Disney’s The Princess and The Frog Teaser Trailer

Because everything with us is a potential racially offensive minefield lollapalooza, here’s to hoping this is more “awesome” and a little less “Song of the South II.” You remember Song of the South don’t you? Wait? You’ve never heard of it because you were born after 1986 when Disney stopped releasing the film in its entirety in theaters? Why, it’s the only Disney film you can’t buy in the US because … um, they like to pretend that thing was never popular (it was released to overwhelming acclaim by critics and derision by black people in 1946) and didn’t make a ton of money based on old timey kind, docile slave stereotypes and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

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I realize that some slaves were pretty tame, but I truly prefer the stories of blacks who made really horrible slaves and just put up a one-finger salute to the “Peculiar Institution” by either A) running away***, B) killing their masters, then running away, C) leading a slave revolt, D) becoming an abolitionist activist, E) fighting in the Civil War against the South or F) contining to return to the South after getting their freedom to rescue others.

You know? The Badasses of Slavery: Your Truths, Tubmans and Turners and whatnot. But, of course, none of these folks would make a kid friendly cartoon. I’ve always advocated that someone should remake “Night of the Hunter” with an all-black cast and set it during slavery, making the two children with the pilfered stash of cash a pair of slave children on the lamb. But even in its original, creepy Robert Mitchum format, “Night of the Hunter” was never a kid’s film. Disney is in the kiddie bidness, so this new venture into Blackland has to work or they will die the death of thousand bad reviews.

That said, I prefer hand animation to computer animation (because at my heart, I’m an “old”), so I really, really, really want them to not screw this up.

DON’T SCREW THIS UP, DISNEY! Myself, Sasha and Malia, every black kid I know and their moms need something good to watch. Don’t make us sad. Because if we get sad, we will get angry. And you would not like us when we are angry.

*** The Snob’s family made horrible slaves. We ran away. A matter of fact, Great-Great-Grandpa Ben, as a child, escaped from slavery in Mississippi with his entire family in a covered wagon and moved to Arkansas. Why they picked that moment and that night to make a break for it has been lost to time, but … um, can you blame them? It must have been bad if EVERYONE made the break at once in that covered wagon. That sounds like the family was under threat of being broken up and, pardon my French, fuck that. We’re moving. Us Snobs may not always get along, but when it comes to our family, we are ride or die. No one is getting split up ever. We have an “add people” to the family policy. Not a subtract. Leave no Snob behind!

30 thoughts on “Disney’s The Princess and The Frog Teaser Trailer

  1. I’m right with you on the "Old School" animation. If Disney messes this up, there’s going to be trouble….

  2. Never got into romantic cartoons (preferred the 10-15 shorts), so I’m about as neutral as possible w/ this movie…

  3. After seeing the trailer, I can honestly say I don’t have high expectations for this or ANY disney film. What are those people on?

  4. UMM…I just don’t know. I do not trust the Disney Klan. And I’m set to be offended as the child of proud Sothern Louisianans. I kinda wanna see it with the parents for that reason alone… but I don’t have high hopes either. Well, if they really follow tradition, her mom should be dead or dying at some point. Let’s also see if they throw some "I be done seen" type vernacular in there to excess. **sigh**Can’t wait for reviews/commentary…

  5. @ Kmoney and cocolamalaI seriously don’t know what you’d have to do on my mother’s side of the family to get kicked out. The Adams-Denton-Robinson clan is pretty fascinating in its degree of acceptance and familial loyalty, especially if you’re talking about Granny Snob’s immediate family. I have often joked with Big Sis and Baby Snob that we would have to murder our mom to actually get put out by the family. Aside from matricide, um … we don’t die. We multiply. I like that our story is about a whole family making a break for it out of slavery.

  6. I have/had high hopes for this movie (with 2 young nieces this is a must) but that trailer just completely rubbed me the wrong way; "dis gone be good" (!)no ma’am I’m not sure that it is.

  7. MHMPH, why when they finally do a black princess movie they turn her into a frog? What’s up with that? As Martin Lawrence’s character said constantly during Boomerang, "RACIAL!"

  8. " they like to pretend that thing was never popular "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ sooooooooooooooo true! I once founc a Breer Rabbit book by Disney, and it had a story that was actually titled "Tar Baby and the Breer Rabbit". Oh wow! When I searched for the pictures from the book online (to post on my blog) there were none to be found, not even the cover picture. Hmmm. Oversight, or smart PR move?I don’t know about this movie, but for what it’s worth, seems better than some of their older stuff.

