Damn You, Shonda! (Guest Blogger)

As ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy wraps its season Grey’s lovers, haters and love-to-haters wonder where in the hell did the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes go wrong.

By Adeshola Blue

Dear Shonda,

Let me preface this by saying, “I believe you are a phenomenal talent, and I admire your skill.” However, you are only as good as your last performance and you, my dear, are severely slacking. You created one of the most compelling dramas on television, and you have started to truly ruin it. Grey’s was your baby. You put your heart and soul into it, and it showed.

How did you turn the show that I loved into the show that I now love to hate?

Where did it all go so wrong?

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Exhibit A: You fired Isaiah Washington. It was bad enough you couldn’t decide what to do when the gay slur-filled controversy that was Isaiahgate went down. So you dragged it out for weeks and weeks, talking out of both sides of your neck, saying you wanted to keep Isaiah on the show while also wanting to placate the other side who wanted him fired. After repeatedly saying his character Burke had a shot at staying and after watching Isaiah do the dance of homophobia rehab, apologizing to God, man, every gay person and their pet, having him do an anti-homophobia PSA for GLAAD and you STILL fired him at the end of the season.

I felt like you sacrificed Washington so that you wouldn’t have to fall on the sword…. I don’t condone it but I understand. Grey’s was your baby and you had to protect your child at all costs. I was even willing to give you a pass on Isaiahgate because you had the number one drama on tv, you were a black woman, and I felt you had the talent to get beyond the loss of a pivotal member of your ensemble cast leaving and continue to right good material. Damn, I was wrong.

No matter how you feel about Washington personally, the character of Burke was one of the few half-ass adult characters on the show. With him gone George continued to falter and make less and less sense, McDreamy no longer had a tether to keep his giant head of hair tied to earth and poor Cristina Yang had to spend a season in the wilderness with virtually no storylines.

Exhibit B: The George Izzie Callie Love Triangle. No offense to George, but even before he was outed, I had no desire to see him in a sex scene … None. Then you take him out of a relationship that may have worked, and had him sneak around and cheat on Callie with Izzie, a chick he had a super creepy “sister” vibe with. Talk about a jump the shark moment. Never mind you never had him resolve his daddy death issues … or why the women of Seattle Grace would want to bone his boring ass in the first place.

Exhibit C: The Neverending Gay Girl Storyline. George is “forced” to come out in real life, but “Callie,” a once promising character with good medical storylines, has to be magically gay and have a revolving door of lesbian love affairs, evidence that the writers didn’t have a clue as to what they were doing. The whole thing was spastic to her hooking up with the Dr. Burke replacement, Dr. Hahn, then once you start to get used to Dr. Hahn, boom she is gone, heading out to the Parking Lot of No Return. Then Callie has to whine and moan about her gay love affairs to Mark Sloan, the one character she did have actual sexual chemistry with (the big Latina girl can’t get no love, eh?), then you spend several episodes of her stealing annoying and unnecessary glances with yet another female character played by Melissa George that ends in nothingness. 

Finally you introduce Arizona, a much more likable and “normal” Lesbian, but because Callie doesn’t have enough issues that have nothing to do with medicine, she is abruptly cut off and cut out from her family because of said gay relationship.

Um. No.

I don’t want to see this at all. It is not that interesting, and it takes a once strong female character and turns her into a whiny whimpering shell of her former self. And the real question is this, “Why couldn’t one of the guys be gay?” Brothers and Sisters has gay men on their show. Why couldn’t George come out on the show instead of the whole stud muffin thing, George with the Unicorn Magic Penis thing? Wouldn’t that have been more compelling? He could have gotten the Emmy he felt he deserved (heavy sarcasm), despite the whole middling acting thing and the bad writing thing and the whole “he magically became unlikable” post-Isaiahgate for reasons only the writers understand.

