Forbes Wealthiest Black Americans: All About Oprah

Media moguls Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post and wealthiest black American according to Forbes Magazine, Oprah Winfrey.Shock, shock! It’s full of media moguls, athletes and entertainers! (And some investors and real estate folks). Here’s the top 10.

1. Oprah Winfrey, (Queen of all media): $2.7 billion
2. Tiger Woods, (athlete): $600 million
3. Robert Johnson, (BET founder): $550 million
4. Michael Jordan, (athlete): $525 million
5. Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr., (athlete): $500 million
6. William Henry Cosby, Jr., (entertainer, author): $450 million
7. Sheila Johnson, (ex-wife of Robert Johnson): $400 million
8. R. Donahue Peebles, (real estate): $350 million
9. Berry Gordy, (Motown founder): $325 million
10. Quintin Primo, III, (real estate): $300 million

Also on the list: Kobe Bryant ($140 million) and Shaquille O’Neal ($130 million), Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter ($150 million) and several investors/real estate/restaurateurs I’ve never heard of, but damn, they are rollin’ in it.

Naturally, with the exception of maybe Oprah, most of the individuals on this list wouldn’t register as loudly on the overall Forbes 400 list. She remains the sole black billionaire (and billioniaress) on the list with Johnson divorced from his wife Sheila and half of his former billion. Also, the heirs of Johnson Publications, the folks behind Ebony/Jet, fell off the list this year due to woes in the publication industry. This explains why the folks at Ebony were trying to get my parents to re-up for a subscription for only $12.

14 thoughts on “Forbes Wealthiest Black Americans: All About Oprah

  1. I’m torn on the issue of so many entertainers being on that list. Sure, they’re making honest money, and I probably wouldn’t care if they were white, but does it say something that the richest among us entertain or throw a ball around?

  2. hmmm…what happened to Kathy Hughes being on the list? Is she still a billionaire?

  3. Is it me or does Oprah look way less thrilled to be posing with Arianna?just sayinAs for the $ list filled with athletes & entertainers, give it a generation This too shall pass.

  4. It’s ironic that Cosby is still making big coinage these days. I guess he’s investing wisely.

  5. * tiger doesnt consider himself as being black* jordan is still bringing in all that dough after retiring more than a decade ago (im not counting the year he was with the wizards)?

  6. When the white kids were tying Woods to a tree as a youngster and calling him names, I’m sure he realized he was a black person. His celebrity and wealth insulates him, which enables him to maintain whatever illusion he wants, including that of being non-black. Since I hold the Buddhist belief that everything is an illusion, his is no worse than everyone else’s.

  7. Tiger is not black he is caublanasian or however you spell it. First determine the percentage of black and then apply to wealth.

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