When Obama Love Goes Too Far, Part Ka-Billion

Example: This dress cocktail dress. Made from trash.

Nancy Judd, a 1990 graduate of Pitzer College who heads a company called Recycle Runway, will return to her Claremont alma mater Saturday with a one-day exhibition of fancy garments made from trash and ingenuity.

Judd makes outlandish clothing from castoffs such as phone book pages, junk mail, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and cassettes. But the star of the show at Pitzer’s Nichols Gallery is likely to be the “Obama Cocktail Dress.” It’s a slinky, body-hugging number crafted from the president’s campaign posters. As the “fabric” winds around the body, from above the knee to below the armpits, white letters form a crisp graphic pattern on a black background and the name “Obama” pops up over and over.

The close up makes it seem like maybe it’s not too bad, but then you get the full effect and it’s all … oh, très tackeè!

But hey! It works with Obama’s “Green Initiatives!”

Full picture of dress after the jump.

3 thoughts on “When Obama Love Goes Too Far, Part Ka-Billion

  1. "Part Ka-Billion" LOL…stop it…I can’t take anymore. Clearly you are out of your mind!!!!! & I love you for it.

  2. Well- gotta say it. I actually love the dress. Not to wear to an actual cocktail party, but to a art opening, fashion show, maybe even a music festival.Pardon moi, because I know I’m about to sound mean and shallow, but couldn’t she have found a better model? The lower average looking model with family ties hair is not helping matters.

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