O RLY?: Roman Catholic “Priestess/Reporter” Edition

Was skimming through Gawker and found this story by Hamilton Nolan regarding the saga of self-proclaimed Roman Catholic Priestess/small town newspaper reporter Brenda Lee and her effort to personally give a letter to President Obama. She was writing to ask him to hold the line against gay marriage.

As you can tell from the photo, it did not end well for Ms. Lee.

Roman Catholic priestess and White House correspondent for the Macon-based Georgia Informer Brenda Lee just wanted to give Barack Obama a letter telling him to stand strong against the gays. Why did the Secret Service pervs have to do her like that?

When Obama flew into LAX today there was Brenda Lee, reporter-priestess, ready to hand the president this letter “urging him ‘to take a stand for traditional marriage'” (as she writes: “For the most part [gays] are white males who have sexed themselves out on perverted sex and they are never satisfied.”).


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Of course security wanted Lee to give her note to some low level staffer, but she wasn’t having it. This scene of her being carted away by random “Obama thugs,” feet first, was the result.

This incident falls on my “Why, Negroes, why?” and “WTF?” lists, as:

1) The Roman Catholic Church, the one with the pope with the pointy hat, doesn’t ordain women priests.

2) Again. Just because the president is half Negro does not mean we have 24/7, “Brother, can I get a minute?” access to the man. Ask Usher Raymond.

3) “For the most part [gays] are white males who have sexed themselves out on perverted sex and they are never satisfied.” Really? Once again, newsflash: Gay black people and Lesbians are apparently mythical creatures like Unicorns, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. THEY DO NOT EXIST. Stop insisting on existing, you unicorns!

4) That’s your argument against gay marriage? Gay men are oversexed hussies? That gay people can’t get married because you think all gays are horny white men? There are a lot of horny STRAIGHT white men. Are we banning them from marriage as well? And if you’re some kind of constantly engorged party penis with a white man attaché do you even care about getting hitched — gay or straight? Aren’t you so preoccupied about getting as much strange as possible that you couldn’t be bothered with messy things like registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond and joint banking accounts? And how would you know, Ms. Brenda Lee, about all these sexed out perverted sex white men? Have you met them personally? Do you troll at lot of gay bars and PRIDE picnics? Do you watch LOGO? How many bathhouses did you personally cruise in San Fran? Were you one of David Gest’s beards? Were you an extra in “Caligula?” Did you hold the flag at the Gay Pride parade as part of an undercover mission to save the horny gay white male from himself? Inquiring minds want to know!

I will close this from the most hilarious comment I read about this story:

Should Brenda Lee’s Southern Crazy Front ever meet an Alan Keyes Northern Crazy Front, the resulting Hurricane strength winds of Craze might be strong enough to uproot what little sanity remains in vulnerable parts of the country. A hail storm of aborted cabbage patch fetuses, dildos, and crucifixes would threaten the lives of millions.

18 thoughts on “O RLY?: Roman Catholic “Priestess/Reporter” Edition

  1. You guys are too clever by half to me. I better start reading more books. And yes, the reporter/high priestess is a little bonkers. Some people are really homophobic.

  2. Behold the irony that is the Roman Catholic faith. I thought if you wanted to "sex yourself out on perverted sex" the Catholic Church is pretty much the most exclusive bathhouse around to get ur perv on? Isn’t Catholicism like the San Francisco of the Religious world? All joking aside it chills me to the bone to see people of color in this country (religious zealot or not) co-sign anything that stamps second class citizen status on other human beings. It wasn’t too long ago when our sweet land o’liberty was wiping it’s ass in public with our hand written letters demanding Equal Protection under the law. Now some of us are writing letters demanding those same protections be denied to other marginalized communities? It seems to me straight identifying people of color should be creating alliances with the LGBTQQ community. If not for the sake of solidarity, then for the realization that many POC are still fighting for our right to Equal Protection under the law, even with an Obama Presidency.

  3. WOW! What is funny about this picture is the other people of color in the background with the look of "What the hell? "why do we got to act a fool like this in public especially now"? ROTFL

  4. What a hot mess…..This lady needs to go sit down somewhere. By the way I’m loving the O Rly owl. She cracks me up.

  5. I think I just woke up my downstairs neighbor with my hysterical laughing. The WTF look on Reggie’s face takes the funny to a whole new level.

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