Random Obama Staffer Gossip O’ the Week: Jon Farveau and Rashida Jones dating?

This photo is totally not real.Both this story and this lovely Photoshopped picture via Best Week Ever. The humorous blog is saying one of my favorite Incognegroes, Rashida Jones (the daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton) may or may not be dating Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau.

Jones, who is currently starring on NBC’s Parks and Recreations was allegedly seen getting tipsy on a Friday night with the 27-year-old Favreau.

Details after the jump.

Here’s how it went down: Rashida and Jon were hanging out in an exclusive bar in the Georgetown area (yes, D.C. does have “exclusive places”, unless you’re a WASP, as then the world is your nest.) Our tipster reports that the two were attached at the hip all evening, until they starting making out with each other at the bar. Eventually, they left with one another. We can only assume they did the inevitable… shake hands (hands = genitals.)

The next night, Rashida was spotted looking radiant* (*bc she probs had ess) at the White House Correspondents dinner, while her latest boy toy was likely busy backstage writing one liners for the POTUS. So does this mean Favreau, easily the hottest commodity the East Coast has to offer, has broken up with rumored girlfriend and Maxim model Ali Campoverdi?

For the sake of not-black-black-girls everywhere, let’s hope so. Go on, Rashida! You go and make out with Power. Grope some Power. Do your thing with Power. Newsflash to the uninformed: Power is an aphrodisiac and Farveau, no matter how you feel about his face, totally has the juice. After all, he writes the words that come out of the president’s mouth, so this is the closest to making out with Barack Ms. Jones is going to get. I applaud her ability to use her cuteness and celebrity rating to get herself that much closer to power. I mean, I would have preferred tackling Kal Penn, but, hey, if she wanted that she had years to work on it. He was playing out of the same minority sandbox she was for decades as an underemployed actor.

15 thoughts on “Random Obama Staffer Gossip O’ the Week: Jon Farveau and Rashida Jones dating?

  1. I have no problems with incognegroes but rashida rubs me the wrong way for some reason. Congrats to her though. It HAS to be his brains/ status b/c it damn sure isnt that face :/

  2. thats too much incognegro for me. They both need someone with a some more color.

  3. i love rashida…buti think this is just a casual date…as she is way too smart and beautiful to be any DL man’s beard…fyiabOUTLOOKhttp://aliciabnks.blogspot.com

  4. i love rashida…buti think this is just a casual date…as she is way too smart and beautiful to be any DL man’s beard…fyiabOUTLOOKhttp://aliciabnks.blogspot.com

  5. Aren’t we past the issue of "passing" by now. Phuleez y’all.PS this is my first post. I just discovered this site last night. I want in SCAN.

  6. I’m inclined to be skeptical about their rumored romance, but if the photoshopped picture is any clue, they’d make a cute couple. Plus she might get to hear sneak peeks of upcoming BHO speeches. What’s not to like about that?

  7. He’s on the down low in the Obama White House. What kind of self hating homosexual is Jon then? The President isn’t in favor of him getting married.If Ms Banks is just being nasty, I gotta go with my next complaint; He is passing and she isn’t. WTF am I missing?

  8. i’m with ill, for some reason rashida rubs me the wrong way. and with a name like rashida, its hard to be an inconegro,lol

  9. Is it just me are doesn’t she look a little bit like Thandie Newton to anyone else?

  10. I have no problem with them "passing". I have always known about the good looking brainic (sucker for them) Mr. Miller. And something always told me that Ms. Beal was passing for something. Have you guys actually look at her up close (that new magazine cover). The guy from that new movie "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" Bryan is his name in the movie. They all have something that you might not be able to put your finger on unless you are a person of color. And no make-up, perm (Mariah), or a complete make-over from head to toe can wash it out. I see quite a few that I think are passing, but we don’t have that much time. Because after you see them, then you start thinking about others you thought were passing too. LOL Quite as it is kept ain’t no pure whatever. Master always sneak out to the quarters, and the Mrs sneak him in when the Master was alway……….hummmmmmmmmm?. LOL You all have a bless week

  11. Dear Ya’ll,The "BLACKER" the berry, the "SWEETER" the juice….!!!!!Let’s move past all these faux (gossip?) human interest stories about lemons and…uh…makin’ lemonade…!!!BTW, TJ Holmes…and this is coming from a BLACK man, sounds a little (as my grandkids would say) "ta-tarded" when reading the news. This guy should be on VERY late night FM radio doing the "Candyman:" For Lovers Only" show from midnight tol 4:00AM…..on WLUV. "TJ, NEGRO, WAKE-UP": Would someone PLEASE get TJ a cup of coffee…!!!! And, I can’t wait for the next installment of CNN’s resident house negro, "Conan O’Lyin" and her "Almost Black in America..Pinky’s Career Move" Seriously..are we really co-signing on these fake journalists just because CNN hired them?Question: Why is it that most of the black male(?) reporters on CNN look like they can’t fight?Question: Why is it that most of the white women on CNN look like they would take off their heels and ear rings and "beat a brother down" in a New York minute?Question: Why would a beautiful black woman allow her on-air co-workers to call her "FREDDY"?Hmmmm?I guess that goes to show you who really got paid (and why) by EEOC…!!Hint: WHITE WOMENQuestion: Have either TJ Holmes or Conan O’Lyin or FREDDY "EVER" got in any racist’s face and called them out for the world to see? No? I rest my case. If eye candy is all you want, or can comprehend, then visit a porno site. But, don’t try and get me flag (red, black & green) waving about CNN hiring black(?) people to READ copy written by "persons unseen" who don’t have the best interest of my people and community within the content, and most importantly, the context of their reporting.JOURNALISM, is about the truth…!!! It might be nice to visit a black website and read something relevant. How about NAMES, PICTURES and BACKGROUND STORIES of the following:A) MSNBC producers who insist on putting Crazy Ol’ Uncle Pat on the airB) CNN news producers who thought Conan O’Lyin, and "BIA2" are relevant.C) Writers and producers for Lou DobbsD) Writers AND producers for Glenn Beck, Hannity and Bill O’HateE) Names, addresses and phone numbers of those 4 Ni…ers that dug up (300+) black folks at Burr Oak Cematary…PLZ…!!!That, my friends, is the REAL story. It’s not the puppets, it’s the puppet masters.Bonus points for any JOURNALIST who does an "in-depth" report on why exploitation and profiteering under the MSM’s news mantra: "If it’s black and bleedin’ (and having a REALLY bad hair day) it’s leadin’" has been adapted by EVERY news outlet in America for the last 400 years. As my late father would say (God rest his soul): Ooooh, Brother…!!!Jus Sayin’,Domino49

  12. How in the world could this woman be "passing"? Her father is Quincy Jones. Unless you’ve been living under a rock it’s not exactly a secret.

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