Yuckin’ It Up With the Muckity Mucks

President Barack Obama giving his part of the roast at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The reviews are in and Barack apparently killed ’em at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. My friend, author Darius James, immediately told me that the president had put us (satire/comedy writers) all out of a job. I think I shall write on, but he got some good ones in … on Michael Steele.

Michael Steele is in the house tonight. Or as he would say, “in the heezy.” What’s up? Where is Michael? Michael, for the last time, the Republican Party does not qualify for a bailout. Rush Limbaugh does not count as a troubled asset, I’m sorry.

That dude is never gonna live it down.

Also, this one was a funny closer after he joked about what he would do in his next 100 days as president.

I believe that my next hundred days will be so successful I will be able to complete them in 72 days. And on the 73rd day, I will rest.

A some bloggers didn’t have much of a sense of humor about the whole clusterfuck that is the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. But to their credit, they hate all the White House Correspondents’ Dinners no matter who is president. It presents this very chummy, drunken orgy of a relationship between power, celebrity and the press that (of course) freaks some people out as these journalists who are yukking it up and rubbing elbows with both the president and Eva Longoria Parker are the ones who are supposed to be the acting Fourth Estate, covering our government.

Eh, I say, let the muckrackers drink and gawk at Kerry Washington. They all might be unemployed next week.

Click for more photos and video after the jump.

Comedian Wanda Sykes did her part roasting the Obama Administration and the media at the event.

Michelle can’t hear the words coming out of Whoopi Goldberg’s mouth.

Rev. Al Sharpton at the Capitol File Magazine after party.

The Capitol File Magazine after party.

White House Social Secy. Desiree Rogers and White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett made the party rounds.

Actress Kerry Washington at an after party by People Magazine.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel also at an after party.

Designer Jason Wu at an after party.

17 thoughts on “Yuckin’ It Up With the Muckity Mucks

  1. Wow Sharpton’s hair hasn’t been that conkdafied since early James Brown days..It looks good. I was very impressed with both Obama and Sykes, his delivery is on point and she said a lot of things people are thinking. I loved how he smirked at Michelle when Sykes joked about guys being careful playing b-ball with him, Michelle cracked up like ‘yeah, that is EXACTLY what this fool says when he gets home’. I esp. loved the pics of Obama and the pirate, and the subtle dig at Chavez’s gift. The only Sykes joke i thought was inappropriate was the one about Sojourner Truth’s statue; I thought it was funny but Sykes should know the Obamas can’t be seen in public laughing at a joke like that.

  2. Awesome that they invited Wanda Sykes to do some stand up at the dinner. Even better that we have a president who can through some good lines out at the audience. I agree with BluTopaz that it was really cute and endearing how he looked at his wife during the basketball jokes.

  3. I love the profile picture of Rev. Sharpton! He better get it with his curls! I’ve watched the Sykes video TWICE! Hilarious!

  4. Jason Wu looks all of 14. Not really feeling Rogers and Jarrett’s outfits, which is probably a first for me. Wanda did well, she had some great lines.

  5. Maybe its just me, but with all the recent hoopla about Desiree Rogers trying to steal Mrs. O’s thunder it strikes me as just a tad odd that she would choose a dress the exact same color as our lovely FLOTUS. I know the style is different, but hot pink stands out no matter the style. And there is no way Desiree didn’t know what Michelle was wearing since she probably helped pick it out. I like Desiree’s style and respect her role, but she is still the help, the only person who needs to stand out is Mrs. Obama. Not that her beaming personality doesn’t do that regardless of what she’s wearing.

  6. Yes, it does look like Sharpton had just gotten his hurr done…it has that look. As always you have great pictures, and I agree with another commenter, why is Desiree wearing a dress so close in color to Mrs. Obama’s? I thought Wanda did a great job.

  7. Ha-ha, I agree with all of the other folks about Rev Al’s hair. As soon as I saw the pic, I thought "Rev Al got a fresh perm for the dinner" His hair slays me! I respect the man, but his haar makes me snigger. The best line I ever heard on his hair was when he was arrested for protesting about Vieces (sp) in Puerto Rico and he did a phone interview with Tom Joyner, and according to my Mom, Jay Anthony Brown asked him "How your hair holding up?" Too funny.

  8. DAMN, Ladies! Why IT always gots ta be a negative thing btwn us sistas?Pink is a hot color in gowns this season. I’m quite sure they were not the only two ladies in pink. You act like Rogers showed up in a white dress to the Obama wedding."[Ladies], I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older [women] and the [girls]?…It’s just not right. It’s not right. It’s not, it’s not going to change anything. We’ll, we’ll get our justice….Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, we’re all stuck here for a while. Let’s try to work it out. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to work it out." paraphrased from Rodniesha KingIts called Sisterhood. Don’t talk about it be about it.

  9. I love Obamalot, the mingling of politics and Hollywood, media’s lovefest with the president and all the other stuff. Like the celebrity roasts, I anxiously watch the Correspondent Dinners with a smile on my face, hoping that nothing embarrassing will happen.

  10. Is Rahm Emmanuel on the wall of sexy? He is soo HOT Michelle/Desiree looked great as per usual, but I think Michelle was a bit embarrassed when her husband was asking everyone to give her a hand- but it was totally sweet.

  11. Thought it was very pedestrian. President hit too much low hanging fruit. Wanda was dull though on point.

  12. I thought both the Prez (is there anything he can’t do well?) and Wanda both killed it…including all jabs at El Rushbo and his kidneys. On the style front, I’m meh about Desiree’s dress, but not feeling Valerie’s at all. Too bad, they’re usually right on point. As for Desiree trying to steal spotlight from MO, folks need chill already. The spotlight’s plenty big enough for all of Barack’s glamazons.

  13. I agree, but I wouldn’t call Desiree, Valerie and whoever else one of Barack’s glamazons. Michelle is his only true glamazon. 😉 Michelle looked great by the way and her body is slamming.

  14. Wow Sharpton’s hair hasn’t been that conkdafied since early James Brown days..It looks good.ROFLMAO!I thought The First Lady’s dress was shorter than this. Not really feeling the fit on Desiree, and that color doesn’t look good on Valerie. Kerri Washington – a Trophy Wife just waiting to happen.

  15. I’ve been listening all day about how all the media thinks that Wanda over stepped about the Rush thing. I loved it!. He has said all those nasty things about the President and I am glad to see someone get him back since the President can’t do it. They were upset because he laughed….I laughed too because it was funny. This man has said anything he wanted to say and nobody has yet said that he stepped over the line. Wanda is a comedian and that’s what she is supposed to do. I would like to hear her go off on ole fat rush on one of her albums when there are no holes barred. Good job. They were both great.

  16. Wow, that blogger you linked to is almost Bob Somerby-like in his self-righteous lack of a sense of humor. I’ll bet he’s a riot at parties. It’s a shame that some folks are so hooked on their own self-seriousness that they fail to realize how effective a mix of satire and serious analysis can be in making people look at issues in different ways; does that blogger really think he’s going to convince anyone with his cant? The best political bloggers are the ones who weave the personal, the social, the serious and the funny into something striking and addictively readable– like you do, Danielle. As the saying goes, "Be the change you visualize," and I’d much rather read someone funny and human like you than live in that arrid lefty pout-a-dise that the blogger you linked to is marinating in.

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