Michelle Knows How To Get to Sesame Street

10 thoughts on “Michelle Knows How To Get to Sesame Street

  1. She looks unbelievable in that black dress with the cinched waist. It shows off her height, her arms, her waist…you can tell there was an actual fitting and not straight off the rack. It’s gorgeous and she looks absolutely beautiful in that black dress. But even in the other outfits that aren’t as flattering she still glows. She has class and that looks good in anything.

  2. Wow, she looks amazing at Time 100! The dress is perfect, but I also love the hair! And I can never get enough pictures of her hugging children….. 🙂

  3. I will have you know I nearly burst into tears at the sight of Michelle accepting flowers and a hug.. She just moves you.. There is something about that woman.. I am so glad she is on our side… whatever that means today… and no she should never wear sleeves again!!

  4. Looking at the Obama’s never gets old.If only the rest of us could get our stuf together…*sigh*

  5. Wonderful pictures, and Michelle is exquisitely beautiful. Can’t wait for more after the jump!

  6. The picture with her holding the flowers is darling…. I got a little mushy looking at it…. she radiates beauty inside 1st then out… we are truly blessed to witnessing this 1st hand!

  7. the black dress looks gorgeous on her. I wonder if they have that Sesame Street segment on You-Tube or something. I would love to see what she said and relive some childhood memories at the same time…

  8. You know, I do read other posts besides the ones on the Obamas but I always end up writing comments about them. Go figure. lol Love the outfits! And I especially love the picture of her hugging that little black girl. It just says so much to me. And I bet the First Lady wants to inspire girls that look like her to be the best that they can be.

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