The Cool Kids: Saycon Sengbloh

First part of a series on the people I met while visiting Boston, NYC and Washington, D.C.

The Snob and Saycon head backstage at “Hair.” (Photo by Dot)While I was on my East Coast tour I met a lot, and I mean A LOT, of cool people. One of them was the lovely and multi-talented Saycon Sengbloh who is currently part of the Hair Revival show on Broadway. She currently has an album out called “Southern Pin-Up” and she’s one gorgeous, diminutive powerhouse.

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Saycon points to herself on the Hair promo poster outside the theater. (Photo by Dot)

Saycon was awesome enough to sing three songs for me, but I, like a numb-nuts, recorded her renditions of Aquarius and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address with the camera turned sideways like I was taking a photo of her, so now she’s at the wrong angle in the shot. I did manage to capture a proper video of her singing a track from her album, “Southern Pin-Up,” the song “Possible.”

Check her out!

To see more pictures of Saycon and other folks I met in New York, click here.

4 thoughts on “The Cool Kids: Saycon Sengbloh

  1. That gurl can sang! I wish I could see the Hair musical revival. I saw in the movie theater several times and used to own the DVD.

  2. So happy to actually meet THE Blacksnob herself! I bowed when I saw her on the street cuz she brings the news DAILY !!! Both she and her friend Dot were amazing! Hair is amazing and so is being and independent artist in New York! Kisses!Saycon Sengbloh

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