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Vanity Fair Pits Jackie Versus Michelle (FYI)

Vanity Fair Online has a slideshow up comparing the various looks of First Ladies Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy like they’re the first mag to have this idea. (It’s pretty much a beaten, decapitated horse at this point.) I like the style of both women, so I didn’t vote in their poll at the end (as choosing both wasn’t an option), but the slideshow is worth a look just for the gorgeous pictures of both First Ladies and their families. (Vanity Fair)


10 thoughts on “Vanity Fair Pits Jackie Versus Michelle (FYI)

  1. Marcella says:

    The photos are gorgeous, but, personally, I get a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach when the press tries to turn the Barack-Michelle White House into Obamalot. Doesn’t anybody remember how the JFK story ends? No thanks!

  2. justathought says:

    I wrote Vanity Fair a letter! Shame on them for stooping so low. People love both Jackie and Michelle. The sad thing to me is that most first ladies were such a hot mess! That’s why these two stand out.

  3. Imma need for folks to stop acting like Jackie invented the sheath dress.@ We Shall Overcome…In Couture!She may not have invented it, but she definitely put it on the map.

  4. Lili says:

    How silly to keep comapring the two women – they are each of a different era and their attitudes ans style reflect that. Why should one trump the other??

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