Aisha Tyler: Nowassitall (Video)

I dedicate this song to my Big Sis, Denise, who has the black girl handicap of no ass at all.

And seriously, Lorne. Have you considered calling this woman to play Michelle O. on SNL? I mean. It’s just too obvious! She’s already tall, black and fine (and funny). What is your damage?

15 thoughts on “Aisha Tyler: Nowassitall (Video)

  1. Aisha Tyler would be perfect as Michelle.But you know what the Hollywood machine is like – these are the idiots who cast Angelina Jolie as Daniel Pearls wife. I boycotted that movie, naturally – what an assinine decision; couldn’t they find ONE black actress to play that part?? Even if it ended up going to Halle.So as much as Aisha Tyler has the height, colouring and acting chops I would not be surprised to see Halle Berry in the title role one day. Or an "exotic" looking white actress. Maybe Cameron Diaz with extra lashings of self-tanner.Yep,"they" could do it.

  2. @ Lili, It seemed odd to cast a white woman, Angelina Jolie as a black mixed woman like Marianne Pearl. I really wanted to support that movie because I loved the book but Angelina Jolie as Marianne? There are many a black actress with no work and they go and cast Angelina as a black woman? What am I missing?

  3. Everyone in my family has "no ass at all." They’re flat as an ironing board. I’m the only one who has some semblance of a behind. When I used to go clubbing, women would grab my butt. Hee, hee. TMI.

  4. LOL! loved the vid. I would gladly get rid of my huge butt if i could. Lawd knows i dont need it. After YEARS of hating it, i’ve finally learned to accept the fact that i have ahem a prominent posterior. OF course going to private school and to a mostly white university didnt help the cause 😉

  5. My ass is gigantic. I’d be glad to loan Aisha some (and my Big Sis, for that matter). And the video is from Aisha’s new concert video "Aisha Tyler Is Lit." I’ve always liked Aisha because I could relate so much to her stories, except for the having no ass part. That shit is just funny to me.Did anyone notice she was wearing a T-shirt that said "Oakland Face, LA Booty?" an inverse play on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s dream girl. (Who would have an "LA Face with an Oakland Booty.)Must find and purchase for sister!

  6. I love Aisha but her stand up is just not very funny to me. I think I laughed once during her Comedy Central special.

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