Never Forget

A group of Buffalo Soliders, 1913 (?). The picture comes from a collection that belonged to my father’s side of the family where his Great Uncle John Myricks served as a Buffalo Soldier.

Remember those who served this Memorial Day!

7 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. 1943 for this photo seems late to me. The uniforms and hats look more like World War I, more like 1917 or so.

  2. @ AlsaceHmm. You could be right. All the photos are very mixed up and sometimes the handwriting is hard to make out. I think I stared at the writing on the back for 15 minutes trying to determine if it read 1913 or 1943. Considering how many old photos we have from the turn of the century from my father’s mother’s side of the family it could very well be from the 1910s as you suggested.

  3. Well, based on the uniforms, I think we can safely rule out WW II. My guess is circa WW I.

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