Wanda Sykes Said Mean Things About An Asshole *Yawn* (O RLY?)

All Monday it was did Wanda Sykes, the first black woman and Lesbian to do the do for the White House Press Correspondents’ Dinner, go too far in insulting a bag of wind. Wait? Are we implying that the bag of wind means something or that the bag of wind has feelings, because believe me, the bag of wind has said worse about others on numerous occasions. (What the hell did Chelsea Clinton ever do to you, bag of wind?)

This is a controversy? A comedian sharing mean-spirited jokes about a mean-spirited bastard who uses his talk show to be as mean-spirited as possible to anyone who disagrees with him. Really? This is a controversy media?


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I’ll let my homie Negro Intellectual explain:

Sykes joked that she hoped Limbaugh’s kidneys fail, just as he has wanted our Commander-in-Chief to do holistically. Limbaugh’s continued calls for President Obama to fail in my opinion are tantamount to treason in many ways, if you really want to get serious about this. If I or any other person, particularly of African descent, had ever said anything like what Limbaugh has said (and continues to say) about President Obama, there would be a cry of outrage heard ’round the nation. At the very least a radio show that did so would be off the air and the host would likely be incarcerated (believe me that would find a way). “Traitor”, “Benedict Arnold”, “turncoat” and many other names would have been used to describe such a person or persons who acted in such a way. Remember what happened to rapper Kanye West when he said, that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on national television during Hurricane Katrina? Luckily he survived that, but he expressed a real sentiment in the African American community …

Sykes’ joke, aside from wanting Limbaugh’s kidney’s to fail, also includes a reference to Limbaugh as being one of the 9/11 hijackers, which is just an analogous labeling because of what many (including this blogger) perceive as his anti-American comments. Hoping for an administration to fail is just that. Limbaugh’s comments in accordance with Sykes’ joke make Limbaugh love this empire as much as the 9/11 terrorists did. When the Bush scandal erupted in the 2000 election, black and brown folk everywhere, along with all others who voted for Al Gore, had to take that one on the chin, rumbling under their breath like the cartoon characters Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fudd when they couldn’t catch Bugs Bunny. Regardless, we endured it.

So in the spirit of “O RLY?” feel free to use the comments section to point out all the ass hat things the suddenly untouchable Rush Limbaugh has said throughout the years about minorities, women, gays, Liberals, Democrats, private citizens, his fellow drug addicts (which he doesn’t want to be lumped in with, mind you), poor people and other folks he deems not worthy of any degree of respect and then chases it all down with the whole “I’m an entertainer” label that suddenly is being denied to Wanda Sykes for … being mean to an asshole.

Really? This is news? I’ll let Jon Stewart finish this off.

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Again, feel free to share your examples of Limabugh’s habitual line stepping that lead you to wonder why anyone honestly gave a shit if the Sykes’ jokes were “too mean” below.

13 thoughts on “Wanda Sykes Said Mean Things About An Asshole *Yawn* (O RLY?)

  1. Haven’t watched her schtick yet, can’t look at work and forgot at home, but I don’t care what she said about that gasbag, if she called him every single solitary dirty word that exists in the English language and called him everything but a child of God, it would STILL BE TOO GOOD for that c*ck sucker. Seriously. The man is a wate of skin. Literally. See that is the problem with him and lots of the rest of those of his ilk on the far-right, is that they can dish it but they can’t take it. They have no compassion and feel the need to say or do anything to anyone with no regard to their feelings, or how it might hurt them or even destroy their life and their fortunes, but let anyone make the smallest most picayne comment about them and they howl like a 3 year old who was suddently slapped hard and had his candy taken away from him. I’m so sick of him, his crew and all the idiots who buy that mean-spirited nasty crap they spread. I want them off my planet, NOW!!!

  2. Some of Limbaugh’s sage observations:Halfrican-American ( remarke about Obama’s ethnic mix)Michael J. Fox fakes his tremorsFeminaziHoping that Obama’s administration failsI say EFF him if he can’t take a joke

  3. This really isn’t news MSM! Sykes said what I have thought ever since I first heard him on the radio. That guy has been somehow in the news as the Republican’s prodigal son for so long, it was relieving to see someone take him down a few notches without following it up with apologetic groveling.

  4. Limbaugh once instructed a female Black American caller to his show to "take the bone out of your nose and call me back".I know rethugs specialize in faux outrage, but pretending that this toxic waste dump of a human being has feelings that must be protected is beyond ridiculous.

