Day: June 2, 2009

The British dude who’s on Countdown with Keith Olbermann a lot wrote a book! About Obama! Just like EVERYONE ELSE! Bully for him!

Brit political writer Richard Wolffe had a book par-tay in Washington, D.C. Monday night and Politico was there at Cafe Atlantico to document it. Never one to miss out on a party was Senior White House Advisor and Grand Dame of Fierceness, Valerie Jarett, who was also there, being her fetching self as usual. Other party guests included Obama speechwriter Jon Farveau and actress Rashida Jones (um, are they dating or NOT?), David Axelrod, Gwen Ifill, Michele Norris and more.

The book is called “Renegade.” I can safely say I probably won’t read it, but it was humorous to hear Wolffe try to justify why people should buy his Obama book over the eleventy ka-billion other Obama books already on the saturated OBAMANIA market.

It talks about his basketball game! Ooo, goodie! I’m SOLD!

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If this picture makes you mad, maybe you should ask yourself a few things. Like, why on earth do you care?

A long crusty time ago in a high school far, far away there was an “epic” schoolyard fight over a boy, a black boy, who was dating a white girl who road my bus. The exact reasons for the fisticuffs have been lost somewhat to history, but I vaguely recall that two black girls decided to take it upon themselves to “jump” the girl from my bus in the stairwell just before school let out.

Perhaps one of the girls used to date the black boy. Perhaps some words had been spoken. But the fight was clearly over the boy and the gall of this particular white girl to date him. So they did confront her in the stairwell and shockingly, the white girl in question actually won the two-on-one fight.

I can still remember her elated face on the bus that afternoon as she talked about the fight in the most hyper voice possible, adrenaline still pumping. Her boyfriend was strangely proud and I was befuddled.

Mostly because I have always thought fighting over a boy, any boy, was dumb, even at 15. It hardly seemed worth it. And while, back then, I thought I understood why a couple of black girls would think it was a “beatdownable” offense for a white girl to date a black guy at our school, I knew the girl on the bus personally and she was a nice person.

I went years not thinking about the incident (which is why my memory of it is so crusty), but one day … and I can’t remember when … I got tired of caring about interracial dating.

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