One Billionth Book About Obama Comes Out; Valerie Jarrett Just Came to Party

The British dude who’s on Countdown with Keith Olbermann a lot wrote a book! About Obama! Just like EVERYONE ELSE! Bully for him!

Brit political writer Richard Wolffe had a book par-tay in Washington, D.C. Monday night and Politico was there at Cafe Atlantico to document it. Never one to miss out on a party was Senior White House Advisor and Grand Dame of Fierceness, Valerie Jarett, who was also there, being her fetching self as usual. Other party guests included Obama speechwriter Jon Farveau and actress Rashida Jones (um, are they dating or NOT?), David Axelrod, Gwen Ifill, Michele Norris and more.

The book is called “Renegade.” I can safely say I probably won’t read it, but it was humorous to hear Wolffe try to justify why people should buy his Obama book over the eleventy ka-billion other Obama books already on the saturated OBAMANIA market.

It talks about his basketball game! Ooo, goodie! I’m SOLD!

Video after the jump.

4 thoughts on “One Billionth Book About Obama Comes Out; Valerie Jarrett Just Came to Party

  1. Let me get this straight, he wrote a book based on a conversation with a guy on a plane. Wolffe is amazing.

  2. Wow, isnt it an interesting world when the Black woman in the picture is whiter than the British dude, talk about the melting pot that is America…just WOW!!/ Also, I hope all these fierce ladies meet some nice sophisticated men/women through their jobs and settle down.

  3. I intend to buy this book because it sounds like good reading. Plus, since the President sort of christened the writing, I think it will be interested. It never ceases to amaze me that these people always did and will continue to believe that President Obama does not have a grip on the political game. I always liked the fact that he never let them see him coming. Love this man.

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