls look so good, happy and healthy. They represent the United States soooooo well!!! I hope they have a great trip.

  2. I’d watch out for that tall, bald agent in the top photo. He looks like he’s having some impure thoughts about our dear First Lady.

  3. The Bald Dude is her main man. Look at most pictures of the First Lady, and he’s the one, out front, protecting her. He has to make sure she’s delivered, safe and sound, back to The President. Loved these pictures.Thanks, Snob.

  4. Great pictures. I’ve been thinking of going to France for so long. Wednesday I came so close to buying that plane ticket.

  5. I envision in the future that Malia and Sasha will possibly study abroad and will travel the world often.It would be cool if they will represented us internationally in the future when they are college aged and in their late 20’s and beyond as young black American women who use their fortunate position in helping people in African countries who need it. We need more of us doing that besides Ms. Jolie, and all of the other white celebrities and the throngs of white college girls who volunteer in Africa ALL the time (during and after university.)Not diminishing what Angelina and the college girls do but I would love to see more of us doing the same and more as well.

  6. The Bald Dude is starting to look a little tired. We might have to start sending him cookies. I’d imagine his job is difficult. Though, I must admit, I’ve considered doing a love story featuring one of the First Daughters falling for their mom’s body man. (Not daughters Sasha and Malia’s age) ADULT daughters.

  7. I think it’s crazy cute and a bit surreal that Malia Obama, daughter to the President of the United States and leader of the free world, is picture taking with a Kodak disposable camera.

  8. It is not surreal for her to carry a disposable camera. She is not at home; she is in a foreign country, playing tourist; a real camera could easily be lost. I’ve seen images of her where was carrying a grown-up camera, but these were images of her at the White House. Nothing wrong with a 10-year old carrying a camera that might be deemed more appropriate for a child, although as a tall and developing ten year old, she could probably easily pass for 13/14.

  9. ". . . the French invented Democracy." Say what? When the French aided the American revolutionists, Louis XVI headed the government, and it would be several years hence before he lost his head and the French began to establish democratic institutions. "Began" is the operative word: there would be considerable back-tracking with the Emperor Napoleon and later Louis Napoleon. The American founders looked not to the French but to ancient examples of democracy in Greece and Rome. They also looked at small Swiss democratic experiments as well as the organisation of the Iroquois Confederacy.

  10. @ hoodoowahThe statement was a gross generalization (as all the statements in this goofy piece are), but I was specifically referring to French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau, who Jefferson was heavily influenced by. So YES, the Americans were influenced by the Greeks and others, but Jefferson was primarily influenced by Rousseau and British philosopher John Locke. But my point of this goofy thing was that the French and the Americans have close and old ties, including in the establishment of our government.

  11. @hoodwah co-sign. I loved the piece but that line set bells off, especially since I heard teh same thing yesterday in a movie I saw on Cable (granted it was Talledaga Nights, I pray that is what popped that into your head Snob:-). That set off a big SAY WHAT??? Too. I agree with you Snob that the French have been our friends for a long time and they have given us lots of great stuff (especially in the way of food and wine) but Democracy, ain’t one of ’em. I doubt Rosseau would have gone down that road without the examples of Ancient Greece. Shoot, King John signed the Magna Carta and England had many antecedents of what we dould use to create our version of "democracy" long before the Enlightenment. Not to dismiss those contributions, or the underlying basis of your point which is accurate but they stood on the shoulders of what came before big time. I don’t even think one culture could claim the creation of democracy, it is way too big of a thing. But the French "creating" democracy, SACRE BLEU!

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