D.C.: The Other Fashion Capitol?

The Washington Post’s Robin GivhanWell, at least The Washington Post thinks so as they’re moving their Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion editor/writer Robin Givhan back to Washington, D.C. after nine years in New York.

“I’ll continue to write about fashion, but will focus most of my attention on covering the Obamas,” Givhan told Page Six. “Was it my choice? Of course. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to chronicle history?”

I’m sure this has A LOT to do with all the ballyhoo over the First Lady’s clothing choices. (And The Washington Post being in Washington.) Of course Page Six sees a controversy around every corner (that’s their job) and saw something much more insidious about the move. Then, for fun, threw in some back-biting comments about Givhan and her “excessive” salary demands. Adding just the right amount of poo flinging to that shit soufflé they baked up for the editor.

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But a source snarked, “I suspect that [new publisher] Katharine Weymouth wants her Washington Post fashion editor in Washington covering fashion in Washington.” Givhan once applied for a job at the New York Times. “You could say that Timesmen found her salary demands excessive,” the source said. She went to Vogue instead and then to the Washington Post, where she kicked up controversy with an essay on Hillary Clinton’s “unnerving” and “startling” cleavage. (Page Six)

Scandal! But what does that have to do with her going to D.C. to cover fashion? Not a damn thing. You can here Givhan talk about Michelle’s style during her first 100 Days in this interview from ABC’s Nightline where a certain, ahem, Snob person was also interviewed.

18 thoughts on “D.C.: The Other Fashion Capitol?

  1. That’s interesting. When I lived in DC (turn o’ the century) all people ever talked about was how aggressively UNfashionable the typical Washingtonian was. Lots of sniping about the women who wore sneakers with their power suits on the way to work (the better to sprint for the Metro, my dear) and pantyhose in the summer. It will be interesting to see if people think things will change.

  2. As a native New Yorker having lived and worked in the DC metro area for the past 8 years I endearingly call DC " the place where fashion goes to die". And that’s mostly because I don’t see a lot of fashion risks being taken there. It’s a very play it safe sort of place. Wonder what she’ll have to write about besides the Obamas…

  3. There is no way DC is a fashion capital, its just the Washington Post sending a token negro to cover the Obama administrations social scene

  4. I would note that Linda Johnson Rice is in the picture with Desiree and Valerie Jarrett….told you they were usually photographed together at social events.

  5. this is so funny! one of my favorite bloggers, abelleinbrooklyn says that d.c. people are SERIOUS about their fashion. like, straight men have walk-in closets because dressing is so important….

  6. @Misskate, it was Givhan who kicked off that women in suits sneaker controversy. Since then, I have not been a fan. It made me mad.

  7. How does a person win a Pulitzer Prize writing about freaking clothes?! I love fashion too but come on. I think i read that Hillary cleavage article and could not believe how ridiculous it was. I find huge fiveheads ‘unnerving and startling’ on anyone besides Sade and Susan Taylor, can I write about that and get a fat paycheck. And will her "chronicling history" be simply drooling over everything Michelle wears?-I need to find a hustle like this.

  8. NOT being catty 😉 but LJR has taken my signature color of orange and made my stomach hurt! WTH?!? It looks like 2 peacocks are about to back into one another on her bosom! Still pretty in the face though…

  9. (traveling over from Mrs. O board…. Howdy!) I love Robin Givhan and look forward to her new stories, but I’ll aksi miss her on the fashion run.She got her Pullitizer writing about Cheney and the brouhaha when he wore a big old parka to Auschwitz memorial while all the over men were in more respectful (and appropriate) dress coats. She’s interested in what the immortal Tim Gunn refers to as "the semiotics" of fashion and I think she’s a pretty smart cookie.

  10. I was raised and lived in DC most of my life, and DC is not a fashion city. Givhan is right, sneakers and suits are ridiculous. Why not wear some classy flats or low pumps instead? But, I think Capitol Hill has a lot to do with DC fashionlessness. It wouldn’t do for a senator’s secretary to look better than he does,so they look professional but not feminine, and the need to not out do the big men in power has trickled down to everyone else. We all look drab. I’m reently moved to the south, and I’m amazed at how nicely southern women dress here.They care about their looks much more than the average Washingtonian does.

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