Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Getting Animated and Wiki Project Update

Coming to a cartoon near you: The Prince of West Memphis lends his vocals to an animation project by Jai Anthony-Lewis Husband for the Atlanta University Center.Click to enlargeWas doing some Google Image Stalking of TJ Saturday and came across a cornucopia of images of the Teege doing some vocal recording for an animation project called “Kasha and the Zulu King” by Jai Anthony-Lewis Husband.

Obviously Mr. Husband was not aware of this blog and its dedication to all things TJ Holmes related because he could have gotten this piece of free publicity back in February when he put out the press release on the vocal talent and the project as a whole.

Oh well! He’s getting it now!

More after the jump.

Mr. Husband was raised in Southern California, the son of veteran Walt Disney Pictures Animator, Ron Husband. Jai graduated from San Dimas High School after which he moved to Atlanta to attend Morehouse College where he majored in Art and minored in Drama. Mr. Husband has worked in the animation industry as an animator since finishing his studies, as well as taught animation in Atlanta and Auckland, New Zealand. As a playwright and Christian Fiction Author (The Prescott Series), Jai currently serves as Senior Animation Director for Turner Broadcasting’s Turner Studios in Atlanta,GA where he’s rasing a teenage son.

The project is part of the Atlanta Animated Feature Film Project put on by the Atlanta University Center. Other voice talent includes TJ’s fellow CNN anchor Tony Harris, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, R&B singer Bobby Valentino and many others.

Famous AUC Alumni and other Atlanta-area celebrities were called upon to donate their voice talents to some of the principal characters, and in addition to their valuable contributions, the entire production will be produced by students and their industry professional volunteers.

The film is scheduled for a 2010 release.

For more pictures of TJ at the vocal recording, click here, or check out the full collection of TJ Holmes pictures in the archives, here.

Also: Been working on the wiki? I have! Now it’s rather healthy, but still in need of a photograph (and some editing and some sourcing and some more details and yada, yada … I don’t care. I will not be satisfied until his wiki kicks Rick Sanchez’s wiki’s ass).

The picture of our Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup o’ the TV News that was voted on and selected as the winner by Black Snob readers was a candid, sexy-as-hell shot of the Teege chillin’ at CNN with that silver watch with the ridiculously long band. (You’ve got to get that adjusted, son.) I am clueless as to who owns the photo (Teege?) and while I’m pretty harmless, (unlike, say … some certain Facebook stalkers!) the Butterscotch-Eyed Pretty Boy has pretty much been non-responsive to The Snob’s occasional Facebook notes about how he seriously needs to get a relative crackin’ on his Wikipedia page or how I need permission for a photograph for that same wiki page.

Could “Friends of the Prince of West Memphis” (that’s FOPOWMs for short) please inform him he NEEDS a photo on his durn Wiki page? I know you read this blog! And ya’ll have my email (blacksnob at gmail dot com), so, um … hook it up, eh! Or at least hook me up with some permission granted to do the durn thing. Or, I don’t know, ya’ll could pick a better picture if you disagree with the readers’ selection of this slow-burning number. (Too hot for Wikipedia?) I don’t really care. I just know you can’t capture the peanut butter n’ chocolatey goodness that is the Teege without a photograph to hypnotize the masses.

Actually, anyone who owns a picture of the Teege can submit it to Wikipedia as long as it’s a picture they took and own the rights to, and at the end of the day I’m just about getting some pictures on that page … because I give a shit. I still care about TJ even if he ran off and left me for some random lawyer lady and is going to all wife her up and shizz. Fine. You know? Whatever. She may be the one you love, but we’re the ones actually fixing the wiki page! We at The Black Snob CARE about your career and news reading abilities and potential! You need a good wiki page! Priorities, man! Help us help you, Mr. West Memphis!

For more stories on TJ from the Google Stalking archives, click here.

Fore more photos of TJ, click here.

5 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Getting Animated and Wiki Project Update

  1. LOL. Your TJ posts always crack me up. I suppose you can always use a regular pic from your collection that doesnt require permssion. He is good at news reading but is still a bit shaky when the teleprompter is off. oh well, he’s pretty enough to get away with it.

  2. The other REALLY annoying thing about TJ’s interviewing skills is that when he is interviewing someone he is always trying to interrupt and cut them off. While the person is talking, you can hear him trying to constantly interject, which means he probably isn’t listening to what the person is saying. I find that so annoying!! I understand that there are time limitations on how long the interview can go on, but there has to be a smoother way to "control the interview."

  3. Brother in the black shirt looks mighty delicious…the children in the A don’t play…TJ better not get too close, lol. I’m sure there are a lot of tang masters stalking him atlanta…you ain’t by yourself black snob.

  4. You’ve really done a lot of work on the Wiki page. Kudos to you, Danielle.

  5. Ok, I finally got to see Mr. T.J. in action on CNN before my last procedure, and I gotta say…I wasnt too impressed. Yes, hes cute, and yes, hes got body (and brains if his occupation is any indication), but I was not feeling the voice. I guess I expected it to have more bass in it…to sound seductive and soothing all at the same time. Instead, it just grated on me. Hm. Oh well, hes still got his looks, lol.L

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