Michelle Loves the Kids

Yes. It is Michelle Obama hugging children (third graders to be exact) while looking flawless. And I know it is your drug of choice. Imagine yourself as that little girl who has buried her face into the First Lady’s stomach. Yes. Try not to cry at work, you softies! You know that kid needed that hug. We’ve all been that kid once in our lives and we might even be that kid right now.

But no crying into your Michelle Obama High Grade Photo Cocaine at work!

Seriously though? Heart is all kinds of crush on that little kid. I would have held on for dear life too!

More pictures after the jump.

For more pictures, check Day Life.

15 thoughts on “Michelle Loves the Kids

  1. I could just imagine what was going on in those children minds. When I was little I thought I’d never see the day at least any time soon of a Black President let alone a Black First Lady. But lucky for me I got to witness it at the age of 30 I only wish other family members had lived to see this day.

  2. Anybody else look at the rest of the pics? Even teacher lady looks like she’s about to cry.

  3. I’m loving the polka dot dress…can we get a fashion break down on that one…because if that’s J Crew I am ordering it today…the kids are adorable.

  4. I hope these kids will be forever inspired and not one of those 24 hour feel good moments

  5. @politicallyincorrect I agree, because she goes out her way to poor minority schools weather she is in America or London to try to inspire them. Michelle wants to inspire black kids to do better and I hope they realize they are soooo lucky to meat her. Now if I can meet her and my "boyfriend" Reggie Love I would be the happiest woman on the planet.

  6. Look at the baby in the front smiling he lil life away!!! So Precious!! And yes D please don’t put too many of these types of pics up I definitely am a softy. I can’t handle this type of stuff while at the office!!!!!HAH! Thank you!

  7. More crack for us, Snob?LOLI love these pics. And, those adorable angels. The teacher looked psyched too. Keep it coming.

  8. Umm, can I say yuck, Danielle?Much as I adore and admire the FL, I sure as heck do not want to bury my face in her belly. Meet her? Check. Hug her? Also Check. Steal her wardrobe? All kinds of check.But the face in the belly thingie. Me no like imagery invoked here at all.:-)Keep the Michelle crack comin’..

  9. The other night, I had a dream where I was little girl, and Michelle Obama came to my school, and at first I was afraid to come near, but I saw it ok so I first wrapped my arms around her and when I felt her stomach and it was soft and squishy, and I thought to myself. "She’s human" and then I buried my head into her. I didn’t get the dream until I saw this picture. And of course tears came to my eyes…

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