Shooting Off Your Mouth Could Lead to Shooting Yourself In the Foot

Matthew Yglesias says the Republicans are the ones who can get Hispanics to go further into the blue for Democrats as some of the more, err, colorful voices in the party bang the “She’s a racist Latina” drum.

Judge Sonia SotomayorWhile many Republicans, especially those with large voting blocs of Latinos in their districts and states have been diplomatic about President Obama’s appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court (see McCain, John), some are braying as loud as possible that she should already remove her name from the running. You know? Because she’s mean, bad with money, dumb, an Affirmative Action hire, unqualified and a racist. (Or a “reverse racist,” whatever that means.) These seem to be the talking points that have been so loud and omnipresent on TV and radio that I’ve been trying to avoid them at all costs.

I’ve avoided them largely because it’s annoying and makes it seem like no one is capable of having a mature, rational debate about this appointment, but for some this circus is just more proof that the Republican Party is tone deaf when it comes to minorities and minority issues.

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Take The Atlantic’s Matthew Yglesias and his most recent post on Think Progress about what he thinks the lasting effect of Sotomayor’s appointment will be:

(W)hat you could see having some impact is less Obama’s decision to appoint Sotomayor than reaction to the conservative reaction to Sotomayor. I think if you look at election results over time, it’s clear that a large number of non-white or non-Anglo Americans seem to have the sense that the Republican Party and the conservative movement don’t have their best interests at heart. And when people see conservatives not just saying “well, I’m a conservative and Sotomayor isn’t, so I’m not happy about the choice” but engaging in bizarre tirades against the “unnatural” pronunciation of her name and the evils of Puerto Rican cuisine while suggesting that the kind of resume that was suitable for Samuel Alito doesn’t cut the mustard for Sonia Sotomayor, well then I think that tends to reenforce the sense that conservatives are very interested in white people’s problems and not so interested in anyone else.

That’s damaging. But that’s not really about Obama picking Sotomayor, it’s about the crazies on the right coming out to play.

Yes. Let’s all shit on the first Puerto Rican appointee to the Supreme Court before the hearings even start. I’m sure that will go over just dandy. I’m sure the millions of Puerto Ricans who live on the mainland and in Puerto Rico who are ALL U.S. CITIZENS and the many other Latin American citizens will enjoy hearing a bunch “yer all unqualified illegals using up my tax money to have your illegal spawn and collect welfare checks and keep the white man down!” Yes. They like it when you call them all “Messy-cans” whether they’re from Messy-Co or not. They won’t hold a grudge against you at all. They love being talked about like they’re not standing RIGHT THERE IN THE ROOM!

The woman was appointed and approved by the U.S. Senate twice, is a product of the meritocracy and, to the chargin of many Liberals, isn’t even Liberal enough! But hey, shitting on Latinos worked marvelously during the immigration fight for the Republican Party. It didn’t hurt them in the 2006 or 2008 elections at all. Arguing about how un-American it is to pronounce Sotomayor’s last name the way it’s supposed to be pronounced will get Pedro and the gang to like you!

Assimilate or die, Spanish-surnamed American citizens! Assimilate or Uncle Rush will EAT YOU!

19 thoughts on “Shooting Off Your Mouth Could Lead to Shooting Yourself In the Foot

  1. The GOP just keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper. Let them suffer. Hee, hee.

  2. Dumb? The woman graduated 2nd in her class at Princeton and has a law degree from Yale. And what does her savings account balance have to do with anything?

  3. Noshe was FIRST in her class at Princeton and she won their most impressive academic honor too and she was on the Yale Law Review, which according to Yalies is very hard to do with all of the stiff competition there. Those R’s should be ASHAMED of themselves. But they aren’t. Weasels/

  4. This is a serious discussion but that "Assimilate or uncle Rush will eat you!" has me laughing like a fool 🙂 I find it offensive that people are questioning the intellect of a Princeton and Yale grad that got in on merit and not as a legacy admission. The first person that raised it should have been laughed off the set. Disagree with her views by all means but how can we argue with her intellect? Or are we changing what that word means? Someone needs to tell all those kids assuming huge debt for Princenton or Yale that its not worth it. And give the ones that are working their overachieving, competitive butts off to graduate top of their class that the gig is up!

  5. So, it wasn’t bad enough that we "accidentally" called her Maria which, IMO, was a slap in the face to the Hispanic community. Now, we are going to screw up the pronunciation of her family name on purpose! These hypocrites have some nerve criticizing her dietary habits. I bet a dime to donuts that most of the other justices eat a Standard American Diet (SAD) which isn’t much better than the Puerto Rican diet. They seem to do just fine with justice-ing. This is NOT how you rebuild a political party folks.

  6. Anything that hastens these fools’ trip to irrelevance is just fine by me. So keep on yapping Pat, Rush, Newt, Glenn, and Karl (and any of the other idjits I forgot to mention).

