Harold Ford, Jr.: Torture Supporter (Oh, Harold!)

Former congressman, failed Tennessee senate candidate and giant pretty boy Harold Ford, Jr. (who The Snob enjoys playfully mocking) said he would have voted for torturing terrorism suspects after 9/11 on MSNBC’s Hardball which caused me to breathe out one of my patented “Oh, HAROLD!” sighs.

According to former Democratic representative Harold Ford, who now makes his living as a “centrist” pundit, maybe torture’s not so bad. Here he is yesterday on MSBNC’s Hardball: “I think if you ask the majority of Americans if they were opposed to the water boarding of some of these high-level terrorists or those who orchestrated terrorist attacks, I think you would be hard-pressed to find many Americans, many Democrats even, who would be that outraged by it.”

(Reality check: Recent polls show that, even in the absurd ticking time-bomb scenario, the public is at best evenly split on the issue. And I assure you many of us are more than outraged.)

From: White House Watch blog (The Washington Post)

I like how even though he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell over ever holding office in Tennessee again (he’s currently over the Democratic Leadership Council), he still holding onto his Blue Dog/Red State bona fides.

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I’m someone who thinks torture is counter productive and pointless, as anyone will say anything with their nuts in a vice, or if they’re being drowned. Actionable intelligence my ass. I’m just going to call BS on that one. How would we even know the truth from lies in that situation? Them fools could tell us anything, just like the infamous Iraqi informant “Curveball,” who fed us and the Germans all sorts of bogus info and we didn’t even have to lay a finger on him.

I mean, unless our goal is to be “Liberty for us and fuck everyone else.” If so, can we just replace “In God We Trust” with that sage observation on the money.

Thankfully, my fair Tweety, Chris Matthews, was there to dismiss Ford’s statements as nutbar “Cheney Talk.”

Thank you, Tweets. You’re a doll.

Willard “Mitt” RomneyIn other news: Michael Steele did something that crossed the line. He insulted MY FAIR MITTENS! No one puts Mittens in a corner, Steele! You take that the base had “issues with his Mormonism” and his commitment to abortions rights comments back! At least Mitt knows he’s a whore. You’re like the drunk coed who just GIVES it away. And I could have swore Uncle Mike is on waaaa-aaay thinner ice with the abortion people than Mr. I’m-Pro-Choice-When-I’m-In-Massachusetts-And-Pro-Life-When-I’m-Not-Because-I-Am-A-Robot Romney.

As long-time readers know, I love Mittens. I love his insincerity and how he comes off like a used car salesman or a deranged, evil Ned Flanders. It makes me want to root for him all that more harder. Michael Steele, while comedy gold, is kind of meh. I mean, attacking the Mitt man — who strangely has become the lesser of a roomful of evils as the party tries to figure out where to go from here — seems counter-productive. You’re the RNC chairman. Aren’t you supposed to be working WITH the Mitt man to go out and make another Republican? Where’s the love?

Anyway, this probably doesn’t matter as Uncle Mike has no balls and Mittens should EASILY be able to punk his ass into an apology, adding another name to the wall of people who happily recite the lyrics “Punks jump up to get beat down” every time the Mike Man walks past.

So far the list includes: Wanda Sykes, POTUS, DL Hughley, the dudes who punked him into giving up power over the finances at the RNC and Rush Limbaugh.

Please let me know if I forgot someone who may or may not be presently carrying around Steele’s not-so-steel balls in a jar.

6 thoughts on “Harold Ford, Jr.: Torture Supporter (Oh, Harold!)

  1. i agree with ford. torture should be the last resort, but it should be a resort nonetheless.

  2. Actually the phrase is "Call me, Harold." Do that in front of him and watch him turn blue. -TN Dem

  3. The funny thing about this whole torture business is that many Democrats backed (Ford is being honest) it originally, and now they want to express outrage. BTW, Ford comes across as a modest fellow, who doesn’t mug the camera.

  4. Torture may be necessary. Personally, I want to be protected. Last resort, always, but we will never take it off the table.

  5. Steele is a complete joke. Has he even been doing anything of worth for the GOP? Every time I hear about him he’s either posturing in front of the camera, apologizing, or getting mocked for his dumb behavior. I had high hopes for him in the beginning, but now…

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