Rogers and Jarrett Make Capitol File’s Summer Cover

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According to The Washington Times, the shoot took place back in March so it’s a coincidence that Capitol File, a high-end Washington mag would have the White House Social Secy. Desiree Rogers hanging out on the cover with Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett the same time Rogers is on the cover of Wall Street Journal Magazine.

There was a bit of a discussion in the last thread over whether or not Rogers is getting too much coverage and I’m still sticking with my stance that this is a much ado about nothing. Rogers works for the White House and their press is tightly controlled. She and Jarrett couldn’t even do these interviews and covers without White House approval in the first place. So, these are interviews the Obama Administration wants. I don’t see anything more going on here than the Obama Administration trying to take advantage of what they hope will be some positive press about the White House … glamour shots included. You can debate whether or not these stories open up the administration for pot shots (any glamour shot would), but I don’t think this is the “Michelle versus Desiree, black women can’t get along festival” some folks think this might be. Sometimes your social secretary being a media darling is just that … your social secretary is a media darling.

And sometimes you choose to pimp that for all that you can get out of it.

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Once again, I still don’t even see her at a spotlight-stealing, attention-grabbing threat level of Malia Obama as most Americans probably can’t even pick her out of a line-up. (No one is trying to make a doll or sell some clothes based off of any women who don’t have Obama as a last name.) If Capitol File had been offered a choice between the tall tween daughter of the president and a nearly 50-year-old woman who Michelle did not give birth to, Capitol File would be dishing on Malia’s crush on whatever Jonas Brother she likes while dressing her up like Dakota Frickin’ Fanning.

Desiree isn’t even at a Bo Obama, the White House dog, threat level of media hubbabaloo. And I like seeing all the women of the Obama Administration on the covers of everything, so I’m also incredibly biased. I want more coverage. I had to endure years of people trying to convince me that women found former Defense Secy. Donald Rumsfled attractive or that Karl Rove was a boy genius or that Condi exercises like the dickens or that Barney the Scottish Terrier was adorable. (Well, Barney was adorable in a spastic way, but I digress …) I watched the press go over the Clinton White House with fervor, tracking every breathless move. The LEAST they can do is cover the other random folks out of the Obama Administration with the same drooling, sycophantic, gaping awe. Yes. Flower me in Desiree puff pieces and glamour shots. Most of the criticism comes from a lot of grumbling about how it looks bad to wear whatever in a recession. Dear Lord! OMG! RICH PEOPLE RUN OUR GOVERNMENT! Who knew? And how dare they be wealthy, good looking black people! Ever the more horrifying! What will this do to little black children to see more and more images of good looking, functional black people on the covers of things? Sacre bleu!

Long story short: I’m pretty much never going to have a complaint about this. Never. But if you can convince me why this is a disaster, I encourage you to give it a go. Otherwise, I’m sticking with “The Obama Administration WANTS to cram Zulu Queen Desiree Rogers down your throat, so just open up and swallow her, please!” version of these events.

That out of the way … they both look awesome. Desiree’s pink heels (and legs!!!) on the cover and Valerie’s white suit on the inside story are killing me.

30 thoughts on “Rogers and Jarrett Make Capitol File’s Summer Cover

  1. If Desiree and Valerie want to show some thigh bone, it’s fine by me. Shake it, baby, but don’t break it.

  2. Agreed Danielle . That damn dog caused more hullabaloo and received WAYYYY more coverage than Desiree. And yeah, I’m calling it "that damn dog" because folks made such a big deal over it, particularly on eco-friendly sites (see also: Jezebel), that I said, "It’s just damn dog, and it’s not even YOUR damn dog!" I’m all for shelters over breeders but folks have a right to make their own choices. I thought Obama’s choice was ethical but people who did not agree were acting like that damn dog will influence/represent all of his decisions as President. He’s a crappy, untrustworthy, warlock-of-a-president because of a dog? What?!?/rantWait, what was the subject of your post? Oh right, Desiree. Nice pins, that one.

  3. @ dSo there was this "damn dog" you say? And it got some media coverage? Why, I barely remember but a smidge. Maybe only several weeks and a solid 48 hours of balls-to-the-walls dog coverage. Because, you know? A dog is a waaa-aaaay bigger decision than picking, say, the person to replace Justice Souter on the Supreme Court.So, yes. Agree. Cosign. Everything you said.

  4. It feels so good to have two BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL professional, ultra professional women on the cover of any magazine. Thanks Danielle!

  5. I was sick about the "damn dog" when he announce it that his girls was getting one. Then all of the fuss from WP was about what kind of dog should they get. It is not about you or us…those girls will have to share their mother and father to the country for the next 8 year. It should have been their decision. As for Desiree and Valerie…I love it!! Desiree has been in the limelight before both Obama. She was head of the Illinois Lottery, then over Com-Ed. She is a smart woman and her hair makes me envious. I love that Valerie Jarrett is a quiet force. I actually think she should have just accepted the Senate seat from Barack. It would have stop the three ring circus that is Illinois politics. I wish that I can see it first hand. This is what our children need is positive role model of beautiful and intelligent women. God bless both of them. *WP = White People

  6. They look (and more importantly are) fantastic and I can’t imagine getting too much of either of them.And the idea that Rogers, in particular, is some renegade fame whore, working fashion shows and magazine covers while the Obamas wring their hands in dismay is really laughable.