  7. I was just wondering, if the Republicans tick off women and Hispanics, who is left in their targeted base? I think a two (or more) party system is great for the continuation of democracy but er, uh – are we going to need a new party here in a minute? Where the Republicans at? Quickly narrowing themselves down to non-existence…. already nearing irrelevance.My other thought was that for years, minorities have struggled to get a toe in the door because we didn’t have the "background" to succeed in MajorityLand. So minorities said, "Okay, we’ll do it your way." We went out, got the degrees (in multiples), we won the awards, we played the game and walked the approved path. And now that minorities are beating out the majorty at their own game (see 1600 Penn Ave) what have the narrow-minded conservatives got to say?Very little indeed.

  8. This woman will get confirmed,,,,,if a white man said what she did ,,,,they be with Trent Lott…she’s also a Catholic from Cardinal Spellman high school…is she really against abortion???But the fact is ,,,shes on the court and the Real Story is North Korea..its REAL,,,AND ITS A PROBLEM…..

  9. also,,,she makes 200,000 a year,,,and shes worth 50,000 to 100,000 $,,she made $2,000,000 +over 17 years on the court…where did $1,900,000 go??????

  10. I am tired of getting the old okidoke from the Democrats and the GOP and I’m especially tired of this game of good cop, bad cop they play with POC.

  11. the gambler….But back on Nov. 23, she scored $8,238 by winning a “Jackpot Game,” according to a financial disclosure released Thursday by the federal court system."Judge Sotomayor won the money at a casino in Florida, where she was gambling with her mother,” a White House aide told POLITICO. The report also shows the appellate court judge’s investment holdings totaled less than $65,000 at the end of 2008, a figure that would almost certainly make her the least wealthy justice on the Supreme Court, even with her jackpot win. She listed a Citibank checking account with a balance of less than $15,000 and a Citibank savings account with between $15,001 and $50,000.Read more: "Sotomayor hits the jackpot – Josh Gerstein –" –

  12. @ JoeI’m not seeing the relevance with the money situation. Clarence Thomas was and continues to be the poorest justice on the Supreme Court. I don’t think personal wealth has much to do with whether you’re a good judge or not. Plus, she lives in New York, one of the most expensive places to live. A $100K salary in New York is not going to get you as far as it would in Macon, GA.

  13. Danielle, you don’t understand? Money talks, honey! If she’s not a millionaire, no one will listen to her! The Supreme Court will be devalued! Oh, the shame!! :p

  14. This is what Tancredo said today:Tancredo: Sotomayor Is A Member Of The ‘Latino KKK Without The Hoods Or The Nooses’ Seizing the opportunity to vilify a female, Hispanic Supreme Court nominee, noted bigot Tom Tancredo has emerged from obscurity to denounce Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Earlier this week, Tancredo declared her to be a “racist” who should be “disqualified” from serving on the bench. This afternoon on CNN, he went further, attacking her affiliation with the National Council of La Raza as equivalent to being a member of the Ku Klux Klan: are who we thought they were.

  15. @ rikyrahWhen people try to compare some statements she made or La Raza to the fucking Klan it pisses me off. The Klan actually KILLED AND TERRORIZED PEOPLE!!! Unless La Raza is rounding up white folk in the middle of the night and burning their houses down in front of their children then dragging their fathers and mothers off to horrible, uncertain deaths um …. STFU and stop INSULTING both THE KLAN and the people they KILLED!How many churches has La Raza bombed? Do white people live IN FEAR of La Raza coming to their house in the middle of the night and telling them to get the fuck out of down or die? Does La Raza have a habit of murdering white people who stand in the way of their agenda like THE KLAN was fond of killing Civil Rights workers and just regular ass people minding their own business who were in the wrong place at the wrong time? Is La Raza advocating the mass genocide of white people?Um … FUCK NO.La Raza is not a terrorist organization, it does not distribute leaflets advocating the killing or oppression of white people and does not have a membership filled with illiterate ex-cons and felons. They don’t making their livin’s off of bank robberies and meth! The list goes on and fucking on …Fuck you, Tancredo. Try harder next time. They’d be better off comparing her comments to the blatherings of Don Imus or Pat "Everyone’s Favorite Bigot" Buchanan. Don Imus was just an ass. Pat is an ass. Last I checked, neither have killed anyone with their big fat mouths. THERE’S AN EFFIN’ DIFFERENCE between cultural insensitivity and TERRORISM, IDIOTS!Pisses me OFF!

  16. shes all set to be confirmed…the money thing is weird,,she might be a gambler…she makes good money and has for a long time…no family expenses and has a condo.,,,,no real expenses…i really believe shes ok.legally..and a waste of time to fight….but its not ok to diss anyone for the color of their skin ,,,and she did…no one should get a pass on that…but she will…ill check with my mob bookie friends,,see if she has markers out there…,lolllllll,,,,north korea,,,,not sexy,,,but thats the important story..they announced they are no longer bound by the 1953 cease fire,,,but have u read that anywhere???

  17. we arn’t better than each other,,,but we should want to be better people……someone i respect said that…no it wasnt the supreme court nominee…she does not believe that,,,it seems

  18. Their predecessors knew how to engage in divide and conquer tactics. If these fools were smart they would have fashioned themselves as the friends of the Latino. It was clear that Obama had run into some problems with the Latino community post election, they should have taken advantage of this.

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