Michelle Obama at UC Merced

She came. She saw. She charmed the pants off everyone. Or at least that’s the story the San Francisco Gate is sticking to.

They loved her, she loved them, and in the admiration-fest between Michelle Obama and the graduating class of UC Merced, the first lady of the United States exhorted them to go out and use their newfound skills to help those most in need …

Obama reminded them that, like half of the student body at this 4-year-old campus, she was the first in her family to attend college. And she urged the 500 graduates, who constitute the first class to go from freshman to senior year at UC Merced, to seek jobs where they help disadvantaged children in particular. Help those, she said, “who never go to college … who can’t get a break … who have lost the ability to dream.”

And if not that, she said, find work innovating green technology or doing other things to kick-start the nation’s wobbling economy.

“We are going to need all of you graduates,” Obama said. “Make your legacy a lasting one. Dream big.”

For text of the speech, click here. Video and more pictures after the jump.


4 thoughts on “Michelle Obama at UC Merced

  1. dukedraven says:

    Mrs. Obama is at her best and happiest when she’s inspiring and motivating others. She delivered a strong message.

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