I Blame Groupthink (Guest Post)

Leggings are NOT PANTS, ladies! They’re not pants!

Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea

By Luvvie

As you must be aware now, I have a personal vendetta against trends and all that comes with it. I seldom participate in trendy fashion because I like to be able to rock whatever is in my closet six months from now. Hell, even two months. The last trend I participated in actively was the Trucker Hats, and yes, I am VERY ashamed of it. I even had two one with my name spray-painted on it. Oh to be an impressionable college freshman.

A lot of trends are downright FUGLY. Remember the ponchos hype? Everyone walking around wearing capes and ish when they are neither ugly nor is their name Betty. And the worst were the ones that were crocheted. EEWWW!!! Then there was the boxing boots phase, when everyone was wearing those gym shoe boots that come up to your calf, with your pants tucked into it. I remember this chick in my dorm who had about 5 of them, and wore nothing else. Even then I shook my head and wondered what she was gonna do when all of a sudden, they became outta style. Shoeless Joe indeed. The reason trends are so popular comes down the concept of Groupthink and how folks can convince themselves that something is cute or acceptable all because other people are doing it.

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The current victims of GroupThink are:

The Stanky Legg – I avoided even knowing what this was for a couple of months. Then I saw a Youtube video of 3 hoodrats who clearly spent their days watching 106 & Park and aspiring to be a “vixen”. They all had the paintbrush ponytails too (you know, the ones that are wispy and scarce). These girls proceeded to spend 5 mins doing their best (or worst. Depends on how you look at it) Stanky Legg routine and then capped it off with an *ss juke that impressed me had me scowling. The fact that I’ve seen GROWN folks do the Stanky Legg and think it’s ok just lets me know one thing: Groupthink is a B*tch!

Soulja Boy – No I don’t think he killed Hip Hop. Methinks Hip Hop was on life support and he tripped over the cord. This boy could not have been a celebrity in the 90s. I refuse to believe that. I can’t even call his music mediocre, because that would give him too much credit. He is subpar at best, horrendous at worst. I’m not hating on the boy’s hustle though. If I can get away with using white-out on my glasses while stringing together unclever yet catchy lyrics and become a millionaire at 19, then I woulda BEEN done it. Somehow, he is the lust-subject of every urban tweenager and is being envied by every irrelevant old Hip Hop head (*side-eye to Ice-T*). But his popularity brings me to one thing: Groupthink is a Biatch!

Asher Roth – Anytime I watch MTV nowadays, I see a commercial with his video. The first time I saw it, I thought “What is Eminem’s less angsty little brother doing on MTV?” I don’t get the hype with him. He is a white boy who is speaking (I don’t call what he’s doing rapping) over a beat with some rhythm. His lyrics aren’t even witty and he doesn’t have a dope flow. Yet everywhere I see, people are talking about him. I don’t get it. His flow is decent at best, boring at most. How did he walk into a record company and the Exec goes “He is DOPE! We must sign it?” I know we miss Marshall Mathers but can we at least get a replacement that’s half as good? WOMP! Groupthink is a…

Ed Hardy Clothing – So apparently, the Rock n Roll look is in. Ed Hardy clothes and shoes are some of the most over-designed things. They are super busy, with all types of skulls, banners, flowers, chains, cookies, cakes… With angsty messages like “Love kills slowly”. Anything that Bret Michaels wears should not be a trend. (This is the same guy that is rocking a Bandana-tail. I am convinced that the hair he has is sewn into that bandana he wears. Remember those phony ponytails that were attached to the baseball caps way back in the day? Yup, same thing. You ain’t fooling me, Bret. I’m ON to you). What also trips me out the most about these is how “thugs” are now rocking Ed Hardy. Um, newsflash, thugs don’t wear yellow t-shirts that are bedazzled with red, purple and green design over it. Ed Hardy is Rock N Roll’s version of Dereon. Its omnipresence FURTHER lets me know that Groupthink is a bia bia.

