Obama In Cairo

President Obama is in the midst of a Middle East/European tour and spoke in Cairo, Egypt about the road ahead between the US and the Muslim world. Read more here. The Snob will ruminate on the speech later when I’ve had a chance to digest it all.

10 thoughts on “Obama In Cairo

  1. I watched his speech this morning. Brilliant. Masterful. Nearly flawless delivery as usual.

  2. I loved the speech, which was delivered in Obama’s usual eloquence. Can you imagine him making this speech during the campaign? He would have been tarred and feathered by certain factions.

  3. It was a brilliant speech. I just hope his administration has the policy and diplomatic strategy to back it up. If not, a bad situation will just get worse.

  4. @ Flying V..Spoken like a true dips**t.A mind is a terrible thing to develop without proper supervison.

  5. I have a problem with this idea that there is "the Muslim world" and "the West" or "the United States". The reality is that it’s more complex than that. There are non-Muslims in the so-called Muslim world and Muslims in America. Secondly, I have a problem with the way in which Muslims are portrayed as a monolithic group. Like many religious groups we have people from different ethnic backgrounds, educational levels, interpretations of Islam, walks of life etc. Furthermore, the constant reference to "the Muslim world" creates an idea that Muslim=foreign or immigrant in America. Again, not the reality. The most populous Muslim country is not in the Middle East. Obama must know that given that he grew up there- part of the time. I wonder if it would be more appropriate for the Obama administration to say that he is speaking to the Arab world…just my two cents.

  6. asking for world peace…..ooooooo…..ground breaking. give him a tiara and some flowers, and he can run for miss usa.

  7. @ Swiv, would you rather him take Bush’s approach on foreign policy, the my way or the highway approach? I for one am happy to have a diplomatic and culturally conscious President.

  8. I think the most shocking part of the speech was his tough stance on Israeli settlements…if he backs up that talk, things could get really interesting. I wonder if he hasn’t put his reelection on the line with those comments. I think that its nice to see a President address the Israel-Palestine issue from a neutral point of view rather than an automatically pro-Israel stance…its about time.

  9. he’s not the first nor will he be the last president to do this. how ground breaking.

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