Hot Topics: Boldy Going Where No Topic Has Gone Before

Get your topic on! Here are some choice entries on the Black Snob discussion board:

Star Trek versus X-Men Origins: Is anyone even writing about “Origins (on my board)?” Is that because “Origins” blew (me no likey) and Star Trek was sexy as hell? Who else was delighted to learn Spock had some steez? As a Trekkie and Spock lover … I WAS!!! Discuss here!

Where’s the love for interracial love? Snob reader Nagrom is wondering why all the spincter tightening over the new Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog” because the film’s prince is not black (he’s biracial). She wonders why black women are still so turned off by the prospect of interracial romance and can’t just see it as part of the larger dating picture? Is she crazy? Are you crazy? Discuss!

Did you know that Bill Mann at Huffington Post thinks TJ Holmes is an idiot? I know! How dare he diss the sexy? My goodness. Does hotness count for nothing anymore? And he has the gall to lump him in with the Riggle Sanchez. THE RIGGLE SANCHEZ, people! Click here to be outraged!

Meghan McCain plays Captain-Save-A-Party: Is former presidential candidate John McCain’s bubbly, personable, but not necessarily super genius daughter the face of the GOP’s anti-abortion but cool with the gays future? Or is she just another Republican trust fund baby, as one reader wrote? Personally, the party could do worse. And presently … is. Go Meghan. Kick some ass. Click here for more.

Playboy Goes to Africa (kinda) and picks a juggsy Tanzanian who doesn’t look a durn thing like a Sub-Saharan African to be their Playmate of the year. Why do I care? Must all playmates, even the black African ones, look like they came off the Pamela Anderson knock-off turnip truck? Is that what’s hot in the streets, Playboy? Discuss.

Slate’s Double X calls the bloggers at Jezebel a bunch of contradictory, drunken spazzes … and they’re probably right. Poor spazzes! Read here for more.

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One thought on “Hot Topics: Boldy Going Where No Topic Has Gone Before

  1. I think Lt. Ahura displayed subtle signs of affection for Spock in the original series, at least in my mind. In one famous episode, she and Spoke shared the first interracial (and interspecies) kiss on a TV show, which they never actually showed on camera. Most black people, including me, were very disappointed by it.

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