Day: June 4, 2009

Leggings are NOT PANTS, ladies! They’re not pants!

Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea

By Luvvie

As you must be aware now, I have a personal vendetta against trends and all that comes with it. I seldom participate in trendy fashion because I like to be able to rock whatever is in my closet six months from now. Hell, even two months. The last trend I participated in actively was the Trucker Hats, and yes, I am VERY ashamed of it. I even had two one with my name spray-painted on it. Oh to be an impressionable college freshman.

A lot of trends are downright FUGLY. Remember the ponchos hype? Everyone walking around wearing capes and ish when they are neither ugly nor is their name Betty. And the worst were the ones that were crocheted. EEWWW!!! Then there was the boxing boots phase, when everyone was wearing those gym shoe boots that come up to your calf, with your pants tucked into it. I remember this chick in my dorm who had about 5 of them, and wore nothing else. Even then I shook my head and wondered what she was gonna do when all of a sudden, they became outta style. Shoeless Joe indeed. The reason trends are so popular comes down the concept of Groupthink and how folks can convince themselves that something is cute or acceptable all because other people are doing it.

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