Exhibit D: The Godawful Dead Lover storyline. PEOPLE HAVING SEX WITH DEAD PEOPLE! Really? You wasted my time this season with non-stop Izzie getting freaky with her dead fiance? Wha? Why? The Hell? Not only do you jump the shark, you humped a dead shark over and over until I was convinced you and said dead shark were going to have a litter of dead shark babies. It’s insulting to your viewer’s intelligence how much you focus on the relationships and not enough on the actual interesting part of the show.

You know? You remember? THE MEDICINE! Remember the competition and the rigour of becoming a surgeon? (Pssst! Watch season’s one and two.) Not only are the relationships silly, simple and annoying, the writing has gotten too predictable. I hate watching the show and knowing what is going to happen without ever having to read a spoiler or watching the rest of the episode. Your writing is border line bad soap opera. This foolishness must stop. (Oh yea, and fire some of those interns already. Use ’em or lose them. They’re all the stupidity of the original crew with none of the talents, looks or charisma.)

Exhibit E: Have you seen my testicles? You have single-handedly made every man on this show a eunuch. McDreamy is a wimpy crybaby that can’t allow a woman who is approximately 10 years his junior to get over her Daddy/mommy relationship issues. So he throws a tantrum and can’t seem to figure out how to be a big boy about these things when she needs time, or space, or for him to be reasonable. He then when gets what he wants, but can’t cope with his professional issues. After having patients die, which I could of swore came with the job description, he quits. And instead of handling this problem like an adult, he takes his mother’s wedding ring, a family heirloom that looks to be worth more than my teaching salary this year, and hits it with a baseball bat into the wilderness in front of his fiance? And this makes sense how?

The chief turns into a whiny baby when Bailey decides that she doesn’t want to take his place and she has to call his wife on him to get him to behave. Then McSteamy is running around, sneaking and hiding because he doesn’t want his friend McDreamy to know he’s banging the most banal character on the show, Lexie “Little Grey” Grey, Meredith’s sister. And now you expect me to believe that this irresponsibility isn’t going to have a negative effect on the continuity of care with the patients? You do remember the patients and the fact that this show is a medical drama about surgeons? Can we get a man with some balls next season? Someone with cajones of steel needs to help balance out all of the estrogen on the show. No more wimpy, whiny men. Men can be complex, strong, and understanding without being infantile.

Exhibit F: That Aborted Fetus of a Show, Private Practice. Now that I think about it, things started going badly when you started that damn spin off. You take the one strong, independent, kick ass white woman on the show, Addison, and you give her a spin off. Fine. Whatever. But then you cast Taye Diggs in said spin off. Talk about hiring the kiss of death. The man has already killed two TV shows at this point. Why must you people keep hiring Taye? Is he the only white-friendly black man in television? What did you guys think when you cast him? Is he the anti-Isaiah?

You know we had one dark-skinned black guy, let’s get another one, but let’s make him as non-threatening as possible in a chocolate Will Smith kind of way. I know who we can get! Taye! He’s available.”

Then you had this whole crappy fertility clinic idea. Too bad no one likes the characters or the story lines. Not to mention the camera work was a little too glossy for me. I have spent plenty of time at the OB/GYN’s clinic, and it ain’t neva looked like a day spa. But I digress. The writing on that show is bad, and your baby Grey’s began to suffer. Then you had the bright idea of doing crossover episodes. The next time you decide to do the whole crossover episode thing … don’t. The beauty of Grey’s was that we got to know and like the characters. With Private Practice, the character development was lacking. You assumed that we would automatically like the people at the new clinic because they were Addison’s friends, but lazy writing + bad assumptions = show I will not watch. Don’t try to make me like a character. Let me see them develop and maybe I will like them.

The one character I did like you turned him into a jerk this season. He was playing the overprotective father and all around ass this year. Way to mess up the one light and airy, likable character on the show. And why oh why must you make Addison the perpetual homewrecker? All her strengths on Grey’s were boiled down and she became a mushy, boy crazy, hot mess and there’s poor Audra MacDonald in the middle of that hot mess and I’m just … why?