  7. I loove Desiree Rogers. She has style (dare I say swagger) for days. I say bring it on with all of Team Obama’s gorgeous brown glamazons. Talk about chicken soup for the soul. BTW Snob, I love the general Obama-fest nature of today’s posts. I know you said you’d gotten sick of Team Obama, but I still don’t know how to quit them.

  8. I have no problem with all of the Black women in the White House getting press coverage. Michelle, Susan, Lisa, Desiree, Valerie, Mona, Samantha, Kristen, et al. Please honor them for the beautiful, succesful and brilliant Black women that they are. I agree with other people who think Desiree takes it a step too far. All of the women I’ve name have been to at least all events Michelle has since 01/21, but Desiree is the only one who puts herself in the spotlight. A good example is the Easter Egg Roll, why is she in so many shots with the President? Why is she at Fashion Week sitting next to Ana Wintour rocking a miniskirt…a garaunteed way to get into the press, that’s why.She knows what she’s doing, she’s a social climber. And when she compared the Obama’s to market soap, it’s clear they’re just another rung in her ladder. I don’t think there is a fued, I don’t think the Obamas would ever let anyone punk, or anger them. Desiree is a habitual line-stepper, and one day she is going to take it too far and be back in Chicago.Hopefilly I’ll never have to say "I told you so"

  9. No one bit. A little disappointed.I can’t think of the women whom said it and I am paraphrasing, At the end of the day you still need someone to come home to whom strokes your hair. Can thse two find that in DC?

  10. I am loving the coverage. Black America is doing their thing and its positive. I would be happy to see this everyday. Let’s make this our norm. This is better than baby momma drama or that foolishness on TV.

  11. If anyone has to worry about overexposure, it should be the Obamas themselves. As for Rogers, I cosign on the view that the Obama administration could reign her in if they wanted to. Even if she is a spotlight fiend, as long as she isn’t getting out of limos without panties or getting drunk in public whats the big deal. We’re always calling for more positive images of black people in the media aren’t we?

  12. Love it. Desiree sure is getting folks’ dander up. *laughing* I don’t know why. If the Obamas have no problem with her doing interviews and taking pictures, I say rock on girlie!

  13. That article done Desiree earlier last week was in poor taste. The whole asking Desiree to wear a oscar de la renta dress in "Michelle vegetate Garden" was tacky. I think what pissed off many people was the fact Robert Gibbs had to tell her NO about the picture.

  14. @ Robert M: In my opinion they ARE actively searching for dates…hence the legs out, look at me coverage. I have to disagree with Danielle on this one – Desiree in particular. She is showing a lamented lack of reserve and extremely poor taste. Be real, are the Obamas actually sanctioning this? They probably feel it would be mean-spirited to object and are like ‘whatever floats your boat, girl". Even if the Obamas were keen to pimp her out, all she has to do is say no. Or figure out a way to do it that would not involve hustling for Oscar de La Renta gowns. One of the reasons people detested Hilary Clinton was the whole idea of her riding on Bill’s back to further her own ambitions. Yeah you’re a smart lady, etc, why the heck didn’t you get yourself media attention, magazine covers and stuff before this? Why ride on the Obama goodwill train? The vibes are not good..I wait with baited breath to see how this will all end. I suspect she will eventually be reined in. But. I get it. It’s tough being a single woman out there. Girls gotta do what she gotta do.

  15. @ Lili & SnobaroniI just don’t see the Obama Administration and their press office submitting to the will of one woman’s ego in any situation. They run that place like a workhouse to keep everyone in line. I’m standing by my belief that she, like everyone else who works out of the White House, couldn’t do these interviews without Gibbs or Obama approval in the first place. They are a tightly oiled machine and I simply don’t see them as the kind of folks who would be afraid to tell a woman, who is their employee, to step back if they wanted her to. The reality is some folks are more comfortable in front of a camera. Mona Studpen might not want her picture taken that much but the Zulu Queen was apparently born ready to sashay her shonte. I think the White House is behind all the Desiree coverage because Desiree is A) comfortable in the spotlight and B) they think she does a good job. Now we or you or I or others might disagree, but if the Obamas didn’t think she was helping, believe me, we wouldn’t know who the hell she was because she’d be somewhere languishing in obscurity with all the other anonymous staffers.But that’s just my opinion. Everything I’ve heard about the Obama Administration and how they deal with the press has been about how careful and mindful they are about every little detail, from that trip to a burger joint in Arlington the other day to Desiree and Valerie on the cover of things. To me, they’re too tightly coordinated to bend to anyone’s will. Desiree’s just part of the overall game.

