Hot Topics: Yes, My Sister. The Tattoo Is A Bit Much

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Clutch Magazine tackles the tackiness of Obamamania. NO to the tats and the dildos and the Chia head. Just no.

The Root discovers black hipsters and everyone makes fun of them for it. They call them blipsters, which is mildly horrifying, especially considering black hipsters have existed at least since my mother’s cousin, who named himself “Black Duck,” was the first guy on the plantation to get an earring. You know? Back when that was still considered the gateway earring to male buggery.

Jamie Foxx IS Frank Sinatra! But as a joke … on Gawker. Alas, someone across the pond did not get the memo. But this would be cosmic payback for Al Jolson and Fred Armisen’s ultra craptastic Barack Obama. Oh, yes it would!

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3 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Yes, My Sister. The Tattoo Is A Bit Much

  1. That "change" in the arm is not going to look so hot in about 40 years. Damn Gina why ???? = )

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