I understand that your shows are your babies, but you are not doing a good job with this motherhood thing. Your oldest child is being neglected, and your baby Private Practice is currently on life support. For the love of God, don’t have anymore children at this time. Oh wait. I hear you are going to have a new baby soon. “Inside the box,” a show staring Kim Raver and Jason George and some other random ass folks about journalism. 

Look here woman, three children ain’t gonna cut it for ya. You can’t handle the two you have. Choose today woman, whom will you serve? Are you going to rededicate your life to Grey’s or continue to spread yourself too damn thin?

For the love of all that is good in television. Fix this foolishness.



Depressed Grey’s fan

P.S. All said and done, *sigh* I will be watching the finale. If you go ahead and send George away to the Parking Lot of No Return and kill off Izzie. I may be able to stomach another season.

P.P.S. If you bring Isaiah back and/or hire Jill Marie Jones as the future chief of the hospital (or Jill being hired for any part at the hospital) all will be forgiven. We need another strong black woman on the show, and it would be nice if she were not a nurturer. Bailey is nurturing. Jill doesn’t have to be. Can you bring on the black Alpha diva female already? I saw a little of that with Kimberly Elise, but I truly believe that Jill can bring it.


Adeshola Blue writes the blog Random Thoughts About Pressing Mess and watches all the horrible shows with your favorite black actors and actresses in them so you don’t have to.

39 thoughts on “Damn You, Shonda! (Guest Blogger)

  1. I must agree with you. I didn’t really get into grey’s anatomy until after they kicked off Isaiah Washington so I don’t really have an opinion on how the show is without him. But the whole storyline about Izzie and her dead boyfriend and Callie being gay is just ridiculous!!!I will admit that I like Private Practice even though this season was a little weird. All in all I will continue to watch both!!!

  2. Mark my words, if they hire Jill Marie Jones for the show, I WILL begin watching the show again.

  3. Thank you, Adeshola! This is beyond genius. Issiah-gate broke this girl’s heart. Because not only did it kick Burke into the abyss in the most contrived way possible, but it also dragged the incredible Sandra Oh — and their electric chemistry — down with him. It was awful. They never recovered and, if I may be so bold, they jumped that shark at that exact moment. It was like Daphne and Niles getting together, George Clooney leaving, and Aaron Sorkin leaving the West Wing all rolled into one Huge Mistake.

  4. It went downhill for me with the Callie/George/Izzie love crapangle. I REALLY started to loathe the Izze character at that point.

  5. I Categorically disagree. All the points you made here were no doubt mistakes shortfalls and missteps…..but with Grey’s the good DEFINITELY outweighs the bad. McDreamy/Meredeth are beautiful together, Christina/Owen are growing on me nowhere near Burke Yang awesomeness but hey …..Bailey is still kicking ass and taking names Chirstina…….ditto. I feel that as horrendous as that period with izzie george and callie was….she has more then made up for it in what came afterward. I thought the season finale was compelling and took me thru a rollercoaster of emotions.I don’t know a person alive who doesn’t think letting Isaiah go tremendously hurt the show. But at the same time, he uttered an extremely hurtful slur, then didnt have the common sense to shut up about it at a nationally televised awards show and LIED saying he never said it he may as well have forced Shonda to fire him. His behavior was absolutely ridiculous. That being said, he is a BRILLIANT actor who truly added a regal sophistication, a refined intelligence and innate maturity that was unmatched by anyone on the cast and there is a void there that has never *ever* been able to be filled to this day. Rumors are swirling that T.R. Knight’s character will really die off…….so who knows, maybe that means that Isaiah my have an opening to possibly be asked to return….. if that ever happened, the vast majority of fans would be elated, ratings would go thru the roof and I think enough time has passed that Shonda should entertain the idea again. We all know she has a penchant for surprises and the dramatic, I hope she gives it some serious thought.At the end of the day, Grey’s Anatomy is the first show ever to make me cry, laugh, and scream in shock on a weekly basis. I’m happy with the show and I feel Shonda’s still got it.

