Date Night Is Fight Night In Political Opinion Land

You and your husband live busy lives. Have demanding jobs and have to work at keeping the magic going, but it’s worth it! You love each other. You’ve got kids. So how about dinner and a Broadway show?

And that would be fine and dandy and sweet and romantic if you’re just Joe and Jane America. Minding your own damn business. But your husband is President Barack Obama, leader of the free world, and you’re Michelle Obama, First Lady and chronic magazine cover girl (whether you feel like it that week or not). You think you can just have a romantic night on the town in NYC and catch and show and not hear complaints from the very loud peanut gallery?

After all, all the previous occupant did was go on vacation more than any other president in history to his ranch all the ding dang time. But, you know? His family was RICH and they owned compounds and ranches and the previous occupant really didn’t like going to fancy pants places and needed to be in bed by 9 p.m. every night. Like your grandpa or something.

Current occupant has no compound to retreat to and can stay up past midnight. He also still likes to do stuff. So does the wife. But that won’t shut people up about it. Noooo. The president and his wife went to see “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” at the Belasco Theater on West 44 Street and had dinner at the Village’s Blue Hill restaurant in New York and everyone’s mad.

But he PROMISED! No take-backs or it was going to be nothing but the frozen face for months! Am I right, married folks? Am I right?

Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest read a statement from Obama: “I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished.” (Politico)

But who cares about the health of the presidential marriage. We need something to bitch about Mr. 69 Percent Approval Rating! It costs too much money! It was a stunt! GM is going bankrupt! It’s bad timing! Where was this cacophony of complaints when we had a president who seemed to be allergic to Washington, D.C.? As if the city was a fungus and the only way to remove it was brush cutting in Crawford? It wasn’t like it was cheap to gas up Air Force One go through the same song and dance all 77 visits to Crawford and 149 visits to Camp David. But hey, he and Laura didn’t go see a Broadway show and have DINNER at some restaurant and kick down a few bucks to New York’s recession plagued entertainment district so that makes it OK.

Shut up, peanut gallery!

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15 thoughts on “Date Night Is Fight Night In Political Opinion Land

  1. I think that it is great that despite being the leader of the free world he takes time to date his wife. She is the one who will be there 8 years from now when it is all over and the kids are grown and gone and some other guy or gal is President of the United States!!! They are a beautiful couple and a great example to us all.

  2. I wish folks would just mind their own damn business when it comes to the pres and first lady. Shoot, don’t hate! Must be nice to have date night. All the people complaining would care less if they were in that position. They would use all of the perks at their disposal.

  3. thats the problem people will not mind their business when you have a pop culture president. The whole what are they wearing, where are they going celebrity factor are going to have moments when they end up backfiring

  4. Politically incorrect, I can give less than two damns about any of it quite frankly. The problem is we have a black president. Plain and simple. And in case you haven’t noticed, we live in a pop culture society. So of course the presidency will be covered this way.

  5. The haters need to sit down somewhere and be quiet. Daddy Bush took lots of vacations too, no one complained (but me). So what, he is the President and if he wants to go somewhere, he can. Those right wingers and racists are just so mad and fit to be tied that a black man and his family are in the White House that they are losing their gosh-darn minds and have to spew their bile no matter what the man does. It is really annoying me, but I try to remind myself that the President lets it slide off his back like water off a duck so if it doens’t bug him, it shouldn’t bug me. It is hard though.

  6. OK I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, forget Thunder and Lightening I covet Mrs O’s back. The back shots of her are fierce. I am literally salivating over those shots (ok but not in a weird way). I must say that I love that they did this at a time when neither had other obligations in the city. They actually took the time away from the Whitehouse.

  7. I am not sure why the haters don’t understand that before anything, these people are human and they were doing these things before he became president so why not do them afterwards. I believe if all the men who were president were to spend more time dating their wives, they would not have had to deal with all the scandals that were present. I believe that if more men dated their wives, the divorce rate in this country would not be so high. I am married with two small children so I know how hard it is to get a moments rest for things such as taking a bath longer than ten minutes, so to imagine being able to go outwith my husband alone, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. it’s necessary in all marriages and hopefully this will be an example to other men to step up and do for their wife what they see the president do. Lastly, our government has spent so much money on other frivilous stuff that at this point, I don’t mind paying for the pres and his wife to have a good night out. Does anyone know what happened to the first lump sum of the bailout money that was given to the banks? if not then focus on that and leave the pres and his wife alone.

  8. They look great. Michelle’s looks fabu from head to toe. I love the dress. Who designed it?

  9. I don’t give a hoot what they do – I just want my back to look like hers! (LOL!) I still never tire of seeing them together – they look fantastic.

  10. Leave those lovebirds alone. Let’s all marvel that they can keep the romantic sizzle going.

  11. Let the haters hate. There are people who hate the idea of a black family in the White House and are going to critcize everything they do. It’s also great to see them supporting Black Theater, as we all should. By the way, did you see Michelle’s back? As my teenage son would say, it’s "sick" ! I wish I had the discipline to work out as much as she does.

  12. You have to be a petty mofo to try and complain about The President taking his wife out on a date. Doesn’t a happy President make for a better President?Don’t we WANT a President with a halfway happy homelife? The First Lady looks great. That back shot – wow.

  13. Why do republicans like to snoop and meddle and tell other people how to live their lives all the time. Why do they not do this when they have people in office. Not one meddled, snooped nor asked questions when all those lies of weapons of mass destruction, and Iraq was involved in the attack on 9/11 were being toss around the nation. They didn’t meddle when the country was sinking into debt and the world was learning to hate us…..not one, nary reared their head to say one word. they make me sick and I wish they would just continue to listen to conservative radio and watch the 700 Club while the intellegent folk run the country and try to clean up the mess they made. Who gives a crap what they think the First Couple should or should not do with a day off. They have no idea of how a happy marriage works, since most of them have never had one. GO PLAY! STAY OUT OF GROWN FOLK AFFAIRS.

  14. Maybe people object because the American taxpayer is footing the bill? The White House won’t release the cost. What happened to all that money Barack got from his book deal? As a D.C. native I know D.C. has restaurants and theater.

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