Señor Baby Wipes Engaged To Future Stalkee

Terrence Howard and actress Zulay Henao at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2007.My fair, soul-humping, effeminate, murse-carrying, bag-o-pretty-pretty-princess-nuts, Señor Baby Wipes, aka actor Terrence Howard, is engaged! (I know! Aren’t you HORRIFIED!) He’s found LOVE, or something like it, again, so sez I don’t completely trust (as they’ve burned me before), but hey, it’s Señor Baby Wipes. I’m sure he could find some woman-based life-form willing to put up with him despite the fact that he sounds like he completely hates women. 

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The chick we should be keeping in our prayers is Colombian actress Zulay Henao, who Señor has never confirmed was his lady lover, but was grossly seen frolicking on a beach with him back in 2007. She was his co-star in that film “Fighting” that I didn’t go see. Howard allegedly proposed to her in the Czech Republic where he is working on the film, “Red Tails.”

In WENN’s report they rather nonchalantly drop how Howard’s last marriage turned out (um … CREEPY!) in the same fashion they would write up his box office numbers.

Howard, 40, hooked up with Henao after splitting with ex-wife Lori McCommas for the second time in 2005.

Howard and McCommas ended their 14-year marriage in 2003, but he successfully wooed her back and they remarried, only to split for good soon after.

Just last year the actor revealed how he had bought McCommas her childhood home and stalked her in a bid to win her back. (Emphasis mine!)

Is stalking cool now because do we really want to encourage the regular ass whackadoodles who stalk their exes? Especially since these whackadoodles of all ages and sexes tend to, I don’t know, make life miserable for the person they are stalking, and in sad, extreme cases, abuse or kill the object of their obsession? Because that’s what stalking is! Being obsessed with someone to the point it renders you illogical and abusive.

But hey! Those kids are in love! Everybody celebrate! After all, WENN also writes that, “after their second split, he moved on and found love with Henao, who helped him recover from the heartbreaking death of his beloved mother Anita to cancer last September.” Beautiful. So that makes it all right. I’m SURE he’ll respect Henao’s boundaries, won’t put unrealistic expectations on her and won’t become an asshat at first sign of disagreement. He doesn’t sound crazy, controlling or abusive at all.

Watch yer back, Henao!

PS. To WENN’s credit, they at least mention that Howard has a little stalking problem. Everyone else just acts like Howard’s 2005 marriage ended in regular ole divorce, not creepy-ass “Fatal Attraction”-meets-“Unfaithful” divorce and didn’t mention it at all.

PPSS! I think the only person more confused, bewildered, enamored and horrified by Terrence Howard than me is cinema blogger Invisible Woman. Check out her Terrence Watch to understand why we both can’t look away no matter how hard we try.

Also: To know why I call him “Señor Baby Wipes,” (and why I question if he even likes womenfolk) please click here.

20 thoughts on “Señor Baby Wipes Engaged To Future Stalkee

  1. It doesn’t matter how abhorrent a man is, if he’s got money, women will flock to him.

  2. LMAO @ "bag-o-pretty-pretty-princess-nuts"… Her bra is playing peek-a-boo. That pretty much sums up my opinion of the whole affair.

  3. If I have to marry a rich crazy man, hell i will always be broke. Senior babywipes is one you can look at from afar and leave it at that……. She is such a dumb ass. Singing louldy, "I don’t care about the other girls, just be good to me."

  4. You ladies can say what you want, Howard is having himself a good, old time with his new hot tamale. I wish I had his problems. BTW, his behavior didn’t come close to stalking.

  5. This website reminds me of that "Bitch, Pleeze" skit on Saturday Night Live. If Terrence Howard showed up in the flesh, everybody would be all over him in a second. Hee, hee.

  6. @ dukesdraven:I read somewhere that dude was hiding out in the bushes spying on his ex-wife, if that ain’t stalking I don’t know what is!!-lol. I didn’t see that Bitch Pleez skit but it sounds hilarious. I could see everybody telling him that if he showed up with his foolishness.