  9. @ Lisa J – LMAO!!!!*pointing two fingers @ my eyes and yours* Riiiight! Riiiight! Namsayin, cuz the LAST time they did a movie about black people — we was animals then TOO!!! WTF Walt?!RACIAL!!!!well, in all fairness, it couldn’t be any worse than how they molested Pocahontas. If the Mulan team is on this, I’d consider giving it a chance.

  10. It’s just a fairy tale. We complain about not being represented and the moment an attempt is made at representaion we are all lined up with our arms crossed ready to be offended. Give me a break.All Disney movies come with sexism, outdated archetypes, whatever.If a black princess story is so important (and it is to me) why haven’t black movie makers greenlighted such a project? You know take control of our own images and stories. For all of its flaws. I will definelty see it.

  11. This movie looks like it is set in the Hollywood version of 1920s or 1930s New Orleans [the swamp, the spats, the jazz instruments, the apparent voodoo paraphernalia on the villain]. It seems like a fun concept, a sort of Thumbelina adventure, but if the black princess spends most of the movie as a frog, that’s not much of a step up from The Lion King where everyone is an animal.Speaking of Thumbelina, doesn’t that animation look more like a Don Bluth creation than a Disney classic? The characters and environments had more of the hard-edged, straight-laced, in-your-face feeling of Anastasia/ Thumbelina/Rockadoodle/Ferngully than the round, soft, gooey animation of The Little Mermaid/Mulan.My prediction: Anyone who is into princess stuff will love it and send it up in the box office charts. There will be the inevitable controversy, but that will be marginalized. DVD sales will go through the roof.@Jaddadalos In that trailer one of the characters said "It’s goin’ be good."

  12. Also, isn’t that guy in the preview the first black Disney Villain (I mean, one that is the main villain and is at least partially human)?

  13. I have no expectation this will be done properly at all. When you turn the Princess into a frog they are telling me they do not want to deal w/ African Americans.

  14. Just so you know…Song of the South is actually set in antebellum, post-slavery days. Why Uncle Remus’ servile ass is still basically on the plantation is an open question, but I’m just saying…I’m old enough to have seen SOS, and even owned an album of it, back in the 70’s when Disney released album versions of all their films with the dialogue and music tracks from the film. All you were missing was the visuals, but there were companion books to help with that. As an adult, I cringe at the asshatery of both the live action and animated sequences, but as a kid, I laughed my black butt off when Brer Rabbit got Brer Fox and Brer Bear tangled in that tar baby. It’s so sad how racially deluded we are as children. I can’t even enjoy "Zip a Dee Doo Dah" anymore, because now it just makes my stomach hurt. But I’ll admit, I do still have a Laughin’ Place…

  15. Snob you forgot to mention that the prince in her movie is WHITE!That’s a problem!Um can we get a WHITE PRINCESS with a BLACK PRINCE?That will never happen!

  16. We already had plenty of white princess! So NO! This film is for girls, not boys. I don’t expect boys to buy the dolls or the tshirt, nor the cups forks, knives, plates, spoons, etc. The prince is played by a Brasilian man and he has an Indian name "Naveen" so he is just "ethnic" I s’pose.

  17. Some mothers that I know have already decided that their daughters will not watch this movie if they can help it. For the most part Disney princess films have featured princes that are the same race as the princesses. In this case they have decided that the market will not accept a Black prince.

  18. One problem about complaining about any high profile movie is the filmmakers start making mistakes in an attempt to please too many people, then you end up with a film that pleases no one.

  19. @ Flippant, hmmm, that’s not how it is in real life. Love is love. Love sees no color and i you ban your daughter from seeing this movie simply because Tiana falls in love with a non-black prince you are limiting your daugter. Black girls need to know that they can be loved by every race and that they can find love and affection in every race. Black men already get it, when will black women get it?

  20. After reviewing this trailer, I got that after ALL of these years we FINALLY get a legit black princess and she turns into a FROG!? Okay…..well at least its giving a black actress a job! The interracial dating is not a big deal to me…but she gets turned into a FROG…oh come on…

  21. Isn’t the Prince multiracial? People gotta remember, this is New Orleans. He might be Creole. I’m excited for this.

  22. I too hope that the Princess doesn’t spend 95% of the movie as frog but I pretty sure that’s how its going to be. Also, the venacular in the trailer made me cringe inside. I have to agree with Talulazoeapple. We won’t really be satisfied unti l a black filmaker does cartoons. I would almost prefer it that way because then the film might be filled with more than stereotypes. And it was curious to see a non-black prince. The only time I can remember the Princess having a Prince from a different ethnicity was Pocahontas and that’s history that couldn’t be changed. Hmmm…. whatever. I’ll probably end up seeing it with my neices but I don’t have high expectations.

  23. Actually the main beef is that it has been decided that black man is not good enough for a Disney princess. That is the real slap in the face.

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