The Media Mogul and The First Lady

11 thoughts on “The Media Mogul and The First Lady

  1. That is funny. I know that Gayle has been tripping lately. On the’ Moms talking to Daughters about Sex’ show, she was upset with Oprah’s guest Dr. Berman talking about self pleasure for girls. Oprah agreed with Dr. Berman about it and Gayle thought is was TMI. Then on two "Live In Chicago" segments, Gayle boldly announced that she was for Boston Celtics to win the playoff with the Bulls and was mad at Nate because he got to sit next to Hugh Jackman. I think at times, Oprah wants to smack Gayle. I know for certain that ran in her mind when they were on that road trip.

  2. Soulmates fight a lot sometimes. They’re working out their karma together.

  3. Hey! Oprah and Michelle — new BFF!Truthfully, I have always thought Gayle has an underlying "I am better than Oprah" complex. Maybe it’s because of Oprah’s on and off again weight problems…maybe it’s the age old skin color issue…I don’t know.That’s not to say that Gayle doesn’t love Oprah dearly, it’s just that I think she may give off the vibe to make herself feel better…or bring Oprah down a peg or two. *Yeah, I know…enough with the bootleg psycho-analyzing.*

  4. I am not sure if I like Oprah at all – too mammyish for me but got to give her props for harvesting a couple of billion dollars. But Gayle…puke. It is a testament to Oprahs immense generosity that anyone knows or cares about Gayle. As for me – i know of her but do I care? Nah.

  5. 3 comments in 2 minutes…. i know…. but can someone tell oprah that she has been replaced….am mad about the whole kfc thing.. mad as hell…

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