  7. Okay guys,please put your guns down for a moment and hear me out first before you shoot…lol I can see behind his madness. He was on Tara Banks back in 06 or 07 talking about his ex and how he was stalking her etc. From that moment on I knew this man was in love, had been hurt, and was going to be damage goods until he healed completely in all aspects. We are men’s weakness ladies. We have the power to make or break them. quite as it is kept. They do not bounce back like we do, when it comes to the heart. And I am so surprised that you guys don’t see or hear this in his words. I also see where he is coming from on certain things as well. The breast all out etc. He does make a great point on the fashion. If you dress in a certain way that will attract conversation please be prepared for what comes of that conversation. Remember how the women of the 40’s 50’s dress? They were cover up, still sexy, and left something to the imagination.I cannot stand for a man to dress with pants/shirt 2 sizes to big, hanging off his azz, thug out, or a male video ho. Dress/act your age not your shoe size. Approach/speak to me like you at least had some form of home training. But that is just me. I can see/hear that Mr. Howard has old fashion ways, some good , some bad. Just keep him in pray for healing, and gudience. Because he needs to understand what a woman was created for. What it means to find a wife. What he was created for, and not use us as an excuse because he let his weakness get the best of him. If you claim to use chaste, why invite the fruit of temptation alone if you know you are weak? Come on now! He knows exactly what he is doing, and doing it well. Forgive me lord, but on behalf of my sistas and true brothas…Mr. Howard, bitch please! Keep it funky with me!

  8. Sorry, Felicia, the guy is a freakazoid. If a woman doesn’t use baby wipes everytime she uses the bathroom is unclean? Does that mean he uses baby wipes on his package each time he uses the bathroom, either that or he has a bidet in his house and has a mobile one for when he uses one in public. Men don’t even use toilet paper everytime they use the bathroom, at least I assume that is the case since they don’t keep toilet paper next to the urinals. He is nuts, I used to like him but after reading the link that Snob gave to the article about him, the scales have fallen from my eyes. Plus I can’t stand a moustache with no accompanying beard or goatee. Only a handful of men can carry that look off, and he ain’t one of ’em. Crazy bastard. And I will check out the skit when I get home dukeraven (all that stuff is blocked at work) but I still doubt I’d be all over him in person. Especially since he only likes women who look like him and I don’t look like him. What a narcissist. He may be hurt but he is also nuts, I think most adults have been hurt but hiding the bushes in front of someone’s house is totally unacceptable. Totally.

  9. Okay–I’m taking the high road with this and wish them the best. Maybe T has gotten help with his ‘demons’ enough to make this girl happy. But me personally and from experience, once a womanizer/batterer always one, but if a someone wants to change their ways enough, it is possible, but it’s just rare. I can at least respect a man who stops the ho’ing around to settle down with one woman.For Zulay’s sake I hope so.

  10. On his deal-breaker: "Toilet paper – and no baby wipes – in the bathroom. If they’re using dry paper, they aren’t washing all of themselves. It’s just unclean. So if I go in a woman’s house and see the toilet paper there, I’ll explain this. And if she doesn’t make the adjustment to baby wipes, I’ll know she’s not completely clean." – Terrence HowardI laughed long and hard on this one! A look at all those TH quotes in the article suggests not so much that he hates women but that he’s obsessed with himself. Everyone else (including women) comes a distant second.It seems like he’s annoyed at the fact that he’s not a self-contained being; he’s frustrated that he finds anyone except himself attractive, which is a phenom that I’ve never thought about before.

  11. I thought that he is still in love with his first wife. They have married a second time and she left again. I would be leery of some new proposed marriage because I think he still wants to keep his family in tact and will still be in pursuit of the first wife. But, anyway, I wish him much happiness. I like Terrance, but then I only know him from his film and that will most likely remain my source of knowledge about him. I do think that he is quite handsome, even when he was a young boy on the Cosby Show.

  12. OMG! I just read the Terrence Howard Thinks Women Are Unclean….Whores piece. Lord have mercy. This fool doesn’t see baby wipes anywhere and therefore women are unclean. Does he not know how much sanitary shit we keep and that we don’t lay our ass cleaning stuff around for everybody to see? What kind of dumbass even allows something like to get out in print? He’s a 23%er…as 23% of women report some sort of hateration from their man. My grandmother would call him ‘just ig’nant’.

  13. Danielle:There’s an update–now Terrence and his ‘fiance’ are denying that they are engaged. Check out

  14. oh now Ms. Lisa J, I am with you on the tissue thing! Freakish, but some people do have fetishes…lol And I feel you about not liking him anymore. He gave me a bad vibe the first time I saw him act and speak in an interview. I use to be in love with Tate Diggs until I found out he was married to a sista of another color. Now that didn’t bother me…whoever makes you smile is cool with me. But keep it funky on screen. Hell date all kinds on screen instead always having your lips wrap around a black sista. Cuba Gooding been married to his (white) high school sweetheart for years, and he date/make love to young/old black/white or what ever on screen. See my point? Mr. Howard going to alright girl I told you pray for him….lol You all have a good evening

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