  6. I stopped watching once they broke up Callie and George. Isiah-gate : on spot on that. Private Practice? It sucked pretty much from episode 1

  7. I think my big frustration with Shonda–moreso even than the writing–is that it’s never been clear to me that she’s in charge of her own show. She’s the driving force behind two of ABC’s most successful programs and, at the show’s most pivotal moments, it’s not clear that she’s the one making the decisions. You can see fingerprints of ABC executives on everything from Isaiah Washington’s firing to Melissa George’s character (or whatever THAT was) to Katie Heigl’s continued presence on the show…but it’s most apparent with the departure of Brooke Smith. Here’s what Brooke said to EW’s Michael Ausiello

    Who broke the news to you?Shonda.I’m hearing that this wasn’t her decision, but rather ABC’s.You know, I have to tell you, I got that feeling. I don’t know for sure, but it definitely seemed like [Shonda’s] hands were tied. That was just my gut.Did she seem upset?She did seem upset. I wasn’t having a very good week that week. I was like, "Oh, God, what is it with this business?!" And she said, "No, no, no. You are such a great actress. We love you." It seemed like some decision came down from above. It didn’t feel like it was her.

    What. The. Hell. If I might add a postscript to your letter to Shonda, I’d say: Get some backbone girl. Grey’s Anatomy is your baby, why are you letting other people tell you how to parent it? Tell…uh, whoever…to stay out of your business or you’ll find another network to showcase your creativity. —Two quick notes, though: 1. You think that the inclusion of gay men on Brothers & Sisters is a reason to tell that story on Grey’s, but I think that’s a good reason to avoid it. That story’s being told (and, up until recently, I’d say it was being told well) and there was nothing to be gained by Shonda tackling it. In developing a lesbian/bisexual character, Shonda had the field to herself–there’s no other storyline like this on broadcast television. As for whether it should have been Sara Ramirez’s character, I’m inclined agree with you–I would’ve liked to see them develop Mark and Callie’s relationship as they have such great chemistry–but maybe they thought Sandra Oh would’ve been too stereotypical (think Kerry Weaver from ER). Whatever the case, they’ve screwed this storyline up so much, I don’t even care anymore. 2. Whenever I see Taye Diggs now, I hear Wilhelmina Slater in my head saying, "What is it with white people and Taye Diggs?" I hate Private Practice–mainly because they’ve reduced strong women to whatever the female equivalent of eunuchs is. What happened to fiery Addison from Seattle Grace? Did Shonda watch Judging Amy? How could she do this to Amy Brenneman? Sigh.

  8. I so agree with Adeshola Blue. Ever since Mr Washington was uncermoniously fired from Grays I went from being a drooling fan to a disinterested occasional viewer. With the increasingly unreal and silly storylines I have stopped watching altogether. Though I think Bailey and Callie Torres rock. Thank you for your astute description of little grey. Banal is a perfect fit.

  9. Damn, I agree with everyone…except on the gay thing. It seems that when you take on a serious subject like interracial romance or gay romance, you should treat it with the respect necessary and choose substance over style.I also underscore the point that Isiah’s Dr. Burke was the heart and soul of the show. His character was full of endless possibilities. It was QUITE refreshing to have a STRONG BLACK MAN, with REASONABLE FLAWS, as a central character on a prome-time show. His parents, his drive, his relationship with Yang were the background glue of the show that deserved a better fate than ending as "just another brother running out on a woman". Shondra seems to have made his departure as "ugly" as possible to placate….ABC execs? Gay America? MSM? Access Hollywood? Whom?To be honest, I stopped watching the Grey’s when Isiah was fired. Taye is playing a weakling on PP. Seriously, who would want to work in close quarters with their EX? What BROTHER would really have any empathy for his EX if she was porking a male receptionist, at their place of business? Yeah, equality among the sexes is fair play, but, making Taye’s character a PUNK adds no value to the show, IMHO.. except, I guess among those in their target audience, which obviously ain’t me.Both of these shows have turned into "suburban white female audience" bait. I can’t deal with racist propaganda and stereotypes dressed up as "progressive" TV. Oh, and for the record, I stopped watching LOST when ALL the black folks were killed off. SERIOUSLY, WTF happened to WALT?Jus Sayin,Domino49

