Obamarama, PopCulturalist

Blame It On the E-e-e-e-e-economy!

The woman playing Michelle Obama is freakishly similar to her in the cheekbone area. Nice choice. The dancing Sarah Palin, hilarious. Joe Biden double fisting his drinks at the end, priceless.


12 thoughts on “Blame It On the E-e-e-e-e-economy!

  1. dukedraven says:

    That actress is a dead ringer for Michelle Obama. This song makes an argument for a complete ban on the auto tuner. I’m tired of robot music.

  2. lmgregory says:

    This. Is. AWESOME!!! Granted I’m tired cause I’ve been working on the finals, but I think I would be loving this even if I weren’t dog tired. The lyrics were perfect and dude even got Barack’s sound (accent?) right. Oh, and I totally cosign on what you said about them making a good choice for FLOTUS.

  3. snobfanforeal says:

    Insanely brilliant. If Lorne Michaels wasn’t such a Nazi, these folks would be cashing checks at 30 Rock right now.Remind me again what the excuse is comedy writer’s are offering up for their inability to poke fun at the President?

  4. Second that snobfan. I think the dancing gator was my favorite most random bit. Joe Biden was hysterical, Obama’s verbal tics were dead on and the fist bump pout Michelle gives him in the end is dead on. Four stars.

  5. sky says:

    if they were to make an Obama movie, they need to call this lady up to be Michelle Obama. She looks soooo much like her!

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