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While I’ll still be doing a lot of the updating, I’ve decided it’s time to try out some new voices on The Snob. Our first new monthly contributor, you’ve read before, but now it’s official.

Introducing: Luvvie: (Fashion, Trends and Pop Culture) Even though all the Snobs are forever young, Luvvie is the youngest and the hippest of the contributors, staying up on the latest socialite/superstar gossip and trends (always high quality, no filler) and keeping you hip to her heavenly shoe game. She’s quirky, she’s unusual and she’s just the right snob for the job. Check out her blog, Awesomely Luvvie, under my “Partners & Contributors” tag on the right-side of the Web page.


By Luvvie

This summer, I will not be satting down in one place for long because of my love of frolicking in hot weather. And I have a lot of projects going on, both for my 9-5, and for others, so I need to be mobile. Despite the fact that I have a CrackBerry, meneeds a laptop. So after weeks of hard contemplation, meditation (not really), and wide eyes, I have done it. Countrymen, blogosphere, lend me your ears. I, Luvvie Ig Baby, is now the proud owner of a segzy silver MacBook.

Yes, I of the Love of PC and all things Dell. I, owner of 4 PCs in the past 7 years, is now the proud owner of a MacBook. *hears chorus of boos from PC-owners* LibraSong & KindredSmile have already booed me and said I was a Benedict Arnold, but like the blood pressure of a Black Woman, eating po’k chops ALL her life, STILL I rise (c) Madea.

My main reason for getting a MacBook is because I wanted a laptop that was ultraportable and could perform well. Being the gadget geek I am, I consulted my Gadget Bible, and got reviews on all these laptops. However, I was pretty tied to getting a Dell since they haven’t let me down yet, but there was no super light Dell that had comparable performance.

Yes, I know PCs make the world go round, yada yada blah blah blah.

Sidenote: After I bought my MacBook, and carried it a couple of blocks, my shoulder started hurting. Got home and my shoulder felt slightly outta socket. This lasted a couple of days, and made a creaking sound everytime I made a sudden move. Who suffers a shoulder injury from carrying a 5 lb. laptop for 20 minutes? A mess is what that is. Jeebs be some weight training for me.

I think I shall name her Silverkins

The PC loyalist in me is pained to admit that:

  • This laptop is sleeker than a fast-talking Pimp with a slicky ricky hair do
  • It’s lighter than Gary Coleman’s shoe
  • Faster than a pregnant teenager
  • Segzier than a shirtless Boris Kodjoe
  • Doper than “The Corner” in Baltimore

Yes, yes y’all. This laptop is what I call “that business”. Sorry to my PC users. If it helps, I still got my Dell desktop. DJ Della is still my homie. *fist to chest*. I love my MacBook.

19 thoughts on “From PC to MacBook (Guest Blogger)

  1. I am lovin’ your post, as I spent most of my Wednesday getting the total treatment for Apple Virgins: a tour of the Apple Store and intro to all things MAC with my personal shopper. I, too, have decided to make the plunge. I thought I wanted a MacBook Pro, but now I think the MacBook with some extra memory will do me fine. I am nervous, anxious and way excited. Was gonna get it next week, but knowing how Mercury Retrograde kicks my communicating butt, I shall wait for June 1.Enjoy – and pls post again as you start trekking down that Apple road.

  2. I paid 6 fifty for my Compaq laptop from Walmart a year ago and it works great. I have no complaints. When I was young, we didn’t have those fancy, schmancy computers, and we liked it!

  3. Macs rock. My first 3 computers were Macs, the only reason I don’t have one now is lack of cash. They are so much more user friendly.

  4. So The Black Snob is a Mac Snob now. Your gullibility for the techno-propaganda of Steve Jobs & Co has now tainted all your – previously supposed – good efforts on this blog. As PCs are used by the majority and Obama himself was put into power by the majority, it’s logical to conclude that you are now working against the upward progress of civilization. Recant and repent immediately please. Send the said laptop to the local land-fill (along with the associated i-pod) and as a penance I suggest you use Windows 95 for the next 3 months (if you really want to redeem yourself).Yours digusted,

  5. Smart move! I have always been a Mac user. I currently have an iMac and a MacBook Pro, and have had 3 Macs previously. I applaud your bravery to crossover and welcome you to the world of MAC. 🙂

  6. And another one crosses the border! Welcome to MacWorld, its a happy place!Mac owner (Imac) 5 years – cant go back – wont go backEnjoy 🙂

  7. Welcome to the world of Macintosh. I have a Macbook Pro and I cannot for the life of me understand people who spend good money on PCs. They are so vulnerable to malware and spyware. I take that back I know why people buy PCs, their cheap but what a headache.

  8. Well … what took you so long?? I’m also the proud owner of a Mac Book and two Mac Book Pros (an heir and a spare). Now, to round out the team, is to purchase an iPhone! They are so worth the price (200.00 plus change) and you can sync it to your computer’s iTunes, iCal and email.Congrats on your purchase and welcome to Mac world 🙂

  9. i bought a macbook two years ago and am so happy i did. i’m not fanatic. it was expensive, but so worth it for all the publishing tools and gadgets. i, too, still have my very reliable 2002 HP desktop. hope you can quickly pick up the how-tos of your new baby. (there’s a podcast of apple tips and lots of tutorials on their site – but you probably already know that!)

  10. Hey Luvvie, welcome to the mac world. I LOVE macs, and I’ve been doing some serious research on macs these past months. I’m a computer and gadget geekette. I was excited seeing this post. Actually, I might be considered a PC girl even though I own an old G3 imac (I hardly use), but I own and presently use 5 PC’s for various reasons (PC’s are still easier to set up as DVR’s and home "TIVO" alternatives, gaming etc). But I still love a Mac, the OS (akin to Linux), the stability and the wonderful iLife software. I just purchased a PC netbook for "ultra portability" and I regret it. I should have placed the money towards a Macbook. I plan to get one later this year anyway. It’s easier to ween yourself off a PC as people may not believe. As for software compatibility, you can use bootcamp/parallel or there are plenty FREE high end open-source software alternatives. More and more "everyday" people are now switching to macs. Gut Luck, happy for ya!

  11. i just ordered my 1st mac earlier this week… im SOOOO excited to get it… i own an hp and its put me down for the last time. i was sooo glad to see this article. now i feel EVEN MORE sure that i made the right choice.

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