Hot Topics: The Coolest Belt In The World; Hugging – The Phantom Menace and Levi Johnston: Gun-Totting Sex Machine

Hot Topics is sooo geek hawt and it doesn’t even know it. Here’s what’s going down:

Follow this link … to the coolest belt in the world! Also great for all classic video game related pick-up lines. Wanna come back to my dorm room and play with my joystick? Everything you need to “control” me is right here in my pants. Oh yeah. Those pick up lines are gonna be so klassy!

Click to enlarge.HuffPo can’t decided if they want to screw Bristol’s Baby’s Daddy or punch him in his Red State Baby-making face … or both. Which is why they are annoying. So what? He’s dressed in hunting gear and packing. (Pun intended) That’s apparently terrifying to HuffPo commenters. Never mind them. Go to Hot Topics and check out the link to GQ’s slideshow IF ONLY to see the men behind Levi Johnston’s media push. You will be pleasantly amused. I promise.

Gang violence. Unprotected sex. Drugs. And now … hugging? Yes. The kids are HUGGING and adults are concerned. What if there’s peer pressure making kids feel like they HAVE to hug each other? Why must the children hug hello AND good-bye? It’s like a foreign country over there! Next thing you know hand-holding will break out or … gasp! …. Mutually RESPECT for one another! Quelle horror!

Ignorance or indifference: What’s worse when it comes to cross-cultural issues? Diana wants to know what bugs you more? When people talk about your culture when they really know nothing about it, or when people are oblivious to it and could give a rat’s ass what a “play cousin” is? Pick yer poison!

MeMe Roth, fat shamer. She’s bitter because the heifer needs to eat. Po’ child.Ever been sexually assaulted by a box of Ho-Hos before? Woken up from a wild night wondering where your underwear was as you were found spooning a bag of Oreo cookies? (Oh, thank God. The cookies were unopened! What would have happened if they were opened?!?!) Did a buffet table run a train on you at Sizzler? Well, if you’re an asshat like anti-fat crusader MeMe Roth who thinks eating is like rape then YES, YES YOUR FOOD IS TRYING TO RAPE YOU!

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One thought on “Hot Topics: The Coolest Belt In The World; Hugging – The Phantom Menace and Levi Johnston: Gun-Totting Sex Machine

  1. I had to literally laugh out loud at that buffet table running a train on you at the Sizzler quip. You are too silly.

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