FauxBamas: Politico On The Men Who Would Be Fake Presidents (Hustlenomics)

Are you a tall, slender, light complexioned black man with slightly protruding ears and good facial bone structure? Need to make some quick recession cash. Politico points out that being a Fake Obama can be lucrative if you play your cards right. (But watch out for the groupies … for realz.)

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From Politico:

Casting agencies say it’s often a year into a president’s first term before impersonators begin seeing solid business. But once they do, many can make good money doing it, some even keeping it as a full-time job, commanding thousands of dollars to appear in commercials, at parties and at speaking engagements.

At least one top George W. Bush impersonator was known to command as much as $25,000 per event.

But it’s not all smiling faces and cash money. Some of it is getting assaulted by strange women (and men) and having to roll around incognito.

(Obama impersonator Larry Graves) says he has nearly been physically assaulted on several occasions by both men and women.

Another Obama impersonator, Ashley Llorens of Baltimore, refuses to perform at events aimed at mocking the president. Safety is one reason.

“That was my main concern when I started out. I also don’t want to make fun of Obama, because I have a lot of respect for him,” Llorens says. “I’m used to getting attention on my own merit. But when I play Obama, there’s this feeling of, ‘Wow, I didn’t really earn this.’”

Adults will often stop Graves to make policy pushes, argue political points or critique his first 100 days in office.

And then there are all the over eager lady folks. Those desperate, freaky, crazy lady folks.

Women regularly throw themselves at his feet, even though he’s in a committed relationship.

“They know I’m not him, but I’m close enough,” Graves says softly. “Their desires, their fantasies, come out because they’ll never get this close to Obama.”

Sometimes, it’s too much. If you look like Obama, you always look like Obama, even when you want to be yourself. When he wants to be left alone, Graves hides under baseball hats and sweats and tries not to make eye contact.

And with that, I bet the real Obama impersonation money is in porn, but I digress …

Poor baby! It’s hard out there for a FauxBama! Just wait until the papers come in. If you’re good at faking it, it’ll all be worth it and you can take your NotBarack face to the bank.

6 thoughts on “FauxBamas: Politico On The Men Who Would Be Fake Presidents (Hustlenomics)

  1. Not offense but a lot of biracial people look alike, but an Obama twin is hard to find. I nominate that rapper Drake from Degrassi.

  2. Even if you bear the faintest resemblance to someone famous, certain segments in society will point this out

  3. That is crazy money to make by sitting your ass down for an hour & maybe venturing into a voice impersonation once in a while.@ politicallyincorrect : FYI writing "no offense" does nothing to dampen the offensiveness and ignorance of your remark. That’s just a pretty stupid thing to say, really.

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