Leggings as pants – This is a trend that I wish would die a violent death and go to the pits of bedazzled and emblazoned Dereon Hades. I am not anti-leggings, just anti-leggings as pants. I’m sick of seeing women rocking cropped shirt with leggings, showing not only their tush (I’m mad I can tell what color drawers you got on. Or in more severe cases, that you are going commando), but also seeing people’s camel toes. Ladies ain’t ‘posed to be having their paw prints visible, unless they go by a name like CandyCane or Sapphyric Thunda. Leggings are not the most friendly piece of cloth you can rock because they emphasize every imperfection, and could sometimes create new ones. I’ve seen more than my share of folks rocking leggings while their thighs are looking like the surface of the moon. Just uncouth. If folks are going to wear them, all I ask is that they rock a shirt that’s long enough to cover their tush and get that size UP so the po’ leggings don’t have stretch marks. I’m just saying…

Bless our little impressionable hearts. Just because every Tom, Dick & Harriet is doing something does not mean it is meant for us. Let’s self-edit, folks.


Luvvie is blogger and University of Illinois graduate with a degree in psychology. You can read more of her on her sites: awesomelyluvvie.com, www.igville.com and www.theredpumpproject.com.

27 thoughts on “I Blame Groupthink (Guest Post)

  1. Have you ever had the misfortune of seeing all the above on one poor misguided soul at the same damn time? (Oh apart from Soulja Bwoy, luckily he wasn’t on her at the time) Tragic, I tell ya. Yes, I’ve rocked orange high waisted stretch jeans with a tie-dyed vest and black lip liner – all the rage in 1998 – but I suffer the consequences every time my Mother opens up a family album. At least the kiddies can get away with it, but when I see grown women who should know better with smedium Ed Hardy/leggings combos, a little bit of my hope for mankind dies.

  2. Leggings = Biker shortsJust as dumb.**Disclaimer: I do own a pair and I only got them because I was in Cali. It was colder than usual. I wore them under a dress to keep myself warm.

  3. I don’t know about this. I don’t see why leggings can’t be pants if they’re worn in a flattering way. True, I’ve seen some offenders, but I’ve seen big gals in baby tees who make you think they ought not have come out of the house. It’s all about fit and comfort. If it looks good, what’s the problem? I could be wrong, but it just seems like you’re attributing things you don’t like to group think. Just because something is popular or doing well doesn’t necessarily mean people are simply jumping on the bandwagon. Maybe a lot of people like something because, well, they like it. You say just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. But on the flipside, just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea either.

  4. Luvvie, I agree with you. I am not trendy. It took me quite a few years to wear capri pants because they always reminded me of my grandmother’s shorts. I just don’t do the bandwagon thing. If there is a trend I think fits me and my personal style, I adopt it. All else is unnecessary to me.

  5. yes monie. Unfortunately, my father, god rest his soul, continued to wear his. He liked it, so we all had to learn to love it. LOL.

  6. I don’t think you should be so afraid of trends. Style has often had some political element whether intentional or not. Punk fashion for example was an important way of expressing identity and breaking from majoritarian fashion ideals.Isn’t it fairly judgmental (perhaps even sexist) to criticise these women because their style doesn’t fit your own subjective idea of how people should dress?Anyway, I think the women look hot but that’s really not the point either is it?

  7. Luvvie – I agree. There are unfortunate pics of me rocking a neon knit skirt with a lace bow in my hair (Damn Madonna and her Like a Virgin tour). Quickly figured out that classic simplicity with just a little flavor can be worn for years, neon was dead in two months.As for tight leggings with tight shirt – The rule was (back in the day) if you are showing off the top (major cleave) you covered up the bottom (jeans) and vice versa – if you were rocking a mini, super tight leggings, you put on a roomy top or tee shirt so as not to reveal all the mysteries of your universe to all and sundry. That’s old school, I know. Nowadays, folks leave nothing to the imagination.Two more rules – Just because it looks good, does not mean it’s appropriate. And for the big girls (I was one), just because it’s in your size, doe NOT mean you should rock it. Groupthink that, people. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Are people still wearing Ed Hardy?But I do to come form the school if the bottom is tight the top you wear a loose fitting and long top. But I have never been tall and thin like Rihanna either. The girls in pics do look good though

  9. From the looks of those tight shorts those girls are gonna have more than a stanky leg. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Is there a song that tells you what moves to do to that dance? ‘Cause it looks seriously complicated.