  16. It saddens me to see people superficially criticizing these wonderful beautiful and brilliant black women."lamented lack of reserve and extremely poor taste" = I love New York or SuperHead or someone like that. You act like they are dippin for dollas. Ain’t no pole in that picture.and the gail vs michelle background noise is just catty. People we are better than this & there is plenty good room for more and more and more and more high profile women of color to be lifted up. Get your sh** working on at that level and we’d be thrilled to add your name to the list too.Come on ladies, how about a bit of gender support and less meangirlieness. Is there a sight more beautiful to behold than a Gorgeous Confident Intelligent Accomplished Black Woman being lifted up because of her Power??!!! Let that marinate. Name 1 other time in recent history where this was happening on such a regular schedule outside of Harpo Studios.Besides, them there ladies could rock a burka and make it sexy. Ain’t no shame in that game.

  17. Fact 1 : These women look good But No one should mistake them for eye candy of the everyday variety. This is still Amerika and a black women who weilds the kind of power they now have didn’t accomplish it all by being shrinking violets. There’s some serious shark behind all that fluff. I would say the same for the 1st lady. We can only assume what’s behind the media hoopla. One thing we can all agree on however, is that all this attention is by design. Me thinks the puppetmaster knows what he wants these baby sharks to accomplish. Hold on to your seats, we’re in for a ride and the next four years (or eight) will be anything but boring.

  18. Fact 1 : These women look good But No one should mistake them for eye candy of the everyday variety. This is still Amerika and a black woman who weilds the kind of power they now have didn’t accomplish it all by being shrinking violets. There’s some serious shark behind all that fluff. I would say the same for the 1st lady. We can only assume what’s behind the media hoopla. One thing we can all agree on however, is that all this attention is by design. Me thinks the puppetmaster knows what he wants these baby sharks to accomplish. Hold on to your seats, we’re in for a ride and the next four years (or eight) will be anything but boring.

  19. @ Barbie.Ahh. A conspiracy theory. Okay.@Danielle. Ultimately we do not know what is going on behind the scenes at the White House. Barbie implies it could be part of some grand master scheme by the O man to mould the media and peoples’ perceptions of black women in a positive light. If so – hey – I’m all for it. It’s about damn time we levelled that particular playing field. And Danielle – even a "tightly oiled machine" can break down from time to time – if one of it’s components fails. The Obama team are NOT infallible – heck we all knew that – wha with the multiple missteps during the selection process. Now even I no longer believes he walks on water.

  20. Ya’ll trip me out. First, there are no positive images. Now, she’s a camera hog. Get over yourselves. If she wasn’t photogenic and intelligent she wouldn’t be in frontin of flashin bulbs. The Obama Administration is not omnipotent, but they do seem to have a strategy in place and this is a part of it. Maybe they did this to increase the positive images of black women. Puttin a 50 year old woman who doesn’t look a day over 35 is a very nice gesture. She bad….I’m done. co-sign @ dukedraven

  21. I don’t know why these fluff pieces rub me the wrong way…but they do annoy me to no end. Maybe its because our economy is in a world of hurt. Maybe its because I’m a Washingtonian and I feel like I’m living with a target on my back. Maybe its because we’re on the precipice of entering another conflict in Pakistan. In the end I guess these pieces are just a form of distraction of little if any consequence. If these types of articles allow some folks to feel better about themselves, why not run them? I’ll just get back to my grind and ignore them.@ Danielle – I’m glad you enjoyed your time in the District. We look forward to reading more of your posts concerning the time you spent here. My wife and I love your blog.End taxation without representation. Support DC voting rights!

  22. The tons of photos and articles of anyone attached to the Obama administration is already out of hand without adding more. Instead of " the Obama Administration trying to take advantage of what they hope will be some positive press about the White House," it feels kind of desperate. Like they don’t think they will be popular for very long so let’s get in as many photo shoots and articles as possible, now!I’ll go with your last statement, Danielle, "The Obama Administration WANTS to cram Zulu Queen Desiree Rogers down your throat…." It is all a bit much and it’s not just Ms. Rogers.

  23. Jarrett and Rogers are gorgeous–zip, zero, finito. Methinks some folks feel threatened that a new day has dawned. A lot of anxiety (and a whole lot of jealousy) on this thread about these two beautiful, intelligent, and powerful black women not knowing their "proper place." Wonder why that might be?

  24. I'm also a New Orleanian and Zulu Queen. Desiree and I are proud to have represented the people of color on Mardi Gras Day in our respective years. Desiree is a beautiful, talented and intelligent woman. She has made New Orleanians proud (Black & White). Not all people are going to like you and the things you do, however, if you are not confident in who you are, it will show. Desiree is confident. People don't to go to school, become educated and secure meaningful employment by just existing or sitting on their thumbs. People have to seek whatever it is they want in life. Desiree did just that. Not because she was a Black woman, but because in America, everyone has the right to do it. Don't hate this woman for being who she is. She's not dying for attention as some people have said. Her father was a well-known and loved educator and politician in New Orleans. Desiree and her family are accustomed to being in the limelight and seeing camera lights flashing. Some people are so judgemental and unkind. Rather than compliment someone, they find fault and say hateful things about people. Look inside youself and tell me if you think you're 100 percent perfect, i.e., beautiful, nice, charming, photogenic, smart, giving, compassionate, trusting, forgiving and every other positive adjective you can imagine. No one is perfect, just try to be nice. It'll happen for you one day.

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