More Wanda Sykes on Michelle Obama

Weezies!From Huffington Post, via the Columbia Journalism Review:

Wanda Sykes made fun of the media skirting the race issue when talking about Michelle Obama during an appearance on Leno Wednesday night…

Sykes says the media didn’t know how to cover her.

“There are little subtle ways they dance around the race issue,” Sykes told Leno. “‘When are we going to see the real Michelle Obama?’ And you know what they’re saying… They’re waiting for her to throw all his stuff on the White House lawn… They’re waiting for Weezy to jump out.”

Weezy being Louise Jefferson of the 1970s sitcom The Jeffersons. But, I thought it was Clair Huxtable everyone was waiting for?

When she said “Weezy” for some reason I thought of Lil Wayne, not the character from The Jeffersons. But I’m pretty sure it’s SOMEONE’S narrow-minded fear that Young Weezy will be at the White House — chains, tats and all — letting Sasha and Malia braid his hair on the south lawn while they have a tea party with their My Little Ponies and Jonas Bros. dolls.

Oh, and he’ll be high. It’ll enhance the My Little Pony experience and someone will serve him caviar and chitlins from official White House china. As Michael Steele would say, “Best believe it. Word to your grandmothers, and what not.”

11 thoughts on “More Wanda Sykes on Michelle Obama

  1. um, is it bad that I think that scenario would be…kind of AWESOME?*ducks and runs*

  2. "Girl Stop!" I think it would be hilarious. I think PBO should save that little screengem for the second term.

  3. Don’t feel bad–the first thing I thought when I saw the Huffington Post headline is "why is Wanda comparing Michelle to Lil’ Wayne?"Wanda’s hilarious. I’m glad motherhood hasn’t muted her in any way 🙂

  4. It does appear that they are waiting for another person to emerge. It’s like they think this woman is putting on an act. Well, then most of them don’t really know anything about how we like because they never thought that they would need to know or care. I don’t know about Weezy, but they are certainly expecting Sapphire to jump out. That’s the way the right tried to paint her from the first time they saw her. Remember how they all talked about how angry she was and how they knew she was the one who told then Senator Obama what to do. They, many of them, have never known or even thought there are strong loving Black men or they certainly haven’t had time to think about Black woman, wife and mother, educated or not.

  5. Shows how out of it I am..I totally thought of The Jeffersons..LOLI told you..I don’t know JACK about Hip Hop.LOL

  6. I am so glad Wanda put it out there. Too many people got to sit back and made their sideways remarks about Michelle. How unfortunate that whites only get exposed to black people if we happen to go to one of their schools or their kids plays ‘our’ music or they invite us to their house to prove to the neighbors how liberal they are. It won’t just be up to Wanda Sykes and the like. White people and ‘blacks in hiding’ need to tell their friends to STFU when they hear stuff like that coming out of there mouths…"when is the real Michelle Obama gonna show up". Like she’s going to start chewing sunflower seeds at a press conference and give shout outs to homies back in Chicago for holding it down. I mean really.I’m sorry but I’m tired of whites feeling only comfortable with their nightly news images of us as toothless, head-ragged shooting witnesses, or the black kid throwing gang signs in the back while the weather man informs us of rain. Some woman just wrote to Oprah challenging her decision to put Michelle Obama on the cover stating "I don’t remember Laura Bush ever being on the cover. Maybe you could stand to be less biased." What this woman does not realize is that Oprah goes to bed as a black woman at night. She is not the sanitized honorary white woman they want her to be. This cover was about history. And no Republican can dictate to Oprah what she can and can not celebrate. Oooo. Don’t get me started.

  7. God that made me laugh so hard i almost wet my knickers!!!!!!!!!! Yes educated smart suave Mrs Obama is going to have Cough syrup slurping – weed smoking,synthesizer abusing,groupie-aphile lil wayne on the front lawn……… wetting myself….. would be funny though!!!!(ducks bricks!)

  8. Michelle Obama is already a Clair Huxtable. That said, Weezy was never the neck rolling, lip smacking attitude having Black woman and mother Wanda suggested. She was always sweet and tolerable of George’s crazy ass. Lol.

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