UN Ambassador Susan Rice Is “En Vogue”

Photo by Annie Liebovitz (of course). Rice talks about her work to stop genocide in Darfur amongst other things in the latest issue of Vogue Magazine:

At 44, Rice is, in fact, the second-youngest U.S. ambassador to the United Nations since its inception in 1945. (Donald McHenry, appointed in 1979 by Jimmy Carter, was a hair younger.) But Rice is used to being the youngest person at the table. As someone who went to high school with her puts it, “She was always highly respected by adults and seen as a future force to be reckoned with.” A Rhodes scholar who earned a doctorate in international relations at Oxford University, Rice joined President Clinton’s National Security Council staff in 1993, at the tender age of 28. Within a few years she catapulted over several more senior staffers to become, at 32, the youngest-ever assistant secretary of State. Her accelerated résumé notwithstanding, she seems to be at the beginning of the public phase of what may very well turn out to be one of the more substantial careers in politics.

Read the whole story here, at Style.com.

10 thoughts on “UN Ambassador Susan Rice Is “En Vogue”

  1. I didn’t know her credentials, but I felt she is one of the smartest people in public office.

  2. [I might also like Team Obama staffers pictorial ]double comment… ;-)I would love for the little girls who are still ,failing the "doll test" to be able to see this, and have conversations about it with adults, other children on the diversity of goodness, smarts, talent, who it would be great to be friends with etc.I would also love for our glorious slave heritage, & colorism ,that some people seem to feel is a salient, and perpetually paramount part of our identity not to be part of the conversation.

  3. Fred Thompson’s response, via twitter:

    Am Bolton knew 1st.. Susan Rice ought 2 spend time w/ N Korean xperts & not doing vogue photo spread http://tinyurl.com/o8ryn5 #tcot #ftrs

    Clearly, he was feeling left out of the GOP’s Hate on Women of Color parade, so he jumped in where he could.

  4. Rice held it down during the campaign. She was one of the Obama campaign’s best spokesmen.

  5. She oozes intellect & not the phony pretentious type either.Love. Love.LOVE her!How lucky are we as a country to have such a person representing us?

  6. Ity is said that she is a Rhodes scholar, sure she might have been smaart and all that but really Cecil John Rhodes is giveng people scholarshiops so that his dream of British world domination could live on and become a reality.The has never been a debate about the role of scholarships and how the British eastablishment use them to gain leverage over future leaders.You can it now in the University of London where they are educating Palestinian students like they are mad but they were doing the same trick with South Africa in the 1980s. That is why the outcome became unsatisfactory for South Africans.It iis unfortunate because she looks like a noce enough individual. Believe me having investigated the scholarship scandal , I think we need to come clean with each other.

  7. I’ll take Condoleeza Rice over Susan Rice ANY day! In my opinion, Susan Rice is arrogant and condescending (except to people who can further her interests). She lacks Condi’s natural charm and warmth – actually she comes off dour and hostile. There are many accomplished women of colour who make a better impression .e.g. Melody Barnes.

  8. i think there is no doubt that susan rice is one smart cookie, as not everyone could become a rhode scholar, i think when it comes to academic achievement, susan rice credential certianly seem more pretigious than condi rice. however, i am sure condi could have become a rhode scholar if she waned to, what further, when it comes to real life achievement, condi has proven herself by become the first female, first black not to mentioned the youngest provost of stanford. and what has susan rice acheived on her own outside the poltical sphere. i mean she used to work for mckinsey once, did she even managed to get to junior partner level?. she remindes me of wendy deng, yes , wendy was a smart young lady as well, who graduated from yale, but all achievment are relative. there are tens of thousand og graduates from yale every year, and the figure would have to * 7 when you incl all other ivy league uni and uni like stanford. in another word, i think real life achievement are musch more important than academic ones, in that respect, condi wins hands down.

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