Day: June 5, 2009

The Washington Post’s Robin GivhanWell, at least The Washington Post thinks so as they’re moving their Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion editor/writer Robin Givhan back to Washington, D.C. after nine years in New York.

“I’ll continue to write about fashion, but will focus most of my attention on covering the Obamas,” Givhan told Page Six. “Was it my choice? Of course. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to chronicle history?”

I’m sure this has A LOT to do with all the ballyhoo over the First Lady’s clothing choices. (And The Washington Post being in Washington.) Of course Page Six sees a controversy around every corner (that’s their job) and saw something much more insidious about the move. Then, for fun, threw in some back-biting comments about Givhan and her “excessive” salary demands. Adding just the right amount of poo flinging to that shit soufflé they baked up for the editor.

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