Day: May 13, 2009

The White House hosted a gaggle of spoken word poets for a celebration of the art form Tuesday. It was yet another “hipper than thou” moment in White House history that either left you dazzled or left the Stuffy McStuffingtons bewildered and confused.

Among the performers was musician/poet Eric Lewis, aka ELEW, who does a type of improvisation he calls “rock jazz.” People tend to get it or they don’t. The Washington Post wrote that Lewis saw an invitation to the White House as “a validation for his music.”

“I just met the first lady and I gave her a purse, a red clutch,” Lewis said in an interview prior to the performance. “She loved it. She said she saw some videos of me where I reached inside the piano and played the strings. She wanted to make sure I do that on [this] performance. It was nice to receive her okay. She told me to rock the house and do my thing on the piano.

“I can’t tell you how special it is that Michelle Obama asked me to go inside the piano,” said Lewis, who performed “Mr. Brightside.” “For her to be that cool and open-minded to request it shows me some people get it, and some people don’t.

“The one that got it happens to be the first lady.”

I’m starting to think they keep doing these things just so I have an excuse to put up more pictures of Michelle (and the girls). It’s a conspiracy, I say. A c-o-n-spiracy of fabulousness.

Oh, and there was some sort of celebration for the spoken word and whatnot. Who cares. That Asian-inspired blouse Michelle has? I want. I need.

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Paula’s gonna run, gonna try, gonna ruin my perception of teen romance!

As a tyke playing with my Barbies I would dream of a world far, far away from my tormentors and the confines of my parents’ home of a magical place called “adulthood.” Oh, adulthood (or even teen years in some cases). It just HAD to be better than the hell hole known as elementary school and junior high where I had little to no friends. (Thank you Marla for being down when no one else was.)

Because I had no frame of reference at the time, everything I knew about being a teen or adult came from popular culture. My parents’ version of adulthood sounded woefully boring. (Hard work? Sacrifice? Bah!) But TV had such wonderful, much more unrealistic ideas to put in my noggin.

Unfortunately these visions left reality terribly disappointing. Here are the top five things that ruined growing up for me as a kid (and a few that still affect me today).

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Former congressman, failed Tennessee senate candidate and giant pretty boy Harold Ford, Jr. (who The Snob enjoys playfully mocking) said he would have voted for torturing terrorism suspects after 9/11 on MSNBC’s Hardball which caused me to breathe out one of my patented “Oh, HAROLD!” sighs.

According to former Democratic representative Harold Ford, who now makes his living as a “centrist” pundit, maybe torture’s not so bad. Here he is yesterday on MSBNC’s Hardball: “I think if you ask the majority of Americans if they were opposed to the water boarding of some of these high-level terrorists or those who orchestrated terrorist attacks, I think you would be hard-pressed to find many Americans, many Democrats even, who would be that outraged by it.”

(Reality check: Recent polls show that, even in the absurd ticking time-bomb scenario, the public is at best evenly split on the issue. And I assure you many of us are more than outraged.)

From: White House Watch blog (The Washington Post)

I like how even though he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell over ever holding office in Tennessee again (he’s currently over the Democratic Leadership Council), he still holding onto his Blue Dog/Red State bona fides.

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MSNBC anchors Contessa Brewer, Tamron Hall and David Shuster decided to have a three-way smackdown over that hot, semi-nude mess that is the current Miss California Carrie Prejean. I’ve only half-ass been following the thing. She apparently spoke out for “opposite married” couples versus “same married.” (Re: The Gays) during the Miss USA pageant. I’m clueless as to whether or not the chick won anything, but I LURVE a good anchor fight.

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