Hot Topics: Diddy Is Dr. Evil and Chris Brown Is Sorry That You’re A Hater

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Want to be famous and make it as a singer or rapper? Don’t get signed by Bad Boy. You know? Unless you want to be trapped in the fabulous, broke-ass world of being short-changed by the most egotastical hype man in the history of hype men. He charges you for the privilege of him being in your videos and on your tracks … after demanding that you put him in your videos and on your tracks. Carl Thomas is still waiting on his paper!

Chris Brown swears he’s not a monster and if you think he is, you’re a hater! Aw. Guess I’m a HATER! As Dave Chappelle once said, “If you have hate in your heart let it out! Hate! Hate! Hate!” By the way, he wants you to buy his new album when it drops. Hey kid, I didn’t like your music before you got caught beating the shit out of your girlfriend. “Kiss, Kiss” made me want to “Vomit, Vomit.” I bought the “No Air” single for Jordin Sparks. She could be singing that thing with Biz Markie and I would have bought it. That girl’s got some pipes. As for you, Usher Raymond would like his everything back, thank you very much.

TJ HOLMES WEDDING WATCH! Our favorite CNN news hottie, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News and the Prince of West Memphis, Mr. TJ Homes is allegedly getting hitched. You have questions? Well, so do I! Ask your questions and share your gossip on the official wedding watch thread!

How did you find yourself on The Black Snob? Snob reader Diana is just curious. And she’s got an appetite for curiosity. She also is wondering what you thought of the 2006 interracial dating rom-com “Something New” (I never saw it, so I have no opinion) and wants to know about what’s too black/not black enough.

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One thought on “Hot Topics: Diddy Is Dr. Evil and Chris Brown Is Sorry That You’re A Hater

  1. what did Biz Markie ever do to be named in the same piece as Breezy the Rabid Bever?

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