  5. Suck my teeth!!!!! That drug addict can give but he can’t take? Finally, a black woman to put his hip in its place. I can’t think of anything inappropriate or distasteful that Sykes uttered, after all she was referring to "that"… Bravo Wanda!And would Bennett shut da hell up and just continue his ritual of disappearing from the event or rather just staying da hell at home!It just irks me that, whatever hateful, degrading crap is spewed by that LOWER Than A Footprint those jacks and jenny a!!!es applaud and as soon as anything that LOWER than a footprint spewed is challenged, all hell breaks loose. Would they all just get a life or go past hell!P.S. Glad in this clip that the laughter and applause of audience is heard after Sykes’ comment because the View decided to mute that part, although Whoopi let everyone know it was well received

  6. "…he hopes the President fails… I hope his kidneys fail, how ’bout that?!"Classic.The only way that line gets more insulting is if Wanda had converted to Islam & discovered Mexican ancestors in her black family tree before the routine.Love. It. The GOP is probably whipping Michael Steele again because of this.

  7. Wanda isn’t my cup of tea, although I’m happy for her success. I’m not shedding any crocodile tears for Limbaugh, in spite of Wanda’s harsh putdown act.

  8. Anyone up for a few verses of "Barack-the-magic-negro"?I don’t think Limbaugh invented the song but didn’t he play it on his show?

  9. *Haha* Limbaugh is most definitely a habitual line-stepper. Bag of wind, bag of air, bag of shit, whatever label you put on it and O’Reilly really needs to stfu … seriously. Go ‘head, Wanda! Keep crackin on those idiots! It’s funny as hell!

  10. Boy, those folks (white liberal media) really know how to "circle the wagon" around their fellow "free-speechers" on the hate network. I suppose that Rush, Savage, Beck, Hannity and other professional "assassination-rousers" will be treated by the liberal media with the same logic that denies the detrimental effects of violent movies, war toys, smoking and global warming. I thought that the liberal "circular-firing squad" was donated to the Republicans after Obama’s election. I guess it was only a loan.These same (white entitlement-only) journalists who are "slingin’ it" at Wanda Sykes are the same people that slung it at Chris Rock after he hosted the Oscars. They only want us to dance, and not make "too much" sense. For all of the talk about (white folks) "embracing diversity", they seem to always find a copy of Emily Post when we (black folks) get all dressed up and are invited to the "same parties". WHITE ENTITLEMENT….?????Memo to white folks: If you hire Chris Rock, Jamie Fox, Red Foxx (RIP), Richard Prior (RIP) …. or…Wanda Sykes, don’t try and "get all uppity" about their material, after the fact. You might want to view a tape of their comedy routine BEFORE you hire them for an "Elite White’s White Entitlement Dinner"…..starring Hussain Obama and the Republican black (fall) guy.Jus Sayin’,Domino49PS.Who would you rather host the Campbell Brown’s No Bias, No Bull Show?A) "Baby Lispin’ " Campbell Brown ( Southern Belle/Fake Liberal, married to a racist Republican, Dan Senor)B) "Fas-Talkin’ " Roland Martin (CNN wouldn’t let him do a show without a cast of white women..experts)C) "Smooth" Jamal Simmons, who is NOT a Campbell Brown "seat warmer/diversity killer", (Roland?) until she comes back from maternity leave after giving birth to SATAN’S SPAWN)CNN: "Hey, we tried hiring a black host for a prime time show slot, and…. it just didn’t work out" "Look, we even tried to prop him up with a cast of white women, and even that didn’t help his ratings."Too easy, right?

  11. I watched Wanda and loved her sketch. She had a tough act to follow after the President, but did a good job. I am sick and tired of hearing all these people talking about her crossing the line. she said exactly what she should have said and I loved it. Rush goes on radio and says whatever he wants to say about the President and Black folk and I have yet to hear one TV host say that he has stepped over the line. I know one thing for certain…..he won’t be getting an apology from Wanda, and Wanda will be getting compliments from me for A JOB WELL DONE.

  12. It really astonishes me some of the horrible things people post about our President.Yes I know ! freedom of speech.I don’t think it was meant to be used in such a distasteful and demeaning way.It makes no difference if you are democrat are republican.Everyone should pray for the person who represents our nation.So what if you did not vote for him.God would still have you lift him up in prayer.He would not have you slander and be the cause of putting someone in harms way.The pure hatred and hostility is so wrong.It’s so easy for people to judge, but unless you are walking in the other persons shoes.You haven’t a clue what it’s like.What really saddens me is the prejudice we still have in our world today.There are those who hate because of nationality are color.It’s so pointless and a waste of precious time.Have you ever ask yourself what color Jesus is?Do you really know, no you do not.Does it make a difference?no it does not.If you are a professed Christian and you are prejudice.How can you possibly represent Gods love to the lost?

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