  10. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you wrote. Everything I’ve ever thought about G.A…and the other one, all wrapped up. Except that Exhibit A was enough for me, that’s why I stopped watching…no actually REFUSED to watch…once Isaiah was gone and as long as Izzy and George were still on the show. All the rest that you wrote only confirmed that I made the right decision and haven’t missed a dang thing!

  11. First thought : Seriously, who still watches Grey’s Anatomy?! My interest died with Denny & Burke cliffhanger. Christina & Burke were the most interesting tortured intellectual love thang on TV. The could’ve eclipsed Ross/Rachel. I knew before the decision that Isaiah was history. I was so over Grey/Mc/Addison. I hung around for the next season in a show of sista support. Best thing about the cliffhanger was bringing in Diahann Caroll.Shonda – I tried to hang in there with you -really I did. Now that I’ve read this post, I can’t say I missed much. Those plot developments are ridiculous. and I honestly DID NOT realize Private Practice was still on the air. Taye Diggs the serial series killer, IKR!

  12. ROFL…I have never been into Grey’s Anatomy but put Jill Marie Jones on there and I’m in!

  13. I agree with most, but not all, of what was shared here. I actually do watch Private Practice and feel like the show has gotten better (I am apparently one of the few who does NOT like Audra MacDonald, at all). I don’t understand how Callie became magically gay. I LOVED her with McSteamy and feel like they missed something there. I still love Cristina and Bailey (my two favorite characters). But the writing team definitely destroyed a lot of what was fantastic about the show. With that said, the finale rocked my world. As someone who reads spoilers pretty frequently, it’s hard to really blow my mind and surprised me. And Grey’s managed to do that last night. I mean ROCKED. MY. WORLD. And it hasn’t done that in a looooong time. The last five minutes alone was worth watching the two hour finale, was almost worth suffering through a lot of the bad episodes this season.And there’s my two cents.

  14. I stuck with Shonda after Isaiah-gate, I was willing to give her a second chance. But I couldn’t take it any more after the George and Izzie affair, that was just plain ridiculous. George wasn’t even in the d*ck-in-a-glass-case friend zone, he was in the no-matter-how-desperate-I-get-we-will-only-ever-be-friends zone. So HOW and more importantly WHY would Izzie ever be sexually attracted to him. There was nothing even remotely sexy about George, not even for Callie, so how is anybody supposed to believe he was all of the sudden getting multiple women? Like I said, just plain ridiculous.

  15. I used to LOOOOVE Grey’s Anatomy. It used to move me to tears regularly and I loved it for that. For me it wasn’t so much Dr. Burke’s departure as what that left us with to focus on. It left Yang, a great character, blowing in the breeze and the while it was hard enough for me to stomach Callie and George, George and Izzie was a step too far. Also, they used to have really interesting medical cases and that all got shoved aside for the annoying soap opera aspect. I haven’t watched a single episode of Grey’s this year, though now that Izzie and George have apparently bought the farm (yippeee!), I might start watching again.

  16. Where did they go wrong? When they let Isaiah Washington go and kept that weasly lying PAB T.R. Knight. Schadenfreude baby!!

