Señor Baby Wipes Engaged To Future Stalkee (Or Not) (Update!)

I updated the older post, but for those who don’t feel like trekking back to yesterday’s postings, here’s what I wrote:

And here come the denials! (Damn you, WENN!)


Contrary to earlier report run by WENN, and Zulay Henao are not engaged, a representative for the actor has confirmed. “Not true,” Just Jared quotes the representative as insisting. “Terrence is not engaged to Zulay.” Zulay’s representative, in the meantime, brands report of both stars’ engagement as “very fake.”

And they still won’t confirm if the two are an “item” either. I’ll still continue to pray for the woman. God knows it would be hard to share make-up counter space with that man and all his manscaping products, hair conk and the four hours he spends a day making eye-fucking faces to himself in the bathroom mirror.

Vanity, thy name is Howard!

So, for those who still want him (and why, child, I’ll never know) Billie Dee Williams 2.0 is STILL SINGLE, ladies (n’ gents)! Who wants to be the girl to hold that man’s murse until the day his pretty-ass dies?

4 thoughts on “Señor Baby Wipes Engaged To Future Stalkee (Or Not) (Update!)

  1. I wish I could find a woman to carry my wallet in her purse like my ex did. That would be swell.

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