Day: May 7, 2009

Via Gawker and its documentation of the Great Chicken Riots of 2009.

By Luvvie

I didn’t think Madame O would need a sternly-worded letter, but alas, I was forced to write one.

Dearest Oprah,

You know I STAN for you more than Michael Jackson stans for little boys plastic surgery, right? Well I does. That day when I SEED you in “The Color Purple”, I KNEW there was a GAWD!! Did you ever know that you’re my SHERO? Well, you is.

However, I got a bone to pick with you (ALL pun intended). I know you mean well but I got slight beef, or is that chicken, with you (yes, feel free to boo me for both the premise and the corniness of that line). You ain’t right for this free chicken that you not only endorse, but you initiated. I’ve just ’bout HAD it with all this chicken being given away lately. And before y’all start saying I’m a vegetarian hater, that ain’t it. I LOVES me some fried chicken wings.

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