  17. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. I stopped watching Grey’s once the Callie/George/Izzie love triangle started. George? Really. Zero sex appeal and Izzie was simply annoying to watch. And, while I disagree with what Isaiah Washington said/did to get himself fired, the show lost a lot with the departure of his character.I’m all for putting Jill Marie Jones back on TV. Maybe she can breathe some life into the show and I’d start watching again. Oh wait, they’d have to kill off Meredith first. I know she’s the title character, but sourpuss face irks me to no end.

  18. I stopped watching a while ago. If you want to watch a smart medical drama House is a better choice. House also handled the dead person/hallcinations story a lot better. Grey’s jumped the shark when George and Izzie hooked up.

  19. I have to say, I wondered if Shonda wasn’t exacting a little payback by having George literally thrown under the bus. I never really watched it, but I tuned in during the Isaiah issue to see how it would be handled. Too many fangirls and fanboys were too happy to see him go, it seemed, so they could have a hospital-based version of "Friends". KH is pretty unappealing offscreen, and it sucks that her looks will probably let her keep this gig as long as she wants despite her big mouth. I checked out the finale just to see how they’d handle George and Izzie’s storylines, and it was as much a copout as I would expect. No commitment to a definite ending, just a big manipulative teaser to make damn sure they get people to tune in next season. Color me surprised if Shonda summons the chutzpah to kill them BOTH off.

  20. I think it’s GREAT that Isaiah Washington got fired. He’s the archetype of what’s wrong with homophobia in the black community, namely among black men. I’m glad that black men around the world saw that there are REAL repercussions for using homophobic slurs and for acting like asshats on set in Hollywood. Isaiah had the opportunity to be a role model for young black men and he blew it. Other than that, I largely agree with what is said here. Shonda is a danger to her own shows, and they should bring on some sane writers to back her up. She was given an awesome opportunity with the GA/PP crossover early this season, and she blew it. I’m glad that Yang and Meredith are experiencing positive character growth, but this whole Izzie storyline is clearly in an effort to placate Katherine Heigl, because she’s a big box office draw, and she got all indignant and withdrew her name from the Emmy runnings because she decided the material she was given wasn’t up to snuff. Shonda and ABC totally fed her ego with this whole cancer storyline, and you know she’s gonna live, as is George. I think George was mishandled after Burke was written off, and I don’t like that they brought Izzie between him and Callie, although I am fine with the fact that they broke them up, because George wasn’t in the right mindset to make decisions when he got married in the first place, so the relationship was doomed from the start. I actually quit watching Private Practice, because Tim Daly, Kate Walsh, and Chris Lowell deserve better material. I’m tired of Addison wrecking other people’s relationships and sabotaging her own. Her character’s growth is stunted thanks to Shonda. Recently Shonda also messed up Dell by making him a broody asshat, and Pete because he deserves better than Violet. I don’t get why people like Taye Diggs at all. He’s charming and handsome, but it just seems like he’s always playing the same character (himself), like a black Tony Danza. The rest of the cast doesn’t even register on my radar. I don’t know if I’ll keep GA on my DVR next season.

  21. I have never watched Grey’s…but if they hire Jill Marie I’ll be the biggest fan they ever saw….I’ll even watch the previous two or three or four…whatever seasons so I’ll know who is McDreamy, McSteamy and Mc MiniMe….. Just put Jill back on!!!!!!

  22. I’m still a devoted watcher of Grey’s. Although I was supremely pissed by Izzie having sex with Denny and how super long it wore on, I thought the finale was awesome and the season overall was okay. I also like Christina and Hunt together. Christina is just awesome. I’ll keep watching.

  23. Oh, the other thing that bothered me is that they never officially wrapped up George and Izzie’s affair (at least as far as I know). It just ended when his marriage ended, what was the point?! So, I’ll reiterate, as frustrating as the writing has been this season, I’ll be tuning in next year.

  24. Grey’s anatomy was is and will always be my favourite but without Isaiah, it’s never gonna be the same. You created one of the most compelling dramas on television!!

