Black Snob in The American Prospect

10 thoughts on “Black Snob in The American Prospect

  1. Congrats girl, I’m personally allergic to all things sci-fi but I’ll have to give this a look

  2. Congrats. One minor criticism, Star Trek was on in the 60’s originally, in the 70’s it was just in re-runs, it was a cartoon and the first movie came out.

  3. Congratulations, Danielle, on getting more of your work published. I have to say, though, it was a major gaffe in alluding that Star Trek came out in the ’70s. You’re a youngun so it’s understandable, but the editor should have caught it.

  4. I’m definitely going to pick this up! This has been my obsession lately, although I’ve been thinking of it in terms of scifi/fantasy novels, but seriously, it’s the same ish everywhere.

  5. Get down girl, go head, get down! The topic is near and dear to my heart and I am so glad that the American Prospect is showing you some love.

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