Month: May 2009

President Obama smiles on as Sen. Arlen Spector speaks about his deflection to the Democratic Party

The Snob was soooo busy on her whirlwind tour of the East Coast that she didn’t have time to give her take on the hot news items buzzing about. She was much, much too busy rippin’ and running with Dot, having sushi with Jada, laughing at Apollo’s Amateur Night, joking around about jazz with Jim, being a lurker at the Lincoln Memorial at night and chatting it up with ABC’s Yunji de Nies for Nightline.

Here are my opinions, in brief, on the news of the day after the jump:

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First part of a series on the people I met while visiting Boston, NYC and Washington, D.C.

The Snob and Saycon head backstage at “Hair.” (Photo by Dot)While I was on my East Coast tour I met a lot, and I mean A LOT, of cool people. One of them was the lovely and multi-talented Saycon Sengbloh who is currently part of the Hair Revival show on Broadway. She currently has an album out called “Southern Pin-Up” and she’s one gorgeous, dimminuative powerhouse.

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While I’ll still be doing a lot of the updating, I’ve decided it’s time to try out some new voices on The Snob. Our first new monthly contributor, you’ve read before, but now it’s official.

Introducing: Luvvie: (Fashion, Trends and Pop Culture) Even though all the Snobs are forever young, Luvvie is the youngest and the hippest of the contributors, staying up on the latest socialite/superstar gossip and trends (always high quality, no filler) and keeping you hip to her heavenly shoe game. She’s quirky, she’s unusual and she’s just the right snob for the job. Check out her blog, Awesomely Luvvie, under my “Partners & Contributors” tag on the right-side of the Web page.


By Luvvie

This summer, I will not be satting down in one place for long because of my love of frolicking in hot weather. And I have a lot of projects going on, both for my 9-5, and for others, so I need to be mobile. Despite the fact that I have a CrackBerry, meneeds a laptop. So after weeks of hard contemplation, meditation (not really), and wide eyes, I have done it. Countrymen, blogosphere, lend me your ears. I, Luvvie Ig Baby, is now the proud owner of a segzy silver MacBook.

Yes, I of the Love of PC and all things Dell. I, owner of 4 PCs in the past 7 years, is now the proud owner of a MacBook. *hears chorus of boos from PC-owners* LibraSong & KindredSmile have already booed me and said I was a Benedict Arnold, but like the blood pressure of a Black Woman, eating po’k chops ALL her life, STILL I rise (c) Madea.

My main reason for getting a MacBook is because I wanted a laptop that was ultraportable and could perform well. Being the gadget geek I am, I consulted my Gadget Bible, and got reviews on all these laptops. However, I was pretty tied to getting a Dell since they haven’t let me down yet, but there was no super light Dell that had comparable performance.

Yes, I know PCs make the world go round, yada yada blah blah blah.

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