Day: May 25, 2009

Ciara, Beyonce, more Ciara and Lady Gaga rocking the tights and leotards. Jane Fonda of the 1980s called and wants her look back.If you see it once its just an expression of individuality and creativity. If you see it three times, that fucker is a trend.

Where are your pants, young ladies?

You know who I’m talking to. Beyonce, Ciara, Lady Gaga. PANTS! What the hell happened to pants (or a nice skirt)? What do you have against them? Why is everyone doing their best Bob Fosse inspired vision of female sexuality as channeled by Liza Minnelli and the musicals “Cabaret” and “Chicago” with a disco beat and Justin Timberlake warbling in the background? What is going on here? Why is all shiny tights and leotards now or nothing? (Often accessorized with six-inch heeled ankle boots.) Don’t make me turn into the Fug Girls on this but … PANTS, gah! Put on some pants!

More evidence after the jump.

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