Bo The Damn White House Dog Will Make You Love Him

… Even if you’re honestly sick of hearing about his ass. Some hard-hitting, yet fuzzy and wet-nosed, journalism from Brian Williams’ in his look at the Obama White House for NBC. Warning: You may die from brief glimpse of President-on-First-Lady affection. Steady yourselves, true believers. (MSNBC via Jezebel)

More video after the jump.

22 thoughts on “Bo The Damn White House Dog Will Make You Love Him

  1. @ rikyrahEasy. They did so much Bo coverage that first week (not to mention the dog watch speculation that lasted months) that I am, still technically, tired of the dog. But he is adorable.

  2. I rode the train w/ a woman whom told me she would never have a child w/ her husband if he didn’t show her he could care for the dog. To me that is totally backward. I’ve never been a fan of animal lovers since that day. I always question their concerns for humanity.

  3. There’s no such thing as too much Bo. How can you not love that face? He’s gonna be a big, lumbering beast when he’s fully grown though.

  4. @Robert M, maybe she meant that if he couldn’t take good care of a dog and be loving towards it, he might not be able to do the same for a child?

  5. That second video with Pres Obama and Bo ‘shaking hands’ is adorable. But is it only me or does Michelle look like she’s about through with Bo-lmao

  6. Lisa JThat is exactly what she meant. A dog and your child are not even comparable nor should the sentiments be.

  7. I’ve never had a pet, and if a man would judge me on how I treat an animal …then I’m out of luck.

  8. Danielle,You must never tire of Bo! He is helping the first family fight the good fight LOL 🙂


  10. I still am convinced that Bo is the President’s dog and that is who he loves. The poor girls should each get a toy Poodle so they can dress them up and have their own dogs. Bo knows power and so he hangs with President Obama who is enjoying the fun of having his first dog who is being trained, by someone else, to love President Obama. He’s always hanging around the Oval Office and I’m sure the President is taken with Bo as well. I thought Bo stood for Barack Obama and he is Black with some white. He is really a lovable looking and acting Puppy.

  11. Craig outed Michelle in an interview. He said that Michelle has always wanted a dog. I bet Bo sleeps in the Presidential bedroom, and the girls are like "but, but, but WE wanted a dog!"

  12. I don’t think Michelle is tired of Bo. I think she is enjoying her fur son. He’s too cute. I love a dog with a lot of personality and Bo fits the bill.

  13. Oh, Bo looked too cute. I"ve been hanging back from non-earth shattering Prez news so I’m not sick of the presidential dog yet. I am, however, sick of Twilight stories. Robert Pattinson is so not cute, but Bo is cute and fuzzy and gives pounds. Mrs. Obama did kind of give Bo a side eye glance like she was through with Bo too or, at the very least, through with these types of fluff pieces.

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