Michelle Obama Is A Busy Bee (Random Michelle News)

When she’s not having lunch with former First Lady Nancy Reagan, she’s making changes to her White House staff. And when she’s not doing that she’s trekking off with her girls to meet the hubby in France. Nothing like a little D-Day commemoration. Never a dull moment for the residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The First Lady will join her husband for a public event in Normandy, but the rest of the mother/daughters’ schedule is private. Aides to the First Lady say she decided to bring Malia and Sasha because the trip falls at the end of the school year, so the timing was right.

“It’s an opportunity to show the girls the sights and sounds of Europe,” an aide said.

Per usual, can’t wait for the pictures.

As for the staff changes, Michelle Obama replaced her chief of staff, Jackie Norris with friend and former co-worker Susan Sher. Sher is presently a lawyer at the White House. (You can see Sher pictured here in a 2004 story about women who worked with the Daley Administration in Chicago. Sher is pictured along with Valerie Jarrett in the story.)

Norris is taking on a new role as the senior adviser to the Corporation for National and Community service. She will work with the Obama Administration and the First Lady to push the Serve America Act.

5 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Is A Busy Bee (Random Michelle News)

  1. Ya know, I went to the link about Michele and the girls joining the Prez in Paris and spending the rest of the weekend and some of the comments on there were truly vile. And of course some wingnuts had to complain that "they didn’t want to pay for their vacation" and complaining about them using gov transportation etc. WTF??? How in the world is the president, along with his wife and kids, supposed to get around other than using govt transporation. And there is no way in God’s Green earth that Laura, and Jenna and Barbara never joined Bushie on a foreign trip, and never rode on AF1 on one of Bushie’s 77 trips to Crawford. DAMN. These right wingers are killing me! Of course I had an acquaintence who I made the mistake of friending on Facebook tell me that I was misguided, unrealistic and had blinders on when I told her she didn’t know what she was talking about, Obama is nt a socialist and she doesn’t seem to know what socialism means and that I was wrong that Limbaugh is a bigot and that Nancy Pelosi is a psycho and liberals get on tv and spread lies, distortions, and racist crap to the extent that Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, Beck Cheney, etc do. That beyotch is not my "friend’ anymore and our mutual friend was advised to keep us apart lest I slip into sterotypical black behavior and cut a bitch! In more polite terms of course.

  2. Alright Lisa J. !!!!! I have to say I do love all the comments about what people do and don’t want to pay for when it comes to Team Obama but nobody said a word when W. went here and there. On the note of the blog post, can I just say I LOVE Michelle Obama and here is why, she is the most famous contemporary black woman who has achieved fame in a area that is not soley Media related. I mean I know she is covered by the media but she has quickly claimed the title of FLOTUS and is a seperate entity from her husband. She didnt get her fame by hugging white folks like Oprah did, she didn’t get her fame by being pretty and trying to act like Halle ( I dont care if she did win an award she cant act)

  3. I never understood why Norris got the job in the first place. If I had a Chief-Of-Staff, it would be someone that I first TRUSTED…they could learn whatever the job entailed, but I had to be sure that THAT person had my back. The new Chief-of-Staff and the First Lady go ‘ way back’. IMO, someone that she went ‘ way back’ with should have been in that job from the get go.

  4. The First Lady and the WeeMichelles just visited the Eiffel Tower.EeeeekOn the lookout for pics, Snob.

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