  11. Puleeze, I wouldn’t even waste time shooting down easy targets like "Thunder Thighs" and the rest. That’s shooting fish in a barrel.

  12. BTW, the skin-tight, shiny black pants played out in 1978 when Olivia Newton John wore them in "Grease." It made a comeback in the ’80s and it appears to be making a return.

  13. I HATE ed hardy. With a passion. I whole heartedly agree with you on that. I think dance crazes can be fun. Stupid name and lyrics (stanky leg), but I appreciate the spirit. Whether it’s the electric slide or a more modern dance, I like the idea of songs or sets of moves that can unite everyone on a dance floor or at a party and get people who don’t usually dance outta their chairs.And I think leggings are fine as pants. But they should be thicker ones.

  14. I laughed out loud at this post cuz I only just saw/heard the stanky leg last night. I saw a boy doing it and thought: "what’s wrong with his leg?" till I saw a lot of other folks on the dance floor trying to do it. And "stanky leg???" I’m too afraid to ask about its origins

  15. Like another poster, I only just realized the Stanky Leg was a real dance. During the holidays my 17 yo was doing this and I thought he was being silly…had no idea it was a real dance. Only question for the chicks in the video is why???? It don’t look good. As for leggings, they work for exercise that is about it, back in the 80’s I used to like em underneath my ripped shorts. I agree about Brett Michaels, that bandana with hair flowing is suspect. At the every least dude has some baldness up tope, he nevers takes them bandanas off. Funny post!

  16. UH, IT’S BAAACK……DIdn’t we do the leggings thing in the 80’s!!!!! I remember, I have all the colors! or am I now dating myself….

  17. I guess this means you don’t own a pair of jeans then. Never did the electric slide at a wedding?The fashion industry exists because most people don’t design and sew their own clothes. It produces clothing for our consumption and we pick and choose according to our tastes. While there are some people that do follow every (and I mean EVERY) trend, most of us participate in ways that allow us to reflect our sense of style and comfort. Doesn’t mean we’re all sheep.

  18. Oh, BTW…I loves leggings! I call them "butt-pants". Even if you generally don’t have a nice butt or maybe you don’t HAVE a butt, "butt-pants" make your butt look better.If you DO have a butt, they make your butt look great.I’m not too sure about the shiny Lyrca ones though. The faux leather ones are nice.

  19. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU for this post…for all of it! I’m 29 years old and have yet to wear leggings. Why? Because I refuse to wear something I wore when I was 5 and no one needs to see my camel toe. Period. From LawyerGal2006 aka ClassicSnob

  20. I totally agree with booga re: the dance crazes. After suffering through the past 10 superboring years of "standing around posing, profiling, and mean-mugging, with occasional grinding" as What’s Hot, I am THRILLED to see kids rediscovering the fun of actual dancing. Anything that brings dancing back–especially dudes dancing–I’m all for. We had dance crazes when I was a wee teenage lass o’the Nineties (the Tootsie Roll, anyone?) and it was so fun to practice them (and improvise new isht) with your friends. I’m sure the grown folks thought we looked a fool. :-DConfession: I first got introduced to the stanky legg through the original, somebody-"borrowed"-granny’s-camcorder-in-the-cul-de-sac-video and as dumb as it was, I couldn’t stop cheezin’. Felt a little nostalgic. Southern teenagerdom FTW!Oh, and this:"No I donโ€™t think he killed Hip Hop. Methinks Hip Hop was on life support and he tripped over the cord. " about killed me. So true. Again, I think this is all just a phase…though this one could die. Keep the dancing, though!

  21. i like leggings, just as long as i don’t see any cottage cheese bottoms or camel-toes. and the stanky leg….*sigh* STRAIGHT outta dallas – it’s been around for sooooo much longer than most of y’all know. either way, it’s still fun to do at a party! dance crazes = yay! camel-toes = booo. y’all should check out ‘swag surfin” and ‘whoop rico.’ and let’s throw in the’ southside glide,’ just for fun. these aren’t as popular as the stanky leg, but they will be, soon…::shudders::

  22. LOL!!!Can’t say I agree entirely. I love fashion and trends, and the excuse to buy some new stuff every season. I’m a woman. The love to shop is in my blood.regardless, this article was HILARIOUS!

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