Ty Continues Its Obama Plushy Pimping: Bo the Damn Dog (Hustlenomics)

He’s on his second shipment and he’s more popular than ever!

After unsuccessfully naming two beanie dolls after First Daughters Sasha and Malia then claiming that they only picked those names because they were pretty, Ty is at it again making that Obama cash off a lesser, but just as marketable Obama — Bo, the damn dog (as one of my readers refers to the pup).

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Bo, if you’ve been living under a rock, is the much discussed pet of the girls. A promise kept by the parents for the girls putting up with the rigors of the campaign, Bo had to be specially selected due to the eldest daughter’s allergies to most dogs. Some folks were “SHELTER DOG OR NOTHING” and threw a shit storm, but hey, let’s make the kids’ lives political too! Let’s tell the kids, “No, you already have to share your parents with the world and you live in a bubble and NO, you can’t have the damn dog you want. You must have the damn dog overly politically correct dog people want. Screw you, kids!

Well, now you can own your own bit o’ Bo, the Damn Dog, and take him home to cuddle … you know? If you can actually find the pup as he is selling like crack on the block.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Back in mid-April, the store’s initial shipment of the $4.99 toy Bo sold out within hours, and Oak Park-based manufacturer Ty Inc. gloated. It was the same week when President Obama introduced America to his family’s newest addition.

That Borders store, among the exclusive retailers for the pup, received an April shipment of about 25 about 4 p.m. and was sold out by 9 p.m. with purchases limited to one per customer, managers said.

“It wasn’t even necessary to set up a [display] table,” said employee Dominique Washington.

This time around, there’s also a larger size Ty Bo (apologies to Billy Blanks) and a keychain version of the toy modeled on the Obamas’ Portuguese water dog — and it comes with a couple of friends.

Bo — the name, as it appears on the heart-shaped swing tag, is trademarked — is Ty’s second attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the Obama family.

7 thoughts on “Ty Continues Its Obama Plushy Pimping: Bo the Damn Dog (Hustlenomics)

  1. I’m not even mad at him. He cracks me up. He’s gonna hustle this as long as he can.

  2. I’d buy one if I saw one. Love that dog. I’m a sucker for animals. I printed out a color pic of him on the work color printer and put it up in my cube (yeah, I’m a dork) Too bad the Obama’s can’t get a cut of all the things being sold with their name on it. Shoot, the President’s Great-Great-Grand Children would be set for life.

  3. The resilience, hmmmm. What’s next? Champ the pup. Maybe this will give Uncle Joe some validation after all Uncle Joe claims Champ is smarter than Bo. In all fairness to the VP, he may have a point. I’ve had a German Shepherd before and that breed is very sharp but my dog didnt have the influence of the Prez, LOL. But I have to wonder if Uncle Joe felt slighted by the Prez’s roasting the other evening.

  4. Forgot to add that I’ll be getting a couple, actually a few. Hustlenomics has reached my door and I’m a sucker for beanie babies.

  5. Bo is so cute. He looks like a handful. Not sure the doll captures the dog beyond black & curly but (yawing) whatevs. Add Ty to the list of corporate hustlers from Pepsi Co. to the NY chicken shacks.

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