Vanity Fair Pits Jackie Versus Michelle (FYI)

Vanity Fair Online has a slideshow up comparing the various looks of First Ladies Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy like they’re the first mag to have this idea. (It’s pretty much a beaten, decapitated horse at this point.) I like the style of both women, so I didn’t vote in their poll at the end (as choosing both wasn’t an option), but the slideshow is worth a look just for the gorgeous pictures of both First Ladies and their families. (Vanity Fair)

10 thoughts on “Vanity Fair Pits Jackie Versus Michelle (FYI)

  1. The photos are gorgeous, but, personally, I get a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach when the press tries to turn the Barack-Michelle White House into Obamalot. Doesn’t anybody remember how the JFK story ends? No thanks!

  2. There’s a distinctive style to each First Lady and I wouldn’t want to compare them.

  3. I wrote Vanity Fair a letter! Shame on them for stooping so low. People love both Jackie and Michelle. The sad thing to me is that most first ladies were such a hot mess! That’s why these two stand out.

  4. Imma need for folks to stop acting like Jackie invented the sheath dress.@ We Shall Overcome…In Couture!She may not have invented it, but she definitely put it on the map.

  5. How silly to keep comapring the two women – they are each of a different era and their attitudes ans style reflect that. Why should one trump the other??

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