  25. I stopped watching the Grey’s when Isiah was fired. Taye is playing a weakling on PP. Seriously, who would want to work in close quarters with their EX? What BROTHER would really have any empathy for his EX if she was porking a male receptionist, at their place of business? Yeah, equality among the sexes is fair play, but, making Taye’s character a PUNK adds no value to the show, IMHO.. except, I guess among those in their target audience, which obviously ain’t me.

  26. I kinda agree with a lot this.All but Private Private Practice though. It’s actually a great show!

  27. In this day and age of Michelle Obama and her beautiful daughters, who needs a Shonda Rhimes? Producer Shonda Rhimes and her evil minions (producers Jenna Banns, Betsy Beers) at ABC either refuse to portray Black women on their shows in the TV lineup – consistently eliminating them from roles, as in “Off the Map” – or continue to stereotype Black women as (arguably) successful, but dysfunctional with sterile roles, as in Grey’s Anatomy and, to a degree, Private Practice. And although, yes, Ms. Rhimes is a Black woman, the typical pattern for her shows is to 1. systematically and completely exclude Black women, or2. In the rare cases where Black women are portrayed, cast them as less-desirable than their non-Black counterparts (i.e. out-of-shape, harsh, mean, emotionally barren – feel free to pick your stereotype as Shonda Rhimes and her crew uses them all), unable to be involved in healthy relationships with any man, and definitely not a Black man. At best, Ms. Rhimes and her crew may cast a Black woman as the “best friend” to a white or non-black cast member, as if that is some special compliment. At her worst, Black women are portrayed as “the b*tches” she wants America to believe them to be, stark and humorless. Let’s hope that her upcoming movie based on “B*tch is the New Black” gets canned before production.Black women of all shades look great, and are romantic, and sexy. And with so many struggling Black actresses looking for parts, I know she can find some beauties that fit the bill of smart, beautiful, friendly, and can play the "hot" roles, all rolled into one. Who needs to support a Black woman who routinely eliminates us from the shows she produces, and thinks that the only time we’re worthy of portrayal is as b*tches? Who thinks that Black women, and Black women alone, are not worthy of portrayal in romantic relationships? Who thinks that an equally attractive Black woman should not be cast among equally attractive co-stars? Who is OK with producing a movie casting Black women with the gumption, discipline, and standards to become highly educated professionals, as b*tches? Obviously, in her self-hating mind, Black women are not of “the beautiful people”, thus we deserve to be marginalized, eliminated or maligned and scorned. Do we want our daughters and the next generation of Black girls growing up believing that they are not as beautiful as anyone else? That the best they are is a b*tch? That they are less kind, intelligent, and sexy than other women on this planet? That they cannot be human and have days like everyone else when they are angry or frustrated or even feeling mean without being cast as a “B*tch”? That they have to trade in their standards and success for fear of being denigrated? I think NOT.So who needs a Shonda Rhimes? If this is the best she can do to portray Black women, then we certainly do not.Do we want Black women and girls believing that they can toil away to produce original material for a network only to then be completely written out of the script? That they should support a network that really wants to see them disappear? Who wants to benefit off of the media power of a Black woman, but not give the legions of young, beautiful Black actresses a chance to work and prove themselves? Who wants to keep up the status quo in popular programming of either eliminating Black woman characters or stereotyping then in unflattering portrayals? That tells our young Black girls that they are less than others? That they are mean, etc?Again, I think NOT. If producers and the media want to eliminate Black actresses, or portray Black women and girls negatively, it’s time that we use our combined voices to eliminate them. Don’t support anyone or any entity that will not support you.Send a clear message to Shonda Rhimes, Jenna Banns, Betsy Beers and the ABC network that you will not watch their shows or support any of their productions.Contact ABC: ABC, Inc. 500 S. Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521-4551(818) 460-7477 (standard connection fees apply)Online Submission Form for ABC:http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us

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